How Long do Yorkshire Terriers sleep? Complete Guide on Yorkie Sleeping Habits

How Long do Yorkshire Terriers sleep? Complete Guide on Yorkie Sleeping Habits

Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most popular pets available out there. They are one of the most preferred dog breeds.

As well as they are an ideal breed for people living in apartments. They also very energetic, feisty, and domineering and in case if you have recently got yourself a Yorkshire terrier, then there is a high chance that you probably have this question in your mind “How long do Yorkshire Terriers sleep?”

A lot of Yorkies owners wonder about the sleeping habits of their pet dogs. This is why they search on the normal amount of sleep that their Yorkie needs.

Well, if you are one of those, then I am here to answer the question for you. I am Daniela Carrera, a Certified professional dog trainer who helps fellow dog owners solve their dog’s behavioural problems.

General Sleeping Habits of Yorkshire Terriers

general sleeping habits of yorkshire terriers

One thing that you would agree with me is that Yorkshire terriers love to sleep in our beds. They love to sleep along with their masters and always need attention and love, even while sleeping.

It does not matter if they are sleeping next to us or under our blankets.

Also, Yorkshire Terriers are one of those breeds who are early to rise kind of dogs and who wake up the first in the house and lick your face and ask for morning food.

However, they are among those who love to take several naps throughout the day. But exactly for how long in a day do Yorkies sleep?

Well, usually, a Yorkshire terrier puppy sleeps about 15 to 21 hours per day. Also, it includes napping time throughout the day.

Also, between the sleep time, they are very active and energetic.

Adult Yorkshire terriers will sleep for about 12 to 17 hours each day. Also, they happen to adopt the sleeping habits of their owners.

But sleeping time will also depend on the environment. Moreover, the snooze lasts from 10 minutes to an hour.

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How long does a Yorkie pup sleep?

Like all the puppies and even human infants, Yorkshire pups need a lot of sleep as well. But when you compare the sleeping time of a human baby and a Yorkshire terriers puppy, the Yorkie puppy would beat the human baby.

They are only awake for about 3 to 8 hours per day when they are puppies. Also, they do not have any schedule of sleeping.

There could be a chance that your Yorkie puppy is awake when you are sleeping. Even when they are awake, the puppies won’t be energetic or maybe don’t even open their eyes fully.

So as an owner, you will need to act as a servant, and you should be ready to serve food to your pet at any time of the day. However, this would last only for 3-4 weeks.

After that, your Yorkie puppy would be a lot more playful and energetic after he gets around 1 month old. This is when Yorkies stop growing.

Also, the thing is that awake puppies are super energetic. They take full advantage of the little amount of time when they are awake.

As a result, you will need to help your pet with food. Plus, you will need to play with them. But the cool part is that they do play with you as much as you want.

Also, this little time that you get, you have to train your dog within this time only. Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer will help you Get a Super Intelligent and Obedient Yorkshire Terrier in no time. This is How it works.

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When your puppy is small, you need to start up with dog education. You need to teach your dog about potty training and other commands. Or else your dog will turn your home into a mess.

So do take your pup to a designated area so he can start learning about the rules of the house. Also, when your puppy is awake, the bathroom should be one of the top goals that you need to achieve.

Else, you will face a lot of problems, when your pup grows up.

How much sleep does Grown up Yorkies need?

how long adult yorkies sleep

The good part is as your pup starts to grow, he will sleep lesser. Eventually, your puppy will get used to less sleeping.

However, his body will need to adjust to longer days as well. Also, there could be a time when your dog wants to play at night, but you want to go and sleep.

But luckily, there are a few tricks which you can use to prevent this.

First of all, you should start by making your Yorkie exercise enough during the day. Also, the best time for the exercise would be two hours before sleep and the exercise time should be about 15 minutes or so.

It is enough to tire up your Yorkie puppy.

As dogs are used with routines, so soon, your dog will start getting used to everything.

Thirdly you need to make sure that your puppy is done with all the bathroom stuff. An empty pup will sleep a lot calmer.

It would be best if you dim the lights around and have a peaceful environment around. This will make your pup dizzy even more easily.

Also, make sure to give your dog something to chew. So in case if he wakes up and needs something to play with, the chewing thing would do the job for you.

Keep the crate of your dog very close to where you sleep. Also, make sure his crate is comfortable. He should not feel alienated in the darkness. If your puppy cries in the crate during nighttime, this is how to stop crying behaviour.

If you don’t feel confident in crate training your Yorkshire terrier puppy, this is a complete guide on Yorkshire Terrier Crate Training.

Your pup might wine and beg for attention at first. But once your pup figures out, everyone is going to sleep. If your puppy pants during the nighttime, this is how you stop it.

Be disciplined and patient with this. Don’t expect your dog to sleep or show positive results from the first or second day. Maintain a daily training routine and stick to it.

Take your Yorkie for morning walks twice a day and play with him for at least 15-20 minutes in a day.

How much sleep does Adult Yorkies need?

An Adult Yorkie is awake for around 7 to 12 hours a day. Adult dogs are trained and more civilized and they already have an understanding of the rules and regulations of the house.

When compared with other breeds like German Shepherd or Huskies, Yorkshire Terriers are less playful and energetic.

So they would play less and sleep more. This doesn’t mean that you will not get enough time with your Yorkie pup.

The good part is that adult Yorkshire terriers sleep all night and usually takes about 1 to 2 naps throughout the day which lasts from 20 minutes to an hour.

training yorkie before bedtime

Also, the nap depends on the environment. For example, if he senses that you are planning to go somewhere and are packing your bags, he will be fully active and keeping a close look at your activities.

But if there is peace and you are just reading a book in your bed, your Yorkie may get a chance to complete his small nap.

Adult Yorkies are extremely careful of strange noises around and do keep a close watch on the house door as well.

Also, if you have organized a party at your place, your dog will be there to company you. But if your Yorkie is all alone at your home, he will definitely go and take a nap.

Health problems are one of the main issues of why a dog would not complete his quota of sleep. There can be some other circumstances as well but their chances are quite less.

Other circumstances include- Comfort of the bed, time of the walks, training routine before the bedtime.

Also, you should change your dog crate once in 4 to 5 years so that your dog can sleep comfortably. Plus, you should keep your dog relaxed 2 hours before sleep.

I personally use this Crate for my pet dog.

Also, you should know that Yorkshire terriers sleep in tandem with the owners and when they are adults, they start gaining housekeeper habits.

So you will not have to face troubles with their different sleeping schedules as they have the ability to adapt fast.

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What do your Yorkshire Terrier’s sleeping positions tell you about his personality?

You might have heard a fact that the sleeping positions tell about a person whether he’s feeling lonely from inside or he is confident and a lot of other things. While a lot of people feel it’s true while some do not feel like the same.

I do think that you can get to know some characteristic traits about the dog as well by looking at his sleeping positions.

Let’s talk about some of the sleeping positions of your Yorkshire Terrier and what does it say about his personality.

  • Sleeping on the side of the bed or crate: This says that your Yorkie is confident and easy-going. He is not scared of anything in the environment and feels secure.
  • Sleeping with folding your legs and bringing them closer to his head: This is a protective sleeping position and it means that either he’s not secured or your Yorkie is saving himself from the cold environment around.
  • Sleeping with tummy on the floor and all 4 legs in 4 different directions: This means that your dog loves to be in action all the time. Your Yorkie is ready to play and run as soon as he wakes up.

Let me Elaborate on the Reasons why a Yorkshire Terrier may not be able to sleep properly.

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Reasons for Improper sleep in Yorkshire Terriers

Sleep Apnea: 

This is one of the reasons that we get to see in overweight dogs. But it can happen to any size and bread of dog. In this situation, The Yorkie dog suffers from a lot of breathing problems.

He gets awake too many times during the night as he is getting difficulty in breathing.

If your dog is snoring loudly or sleeping extra hours in the day, your dog might be suffering from sleep apnea.

Age-related issues:

Age is also one of the common issues. Older Yorkies will sleep more than pup Yorkies. However, older dogs also have issues such as arthritis that can make getting comfortable and falling asleep very difficult.


Comfort can also be one of the reasons. We usually do not pay attention to our dog’s comfort. However, for your dog’s comfort, you should change his crate once in 4 to 5 years.

Also, in case if your dog’s crate is worn out or somehow damaged, consider getting a new one.

Health issues:

This is a pretty obvious reason. If your dog is ill and sick, he will have distorted sleeping patterns. He might sleep more or sleep less, depending on the sickness he is suffering from.

If he is under some kind of medication, Your Yorkshire Terrier may sleep a lot. Ask your vet for any queries in that situation.


I hope I could tell you a lot about your Yorkshire Terrier’s sleeping patterns, positions and how different things affect his sleeping.

A Yorkie puppy who is under the age of 1 month may sleep for 20 to 22 hours. An elder puppy (1 month -3 months) may sleep from 12 to 18 hours while an adult Yorkie would most likely sleep for about 12 to 17 hours.

Feel Free to Comment below and share your experiences with your Yorkshire Terrier.

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