Awesome Gift Ideas That Any Dog Person Will Love

Awesome Gift Ideas That Any Dog Person Will Love

A pet is a friend for life.  It’s the bond only a dog person understands, and it never matters how many miles separate you from your four-legged bestie – your heart will always belong to them.

A perfect gift for any dog person, maybe something with their pet in mind, or at least an image of them on the front page! These gifts are thoughtful without being too personal.

They come in all shapes and sizes: from a doggy treat basket to a subscription of their favorite shampoo brand or anything they’ve been eyeing on Amazon that they don’t have yet!

Whatever you choose, make sure to put some thought into it because these people deserve nothing short of amazing treatment every day.

A dog print on anything

Your dog person friend is probably a little obsessed with their dog if they own one, so ordering them a personalized printed face of their pooch would be amazing. As seen on, you can order a simple print or an entire blanket with a smushed doggo looking back at you.

Imagine the surprise on your friends’ faces when they unpack such an amazing and thoughtful gift. This is also great if you are beginning a new friendship or relationship, as it is not too personal (you can’t go wrong) and you honor and respect the bond between the human and animal.

This is something they would never splurge on for themselves, but will certainly love. 

A dog shampoo subscription

Imagine your friend opening a box with the best smelling shampoo ever – made especially for dogs! It’s safe to say they’ll never want to stop using it, and they may even shower their pup some extra love as well.

Dog shampoo is hard to come by, and it can be pretty expensive if you want something good for your pup, so a subscription to the best product out there would make an amazing gift. You can order different amounts and subscriptions and send them directly to their house or even ship it to where they are – think of all the possibilities!

A dog grooming gift card

Although your friend may get their dog groomed regularly, there is nothing wrong with sending them to get pampered even more. Whether it’s just nails or the whole shebang, making sure that they can keep up on all of the work that needs to be done as well as what makes them comfortable is just as important! Grooming can be expensive, but they will absolutely love the gift of getting spruced up for the season.

A dog-related book

Reading is so important to your friend, you know this because you’ve seen their home library or heard them talk about their favorite novel at work. You could get them a new dog training guide, a novel that is focused on animals, or dogs (even better). A book is a thoughtful gift that speaks to who they are, and it can even be used as a conversation starter between you

Matching outfits

This one would require becoming a bit more personal with both the dog and their human because you should know their measurements. However, if you manage to acquire this information, you can pair them both up in matching outfits for an amazing gift they won’t soon forget. It’s extremely thoughtful because it shows that you really know who they are, and they will appreciate how much time you gave to the gift.

An alternative to an entire outfit could be a bandana or some other accessory both the owner and the dog can wear. You can even make it a bit more practical and turn the attention to a beanie hat and the color of a collar for the dog, for example. Think outside the box and try to make a set on your own if you are not able to find one. 


A basket for them to share

No matter the event that calls for gift-giving, pack a care basket with a little something for the human and the pup, or even something they can share. For example, homemade pumpkin bites roasted in the oven, seasoned and unseasoned can be a great snack for pumpkin lovers.

A box of artisanal coffee or their favorite tea would make a nice addition. The options are endless, but it is something that will be used and appreciated instead of being put away in the closet to collect dust.

Another option could be to include some toys for both the pup and human, just remember that giving them to the animal first may be a bit offensive, so present them together. And the last thing would be something to spoil them with, like their favorite ice cream or dog treats.

Gift-giving should always be about the intention instead of the gift itself. Invest the time and thought to prepare a proper gift, and the budget won’t matter as much.

However, if you are not able to spend much on this adventure, the options above are still great because they are thoughtful without being too personal.

Your creativity is your only limit, so take some time and think through it, and you will prepare an awesome gift for that special dog person in your life.

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