DoggieLawn vs Fresh Patch: Which is the Better Indoor Potty?

DoggieLawn vs Fresh Patch: Which is the Better Indoor Potty?

Does your dog pee around in your whole house and you are really having a hard time teaching him where to pee?

Or You live in an apartment and don’t have a lawn or any suitable “spot” for your dog to pee and poop?

I have a solution for you in this post. I am Daniela Carrera, a certified dog trainer and while I live in my house which has a backyard, everyone isn’t that lucky.

Recently one of my friends and client Sarah Williams asked me this question

Though my 8 month old Yorkie is house trained, he still cannot control himself and can meet accidents. I live in an apartment and I don’t have a backyard, So I have taught my dog to pee and poop in the our bathroom. He is still young and meets frequent accidents while going to bathroom. Do you have any Solution?

I researched on the web for something that could help Sarah and when I found Good Indoor Dog Potties like Fresh Patch and Doggie Lawn, I knew I should write a post about this and let thousands of dog owners know about Which is better of the two: Fresh Patch or DoggieLawn?

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I know most of you will say “But Artificial Grass is not good for dogs, right?” NO, it’s wrong. It is a big myth in the minds of dog owners and dogs enjoy this the same way as they enjoy in the garden.

But It is extremely crucial to choose a good and high-quality indoor dog potty which has a good quality artificial grass which feels like the real one and doesn’t scratch or itch your pet dog’s furry body.

Yes, like any other training, it would need some effort and patience to teach your dog to pee and be comfortable on the artificial grass pad but it will be all worth it in the end.

Indoor dog potty pads are also extremely important when you are busy and can’t take time off to take your dog to any park or garden nearby. Take some time and your dog will feel comfortable peeing on the grass pad.

Are there any benefits of using Artificial Grass for your dog?

Real Grass pads useful or not

The biggest benefit to this artificial grass pad is that it is mobile. You can place it anywhere and even if you want to shift your bed or almirah, you can place this indoor potty pad anywhere as per your choice.

When it comes to artificial grass, there are a lot of benefits as well. As compared to your backyard lawn, the grass on this pad is much easier to maintain and you don’t need to spend hours in cleaning and maintaining the grass on this pad as you do for your backyard or any lawn.

Another benefit is your dog will have his own small garden where he can feel comfortable even if its raining or snowing outside. A lot of dog owners do live in areas where it rains or snows a lot. These pads are perfect for small -breed dogs like Yorkies, Shihpoos or Maltipoos.

Elder dogs who cannot go outside to pee or a dog who is suffering from any pain or joint issue will really enjoy the grass turf nearby where he can pee. Also, this grass pad is super easy to clean, which prevents you from spending a lot of time cleaning it.

If you get a good quality grass turf (which I have described later in this post), the pee just goes through the grass and poop can easily be picked or scooped off. Then, you can clean the turf using water and you can reuse it again. Literally takes a minute to clean the mess.

Now all you need to do is look for a good-quality turf and to train your dog to pee on just that turf. So lets help with you that.

DoggieLawn vs Fresh Patch 

I have found two types of High-quality Real grass potty pads currently, which are, DoggieLawn and Fresh Patch. Both of these are a solid alternative to having an area in your apartment which your dog can use as a toilet.

Let’s talk about each one of those in detail with all the facts and in-depth analysis

DoggieLawn Review 

doggielawn review 2019

DoggieLawn is made up of real grass. When I ordered this lawn from amazon, I thought it would be a replica of real grass or partial real and partial artificial grass. But when I received the parcel at my home and as soon as I opened the package, my room was filled with the smell of real and earthy grass.

Then I researched more and found that DoggieLawn has hydroponic grass, which is real grass without any dirt on it. The dirt I am referring to is the soil dirt which makes growing the grass possible.

The grass on this pad absorbs any liquid poured on it, but the poop has to be manually scooped off. Another really great thing about DoggieLawn is that it neutralizes any kind of smell.

If you have a very small puppy and he cannot control his bladder, this is a great option for you. You can pick him up and keep him on the pad for most of the day and this way, he will come to know very soon where he needs to pee.

Size of DoggieLawn is biggest among all the Indoor Potty pads present in the market currently. It is 25% bigger than the second biggest pad, which is a really huge difference.

DoggieLawn is available in Medium and Standard sizes. Standard is 16 inches in size and Medium is 20 inches. You should get a Medium-sized pad if you have a breed which can grow huge like German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers.

However, carrying this lawn with you while you are travelling can be a hectic task.

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Some Important Tips before using DoggieLawn

I used this lawn myself for about 10 days and I made some mistakes which I feel most of the dog owners will make who have never used an indoor potty pad.

  • Open the package quickly as soon as you receive it. Let it breathe some air for about 24 hours before using it.
  • Place the pad at a place inside the house where your dog spends the most amount of time.
  • Place your dog on the grass pad at first to tell him that stepping and sitting on it is acceptable.
  • Spend some time and put in some effort to train your dog to use the pad as his toilet.
  • Clean the Lawn regularly with water and do not use it for more than a month. You will get to know when it should be disposed of after having a look at the grass on the pad.

Pro’s of DoggieLawn

  • The grass is real, that is, Hydroponic.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • Absorbs the urine almost instantly.
  • DoggieLawn is 25% bigger than the other artificial grass pads.
  • Disposal is very easy.

Con’s of DoggieLawn

  • It is not suitable for travelling purposes as the size is too big to carry.
  • It cannot be used for dogs belonging to larger breeds as it can only handle the weight of up to 25 pounds.

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Fresh Patch Review

fresh patch review 2019


Fresh Patch is basically real grass in a cardboard box. The grass present on the Fresh Patch is Hydroponic as well. The area of this potty pad is approximately equal to a large welcome mat in your house.

The grass on the Fresh Patch has the same smell as the garden grass smells. The grass is designed to absorb odour.

If your dog loves to dig the lawn grass, he will have a difficult time in digging the grass of this Fresh Patch turf. The grass sticks with the pad very tightly.

Dog’s poop can be scooped off and should be done once a day. Also, clean the grass pad after scooping off your dog’s poop.

Fresh Patch is lighter and smaller in size when compared to DoggieLawn. Fresh Patch is available in 26″ x 16″ and XL size.

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Some Important Tips before using Fresh Patch

I used Fresh Patch as well and I would like to point your attention to certain points. Though, most of them are same as the tips for using DoggieLawn.

  • The grass on the Fresh Patch needs to be washed regularly.
  • Fresh Patch needs to be replaced after 2-3 weeks. You can replace it after it starts to look old and worn.
  • Open the package quickly as soon as you receive it.
  • Place Fresh Patch pad at a spot inside the house where your dog likes to spend most of his time.
  • Let the grass on the Fresh Patch breathe some air for about 12-24 hours.
  • Make your dog familiar with the pad as soon as you receive it at your home.

Pro’s of Fresh Patch

  • This pad is very lightweight and it’s easy to carry and travel with it.
  • Super Easy Disposal.
  • The Grass is Real and Smells like that as well.
  • The grass absorbs urine, so you won’t have to clean anything.

Con’s of Fresh Patch

  • Small in size, that means it will not be able to accommodate larger dogs.
  • Can only be used for dogs weighing less than 25 pounds.


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What’s the Difference between Doggielawn and Fresh Patch?

There are a lot of similarities between Doggielawn and Fresh Patch. Both of them have real hydroponic grass.

Both of these indoor potties absorbs urine and the owner needs to scoop off poop from these two pads. Both of the pads are easy to dispose of.

This means both Fresh Patch and Doggielawn are very similar except one big difference. That is the Size of the Artificial Pad.

DoggieLawn is bigger in size and gives more worth for money as compared to Fresh Patch. If you have one little puppy, Fresh Patch would be enough for you.

But if you have 2-3 puppies or a dog which is growing fast and needs more space to feel comfortable, go for DoggieLawn.

DoggieLawn seems to be more “value for money” while maintaining the same level of high-quality in terms of grass and cardboard.

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Why Should you Get a Potty Pad at your Home?

doggielawn vs freshpatch 2019


When you get a new puppy at your home, most probably there are chances that he won’t be potty trained and would not be able to control his bladder.

It will take some time for you to potty train your puppy. You will not want to clean your house 5 times a day whenever your puppy pees somewhere. An indoor Potty pad is perfect for the time being when your puppy is still learning to pee and poop at a particular spot.

If you want to train your puppy to get Fully House Trained in just 21 days, here’s a Magical ebook you should look for.

Sometimes, you may not have any suitable spot in your house for your dog to poop and pee. This is pretty normal in big cities where people live in smaller apartments. An Indoor potty pad will be a good choice for you.

When you have to go to work or something and leave your puppy alone at home for some time, your puppy will have a place where he can pee. You won’t get nasty little surprises on your house floor upon return.

Last but not least, there are owners who stay in places which snow or rain a lot for some duration of the year. Your dog won’t be able to go out in the backyard or somewhere outside when it’s raining or snowing. A Potty pad will be a good option in that situation.

 But why choose only Real Grass?

Your dog is habitual of playing in the real grass in the garden. Hence, he will get attracted to the real grass pad and will take far less time to get comfortable sitting and peeing there.

Real grass also absorbs odours, which is a really important feature as you need to keep the potty pad in your house. You obviously won’t like to fill your house with filthy urine smell.

Real grass also suits dogs who are very picky about where they pee. Real grass reminds them of where they have peed before. Real grass makes it very easy for the owner to train their dog to pee on the potty pad.

While Synthetic grass pads are very cheap and economical, the urine gets collected beneath the grass pad and your pet dog can leave pee footprints on your house floor.

Here are some Con’s of Synthetic Grass Pads:

  • They are harder to clean.
  • You need to empty the urine collection tray daily.
  • Fake grass doesn’t attract dogs.
  • It is difficult to train a puppy to pee on synthetic grass pads.
  • Need to clean the grass with soap and water once it starts to smell.
  • Difficult to dispose of.

My Conclusive Thoughts 

I even used Synthetic grass pads for a couple of weeks after I tried Real grass pads. I would draw a conclusion that If I would have been living in an apartment and had to use a potty pad, I would definitely go for a Real grass potty pad.

When it comes to Fresh Patch or DoggieLawn, I would decide if my puppy can fit into Fresh Patch as it’surface area is less. If yes, I would choose any of the two as they both are similar except the size.

If I feel my dog won’t feel comfortable in less surface area, I would definitely buy DoggieLawn.

Real grass should be preferred as it attracts dogs naturally. Also, it’s comparatively quite easier to train your dog on a real grass pad as well.

However, this is my opinion and you are free to choose any of the two. Just make sure you clean the potty pad regularly and make it hygienic for your dog.

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