How Long can Yorkies Walk? [And How Far?]

How Long can Yorkies Walk? [And How Far?]

You should take your Yorkie for a 15 minute to 25-minute walk. However, if your Yorkie is more energetic, you can choose to extend the walking session to 45 minutes. 


Yorkshire Terriers are adorable and great negotiators of your personal space. They can appear from any corner of the house to feel the warmth of your lap and convince you to sway your hand gently on their ticklish tummy.

So if you are watching  “friends” on weekends or making a debut in your mom’s lasagna recipe, get ready to turn off the t.v and the induction because your Yorkie is on her mission to grab your attention for the day with her innocent puppy eyes.

Yorkshire Terriers seem tiny in size, but they are an explosion of energy and enthusiasm. They love playing outdoors, beating you in a football game, a relay race, and even for a morning walk.

They know how to be the champion. Yorkies are prone to running around spontaneously at fast speeds, commonly known as zoomies.

Yorkies do all of these to release the extra energy present in their body to sleep peacefully at night. Daily exercise or a long walk is necessary for your Yorkie to recharge herself and prepare for the next adventure ahead.

As a Yorkie parent, you might also wonder how often your Yorkie should go for long walks and things to take care of when you’re attending a long walk show with your Yorkie puppy. To know more, stick with me to the end.


How Long Should Yorkies Walk?

You should take your Yorkie for 15 to 25-minute walks twice a day. However, if your Yorkie is really energetic, you can take him for a short walk for the third time in the day as well. 

Pet Professionals suggest dog parents accommodate their Yorkie’s exercise time from a minimum of half an hour to a maximum of 2 hours. If you want to count in the number of times your Yorkie should go for a walk, then 2-3 times is enough to burn off your Yorkie’s energy every day.

However, it depends upon your Yorkie’s mood and capacity to run in a day. She might walk 4-5 times or 2-3 times a day. There is no standard time for your Yorkie’s daily workout time, but for a healthy lifestyle, your puppy should at least go for a long walk for 40 minutes. 

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2 Types of Walks for Yorkies 

Your Yorkie is a highly zealous terrier breed. You know it very well, and you surely don’t want to risk their safety anytime. Also, you wish long walks yappy for your Yorkie and not a bore. There are concisely two types of walks your Yorkie can try, and as a Yorkie parent, you can allow. 

1. On Leash Walk

As evident by the name, this type of walk is security-driven, and a leash is always on your dog’s neck. On-leash walks can be dull, but you can make it easy for your Yorkie with a switch on-off between a leash and a harness.

Although, many dog parents avoid using a leash during a walk when their Yorkie has learned all the housebreaking and outdoor activity rules. It can be risky with younger Yorkies who have just started their training.

So, before you go out for a walk, take proper notes of your Yorkie’s temperament and housebreaking capacity to nullify any mishap. Make sure your Yorkie has been properly socialized and then you can choose to get the best Harnesses for your Yorkie


2. Off-Leash Walk

Off-leash walks are something your Yorkie heartily enjoys. It is of the free space and total freedom they get to cheer themselves up and be a master of their own.

I repeat, it depends on how well trained your Yorkie is. If she is in the process of training, don’t take a chance.

You can allow her to keep up to her pace and walk if she is an adult and well housebroken. Don’t forget to watch over her before she disappears like a genie. You can learn to train your Yorkie to walk beside you during walks. 

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How do Long Walks Benefit your Yorkie?

how long can yorkies walk


Your Yorkie loves outings, and she can’t compromise her mental and physical health. Nor you.

You want your Yorkie to offer the best of the best. A daily long walk is not beneficial for only us, but Yorkies. It keeps them healthy, fit, and all-day active.

Here are a few things that positively build up your Yorkie’s strength while she is regularly long-walking.

1. A Healthy Mind

Now it’s everywhere, and everyone is talking about it. If we know that most of our body functions are solely under the supervision of our brain and other psychological assistance, then why do we forget to take care of our mind and mental health?

Similarly, A Yorkie has to have a healthy mind to take the lead in complex challenges and perform his day-to-day chores with ease. It is where Long walks act as a rescuer.

A 30-minute exercise daily helps your Yorkie to rejuvenate her mind with total enthusiasm and cheerfulness with a squirt of endorphins during the exercise to keep her active all day.

It also keeps your Yorkie busy with productive playful activities rather than spending time on destructive boards.

Do you want your Yorkshire Terrier dog to get 10 times Smarter and more Intelligent? Do you want an obedient Yorkie who listens and follows all your training commands?

If your answer is Yes, then you got to give Brain Training For Dogs a Try. This is a Mental training program for dogs that boosts their intelligence and they tend to get to know what exactly you expect them to do. Worth a try.


2. Obesity

If your Yorkie has a severe illness or is prone to gaining excess weight, then long walks can be very beneficial for her to lose weight and run extra miles.

Make up a walking chart for your Yorkie under the guidance of a pet professional and minus-plus your Yorkie’s diet structure, bedtime structure, or her daily walking structure. Avoid spoon-feeding your Yorkie, go slow, make her learn first, and then let her do on her own.


3. Relives Joint Pain

A proper exercise with a balanced diet will keep your Yorkie’s joints greasy, flexible and dynamic. Joint Pains are common in dogs. It can be acute and may become severe with growing age.

Professionals suggest accompanying your Yorkie for at least an hour and more, if possible, for a walk nearby your locality or your pet’s favorite location. A long walk intact your Yorkie’s bones and joints and helps function her body better than yesterday.


4. An Emotional Bond

Yorkies are emotionally proactive. They feel close when with you. When you share physical or any playful activities with your Yorkie, it helps you connect with her on a whole new level.

It is helpful for the newly become Yorkie-parents. Even sharing a meal time with them or just a walk in the backyard helps these canines get in closer to you, know you, befriend you, and be a bodyguard to you whenever required.


5. A Happy Stomach

If your stomach is happy, everything sings well. Same for your Yorkie, a satisfied stomach brings her more joy to her daily games.

You can take your Yorkie for long walks 2-3 times each day and 5-6 times a week in concise. A walking exercise helps digest your Yorkie’s food without any feeling of bloating and uneasiness.

So relax and be firm on your goal- ” A walk a day keeps the upset stomach away!”

However, if your Yorkie has an upset stomach, here are the Best Foods for Yorkies with Upset Stomachs.


6. Improves Socialization Skills

Socialization is mandatory or, in other words, a necessity for your Yorkie. Social Skills helps grow your Yorkie around other human friends and dog friends.

They get better knowledge about their surroundings and how to be better in the future. It also helps them engage with other dogs and spend time to avoid aloofness and monotonous behavior.

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5 Tips for Long Walks with your Yorkie

Your Yorkie is precious to you, and you wish to take all the precautionary steps before you take her for a walk. Correct? 

To calm your concern, I have tagged a few things below that you should know and take care of while long-walking your Yorkie in the neighborhood any time of the day and night. Here are some tips you must keep in mind on long walks with your Yorkie dog. 

1. A Weather-Check

How does it feel when you go outside with your bags packed and mood uptight and bummer, you catch a cold or flu? 

Yorkies are sensitive to the outside environment and a change in the weather. They can easily fall into the weather trap and be sick.

However, some Yorkies can survive in extreme climatic conditions depending upon their physical buildup. So, the climate is one thing to look into before you share a walk with your Yorkie.

If your Yorkie is highly vulnerable during extreme and harsh weather, avoid long walks and better go for an in-house exercise like puzzles, a quiz, or a mary-go-round.

2. Use a Harness

If you are donning your Yorkie with a harness before you hit the park for a long walk, then I must tell you it’s the best thing you can do. Many dog parents use collars for their Yorkie’s safety.

Here, professionals suggest using a harness instead of a collar because of the discomfort these canines may face in the future. However, if you desire for a Tactical dog harness for your dog, here are the best ones

I would recommend that you use Petsafe’s Easy walk dog harness. 


3. Protect your Yorkie from Bigger Dogs

When your Yorkie is outside, she will get in contact with other large dog breeds that may frighten her. It is where your parental duty calls in.

Many large dog breeds don’t generally welcome small dogs in their playgroup but give it some time. Watch over your Yorkie and her new biggie friends.

If she is doing well with them, let her enjoy. If not, train her, and prepare her to be confident when in the deep well.

4. Off-leash Safety

Off-leash walks are best for your Yorkie’s overall development. It gives her time to enjoy and learn daily go-to-go tricks.

However, small insects, a squirrel, a sloth, or a garden hopper may tense your Yorkie, so keep her in a closed area, or keep a hawk-eye to ensure her safety.

5. Use a Torch

If you plan for a walk with your Yorkie in the nighttime, I suggest you bring a torch or a lighting tool to alert other roaming animals or people that your Yorkie is walking her way around enjoying. She can’t afford any midnight shock or a nightmare.

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It might not be easy for your Yorkie to adapt to a new walk time routine in the first few phases. You have to hold your patience for the first weeks, keep trying each day, and wait for the results.

The only thing to remember is to do what your Yorkie feels comfortable with because ultimately, it’s about your Yorkie and her well-being.

Tag your Yorkitime story below in the comments section, and let us help each other with our honest opinions. Also, don’t forget to like the article if you find this helpful.

Bow-Bowye! 🙂

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