Complete Guide on English Bulldog Pug Mix: Should you even get one?

Complete Guide on English Bulldog Pug Mix: Should you even get one?

The English Bulldog, often known as the British Bulldog actually originated from the United Kingdom and the Pug is basically a native to China dating back to that of the Han Dynasty.

Some people also call it to have originated from the Tibetan mastiff. Well, these two breeds are crossed to give rise to a new variety, often termed as the ‘Miniature Bulldog‘ or the ‘Mini Bulldog‘.

Some breeders also term this mix as a toy bulldog but according to proven facts and research data, it is said that this ‘Toy bulldog’ has now become an extinct variety. It was originally an English breed that was available out there between the 1700s and 1800s.

Did you ever wonder about how the mix of these two breeds, originated completely from 2 different estates look like? How would its temperament be? How would it behave and more such?

Well, today in this article, I would like to highlight all the aspects of the parents, English Bulldog and the Pug, and the mixed yield of the two, so that you get a clear idea about whether or not you should pick it as your pet!

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Overview of Mini Bulldog

Overview of English Bulldog Pug Mix

If you are actually eager to know more about this mixed variety, commonly known as the “Mini Bulldog” which is indeed a lovely dog with some adorable features, you should definitely have a look at its parents to get even a more transparent idea.

This miniature bulldog is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, yet it is known by several hybrid and designer dog registries.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog actually descends from a mastiff variety and it was originally developed for bull baiting in England since 1500s. It was primarily a sport played out there where the dog used to be put in a ring along with a bull.

It was meant to latch onto the bull and pin it. In return, the bull was supposed to toss the dog. This used to be a spectator sport!

The bulldog is originally a courageous and fiercely bred that is tenacious and aggressive too! However, it isn’t behaviorally that way to that of humans.

The sport was outlawed due to a lot of controversy by the year 1835 and since then, the breed was also thought to be endangered. Some breeders, despite such tumors, admired its good qualities and started breeding it with another companion dog to derive a mix.

Bulldog is quite a kind and friendly variety. It is a good watchdog but isn’t aggressive at all unlike the one it had been previously.

This breed is easy going as well. However, it isn’t a fast learner, and thus, you ought to hold a lot of patience while you are teaching him.

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Pugs were originally a breed from China and they used to be found back around 2000 years ago. This breed came into China with the Dutch traders back during the 16th century.

Gradually, they started becoming a favorite of many royal and noble Chinese families. This variety existed over there during the Victorian era and then it was brought to America post the Civil war.

Well, a pug can never be expected to be a ratter, a retriever, or a hunter. It served the only purpose of becoming one’s companion. This breed is absolutely calm in temperament and it would be playful to you at times. In brief, it’s more like a lap dog!

What is the average size of the English Bulldog Pug mix?

miniature bulldog size and physical appearance

The mini bulldogs usually own sticky bodies with strong shoulders and pronounced heads. They tend to have prominent skin folds. The crossbreed is usually 12 to 16 inches high and weighs somewhere approximate to 20 to 45 pounds.

They have short and fine coats that come in a wide range of color options such as silver, fawn, brindle, red, white, and black. The mix looks apparently chubby with muscles and deep dark, almond-shaped eyes with a black nose.

It also owns a medium-sized muzzle along with a round medium-sized head. The variety has inherited all these properties from either of its parents.

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What is the Behavior and Temperament of the English Bulldog Pug mix?

The mini bulldog is generally a sensitive dog and behaves well with the human family as well. You cannot live it alone for a long span of time as it starts feeling lonely and depressed.

It is extremely affectionate as it inherits this trait from both its parents who are easy going. This crossbreed is gentle with the kids too!

This dog is more energetic when it is young and tends to go lazy as it keeps aging. It is often considered as a messy eater since you never know what it craves for! It is often complained about, for its snoring issues.

It would be one of your best companions and you would love to have it alongside on the couch when you are watching your favorite show on the TV.

You will usually find it loving and friendly, but it may at times, be prone to suffer from separation anxiety and aggressive behavior such as jumping and barking like an insane. Make sure that you aren’t leaving it alone for long hours.

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What are the certain Health Problems an English Bulldog Pug mix is prone to?

Just like any other cross-breed, the English bulldog pug mix also inherits some of the other health issues from its parents.

Some of the common health complications that this variety exhibits include PDE, Epilepsy, allergies, skin irritation, patellar luxation, yeast infections, hip dysplasia, hemi-vertebrae, nerve degeneration, eye problems, obesity, cardiovascular issues, reverse sneezing and legg-perthes.

Since this dog is small faced just like its parent breeds, it may commonly be prone to breathing troubles. It may even experience trouble to perform physical activities, particularly during the hot weather conditions.

Buying it from a trustworthy breeder will increase your chances of getting a healthy dog. You can, thus, be sure about its health clearances as well.

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Is an English Bulldog Pug mix easy to Train?


The English Bulldog is less bright yet is extremely willful. Therefore, you should always handle with care and love, and it will take up things more quickly. On the other hand, the Pug is intelligent yet it gets bored too quickly.

All you need is to ensure that your training methods aren’t harsh or rigid. Always prefer to treat the breed with rewards, and positive reinforcement. Also, make sure that you are consistent in your approach and treat it with all your patience.

Training it at an early age will help it to socialize even better, as making it pick up certain characteristics at a young age is easier than making it do those same things when it has already grown old.

Stay patient and consistent when you are trying to train this mix-breed. Use Positive reinforcement methods and you will be good to go.

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How much should you feed your English Bulldog Pug mix in a day?

Since the English bulldog pug mix is a small dog and is prone to obesity due to its parental traits, prefer to give a high-quality dog food formulated for small breeds in its servings.

This will make sure that the dog is getting the required amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals in its diet.

Two 1/2 cups of high-quality dog food in a day is pretty decent for it. Also, take care that you have split its diet into two meals a day.

Also, take care that this dog has got a low tolerance, and thus, too hot or cold the weather isn’t good for it at all.

Exercise requirements of an English Bulldog pug mix

Since this crossbreed is a complained for its slobber behavior, you need to take your dog for 15-20 minutes of walk on a regular basis.

Also, the English bulldog pug mix is prone to obesity. Therefore, you should always encourage it to devote at least 20 minutes every day on doing exercises or involve it in some of the other kinds of quality playtime.

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What is the average life expectancy of an English bulldog pug mix?

The average life span of an English bulldog pug mix is said to lie somewhere around 9 to 13 years. However, proper care can help your dog stay in good shape and retain proper health too!

What are the Grooming Needs of this Breed?


The English bulldog pug mix is basically a moderate shedding dog and thus, you need to brush him daily so as to remove the loose hair strands. Be ready for the dog hairs on your clothes! It’s easy to clean his coat and comb his hair though!

I would recommend you to use this brush for cleaning his coat.

Also, consider cleaning its ears at least once in a week and brush his teeth at least twice a week. You may even choose to use cotton balls dipped in an ear cleaning solution. Bring a dog brush and toothpaste too!

You do not require to give a shower to this breed every day, as it would rather be adverse. It could damage the natural oils of the skin. I usually give him a shower after every alternate three days, or at times once in a week with a mild dog shampoo.

How to find an English Bulldog pug mix from a breeder or any rescue center?

This dog breed is quite popular, particularly in The United States. Hence, its price range is a bit higher, somewhere ranging between $1200 to that of $2500. Yeah, it’s expensive, I know!

Count the medical expenses and basic starting supplies along with, while making the purchase. At times, this cost also includes expenses such as a collar and a leash, a carrier bag, a crate and blood tests, neutering, chipping and deworming costs as well.

You may conduct a little bit of research on your end and consult with your nearby vet so as to ensure bringing the pup from a reputed breeder to make sure that it’s worth the price you have paid!

Is an English Bulldog Pug mix the perfect choice for you?


An English bulldog pug mix will be a perfect companion for anyone looking for a caring and loving friend to be with! I don’t think this pup will bring you any reason to regret though!

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