How Fast can a Yorkie run?

How Fast can a Yorkie run?

In love with your cute little friend and wondering how fast those little paws run?

Yorkie, also known as Yorkshire Terriers, belongs to the terrier group. Feisty and energetic are the words that define them. You can call them a bundle of joy and energy. They are brave by nature and will swoon you with their charm and cuteness.

In the 19th century, Yorkies originally were ratters, but they are now the cutest lapdogs to exist in the world. Yorkies are great chasers; they love to prey on small animals like cats, birds, squirrels, etc.

Different kinds of Yorkies

Yorkies come in various kinds of colors like tan, blue and gold, black and tan, black and gold. They come in multiple sizes: Standard Yorkie, Teacup Yorkie, and Miniature Yorkie.

Their lifespan is 13-17 years. They have tiny bodies and short legs, which makes them adorable. These hairy babies are happy, love a playful environment. Yorkies thrive the best in moderate temperatures so try keeping them away from severe hot weather as they get sick in excessive heat. So they serve best as indoor pets.


Factors to determine

The running speed of any dog is totally dependent on its breed and composition. Curious to know if a Yorkie can outrun a burglar or a stranger looking to enter your home?

Although one might think an energetic breed like a Yorkie can run at a pace of 20-25 miles per hour, that’s not the case.

The average height of a Yorkie is 7-10 inches, and respectively, the size of their feet and paws are too small, letting them run at an average speed of just 10 miles an hour.

They are slow but surprisingly full of energy and enthusiasm for their size and, thus, perfect as a companion to a kid. An average healthy Yorkie can run up to 1-2 miles without breaking a sweat, while the younger ones can run up to 3 miles.

This number may even come down to 1 or less if they don’t get a healthy lifestyle involving moderate training, exercise, and a nutritious diet. You must always put in your best effort to take care of your Yorkie effectively.


Body Structure

As Yorkies have tiny bodies and short legs, don’t expect your small friend to run like a large dog. Yorkies are not for running long miles because of their tiny body structure.

Their body type doesn’t allow them to move fast and far; they lack strength compared to other large dogs. They tend to get tired and run out of breath quickly.

Yorkies are tiny but high on energy; hence moderate exercise and walking are recommended to channelize their energy and joy but always be careful with your little friend’s health. Despite being high-energy dogs, they only have small bursts of energy which tend to deplete fast because of smaller bodies.

In the absence of an active life, Yorkie’s lifespan shortens, and various issues like obesity, depression, restlessness, vomiting, excessive anger, anxiety, and irritation may develop.

Yes, you read it right. Yorkie’s can quickly get into depression and anxiety issues. An active life is a necessity for them. Even when you want to leave your Yorkie alone at home, you should learn to take care of his or her Separation Anxiety problems.


Things to keep in mind

Ideally, a 25-30 minutes walk is a necessity for your Yorkie’s health. It will help to maintain a healthy metabolism and body for a longer lifespan.

Walking keeps them relaxed and far away from unwanted health problems. Take them out for a walk on open ground, and you will see them jumping and running with joy.

They love running with kids as it activates their prey drive. They are high on energy and loves to play, so if you have got kids at home, they would love to have a Yorkie at home.

Make sure you train your little pawed friend well when you take them out for walking. It is peaceful and necessary to have a well-behaved dog. When you take them out, always carry a leash/harness as they run away faster than you think.

Engage them in fun, playful activities and games during their walk time. Do some obedience training and see how the pet responds. Try to lose the leash, walk with them. Also, play games that stimulate your Yorkie’s mind like Brain Training For Dogs.

Be careful with the leash as they tend to be feisty and may run off barking over smaller animals, and you may lose sight of them quickly. It is essential to observe their response and increase difficulties depending on the level.

Try calling them out and see how obedient they are. Yorkies love to be obedient with those with whom they are familiar. In other words, the owner needs to spend time with their four-legged friend for them to listen.

Communicate with them and see them start understanding your language and obeying your commands. They are the best playful breed, so you will have fun training and maintaining a healthy-joyful relationship with them.

Give your little friend some love and undivided attention along with a moderately active life and keep laziness and diseases at bay. The best part is Yorkie’s love of undivided attention from familiar faces.

You would love to snuggle with them as they love to cuddle. They are happy dogs but protective of what they are attached to.

They prefer to live alone with their owners because of their prey nature. They tend to get into fights with other animals. These cute beings require regular grooming. They do not shed much as they are hair babies, not fur.


Give a pat to your Yorkie


Dogs are “hoomans” best friends and, if taken good care of, can be your favorite to be around. Though they are attention seekers and demanding, you can’t help but be in love with them.

And Yorkies especially can have an uplifting effect at your home with their high-spirited energy. One glance at the hairy little guy could lift your mood at the end of even a brutal, depressing day.


So, if you are still doubtful, don’t be! Go straight to the pet store and get a Yorkie for yourself or for your kid. You will never regret your decision for sure!

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