Dog’s Unusual Behavior: What You Need To Know About Your Pet

Dog’s Unusual Behavior: What You Need To Know About Your Pet

If you live with a dog, you’re certainly aware that dogs engage in some unusual activities that grab our interest. Here, we’ll look at some weird things dogs do and explain why they do them.

Marking Their Territory

For a variety of reasons, dogs circle before pooping. By spinning in circles before urinating, your dog ensures that no predators are lurking in the grass, such as snakes. Going to the restroom puts anyone in a vulnerable position, and a sitting dog is unable to defend itself against predators. Before doing their business, dogs make a few loops to protect the area while inspecting for any potential hazards. 

On their feet, dogs have smell glands. They’re sending messages to other dogs when they spin and walk all over the grass before performing their business. Dogs like to defecate along the earth’s north-south axis, according to studies. Your dog is attempting to locate the ideal north-south orientation by spinning in circles.



Our dogs adore giving us slobbery kisses, but what causes them to slobber in the first place? You may dislike the fact that your dog slobbers all over your clothing, furniture, and even your walls.

However, there is a scientific explanation for why dogs might drool, and essentially, drool is just saliva. Saliva includes digestive enzymes that aid in the moistening of food for easier swallowing and the maintenance of oral and dental health.

Drool occurs when saliva builds up in your dog’s mouth. In certain amounts, drool is perfectly normal. You may have observed that your dog slobbers a lot when it’s time to eat or when you’re preparing food.

If your dog is drooling excessively or more than usual, there are a few things to look for. If they begin to drool excessively, you must pay attention to what is going on. Drool can be a sign that your dog is feeling queasy, or that they’re car sick or have an upset stomach, but there are some more severe problems to watch out for.

If a dog has an illness or is having blockage, it may drool excessively. If you feel your dog is unwell, keep an eye out for some other signs that it’s time to take him to the vet.



Dogs pant to cool themselves down since, unlike humans, they are unable to control their body temperature through sweat, thus they pant to circulate cold air and remove moisture from the mouth and upper respiratory tract.

When dogs are nervous or anxious, they may also pant. This form of panting is common during vet appointments, when you scold them, and when fireworks are going off outdoors.

In these conditions, panting is frequently accompanied by other stress-related behaviors including yawning, whining, lip licking, and hiding. Panting, on the other hand, is a common reaction to something exciting, such as meeting new people or getting a treat.


Dogs don’t just smell things out of curiosity; they also taste and lick things to get a better sense of their environment. When you witness a dog licking the private areas of another dog, it’s just them getting to know each other.

Age, overall health, sexual readiness, and even mood are some of the things they may learn about another dog. Dogs lick each other’s genitals as a kind of cleanliness with their companion.

Grooming is a gesture of love, indicating that the two canines are getting along and enjoying one other’s company. A dog can also choose to lick any part of another dog’s body. Dog social grooming is a common term for this procedure.

Sleeping With Open Eyes

Some dogs sleep with their eyes half-open. But make no mistake: when a dog sleeps with its eyes open, you’re looking at its third eyelid, not the surface of its eyeball. When dogs sleep, they have a third eyelid that covers their eyeball.

This pink membrane keeps the eyeball moist by sweeping away any dust or debris from the eyes. That membrane retracts to the inner corner of your dog’s eye when it is awake.

However, you might still be able to glimpse it on occasion. According to some ideas, dogs acquire third eyelids as a kind of self-defense. Predators believe they are still attentive and ready to protect themselves when they are sleeping while pretending to be awake. 


Belly Exposing

Canine belly exposing habit symbolizes trust and acceptance. When your dog exposes their tummy, it means they’re comfortable around you and aren’t afraid of your teeth sinking into their stomach. However, belly exposing conduct can refer to a variety of things. This submissive display may be used by a dog to avoid conflict.

When a dog reveals its belly to more dominant canines or even humans, it may be nervous and give peace and request that it should be treated gently. This appeasing behavior is common in pups.

Examine the dog’s entire body to determine whether it is showing its belly out of trust or appeasement. Dogs who are at ease with you will have a relaxed wagging tail and a slack stance. A dog displaying submissive behavior, on the other hand, would squat, freeze, or have tight body language.

Our dogs are our best friends so showing our love and understanding of their unusual behavior can be the reason for a better relationship and everlasting friendship between you and your puppy. 

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