How Long does it Take to Potty Train a Yorkie?

How Long does it Take to Potty Train a Yorkie?

It would take you a minimum of 2 months to Potty Train your Yorkshire Terrier dog. However, if you are not consistent in putting in the effort, it might take 3 months or even more. 


Housebreaking a Yorkie can be troublesome when your Yorkie is in his puppyhood and accomodating himself in a new environment. You, a Yorkie parent, have compromised with your sleep schedule and even ignored your dark circles in order to potty train your Yorkie properly

You are trying to be a good parent, you are putting in all of your efforts, and you’re doing good. But then you question yourself what else you are missing? How long will it take to get my Yorkie fully Potty Trained? 

Yorkies are top-notch breeds. They need proper attention, care, and training which is hard to compromise. They are stubborn, and it takes a toll on time to potty-train them.

In case, you are experiencing trouble in taking a big sigh of relief and spending most of your time thinking about your Yorkie’s potty training, I would cover all your queries and questions related to Yorkie potty Training and what all is needed in order to Housebreak your Yorkie. 

How long does it take to Potty Train a Yorkie puppy? Watch the video if you are someone who prefers videos over articles.



How many times in a Day do Yorkies need Potty Breaks?

Yorkies puppies need Potty Breaks at least 12 to 13 times on a particular day. There is no specific time for Yorkies to engage in Potty Breaks.

It depends upon their age and the size of their body. Yorkies are minuscule in body size, and they have tiny organs too. Yorkie puppies have small bladders which can’t retain much of the body’s waste for very long.

However, some Yorkies have a high retention capacity. Everything depends upon the body deposition and structure of Yorkies. 

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How Long does it Take to Potty Train a Yorkie?

To answer precisely, it takes a minimum of 2 months to Potty Train a Yorkie.

Some Yorkies are hard to train because of their easy-go temperament. However, Some Yorkies are readily available for accepting time-taking challenges and sticking to the routine.

Now you are the in-charge, you should figure out which category fits your Yorkie. The time I have mentioned could vary depending upon your Yorkie’s willingness to get involved in the training process, his level of enthusiasm, his grasping capacity, and the ways you chose to fix your potty problems.

However, if you want to Potty Train your Yorkie at a rapid pace, you must check out Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer which consists of some really awesome and amazing training techniques illustrated by Doggy Dan, United States Best Dog Trainer.


6 Ways to Take Your Yorkie for a Potty Break


how long it takes to potty train yorkies


Some Yorkie Parents treat their puppy as their kid like a human infant and train him to go for pooty breaks inside the house, in his fancy washroom.

But sometimes, it becomes messy and tiresome for you to clean the poop and run after every poop pad. Sometimes, it also becomes embarrassing when your colleagues, relatives, or guests visit your new apartment for a day. 

But what if you take your Yorkie outside for his potty breaks? Unaware of the process to potty-train your Yorkie? Don’t worry, here is an Easy yet Effective way to not only properly potty train your Yorkie but also increase your Yorkie’s intelligence by 10 times in just 21 days


1. Know Your Yorkie

Before you save your time for your Yorkie’s training, do a complete scan of your puppy to know about his temperament, his way of living, his time for moodiness, his strengths, and his weaknesses.

It will help you bond with him more and know about his likes and dislikes. It will aid you in handling him in moments of low turns when he is feeling bored, aloof, or lazy.

2. Choose a Pooping Spot

If you plan to involve your Yorkie to manage his potty breaks outside, first select a place or an area where your Yorkie can do his business peacefully. It will be more fruitful if you let your Yorkie pick a spot for him as, ultimately, he is the one who will be using that place for his defecation purpose.

As a supervising parent, once your Yorkie finalizes a spot, take care of the surroundings, if it is hygienic or not, if it is weather-proof and bully-proof. Be regular with the chosen location and train your Yorkie to always poop around that place and not anywhere else to avoid an embarrassing moment.

3. Motivate

When your Yorkie is looking for a spot to poop, don’t be in a hurry to finish his search operation. Instead, motivate him by sparing him enough time to look for the perfect place.

Utilize the time by reading an e-book or listening to songs until your Yorkie finds the location. Don’t skip over looking at him to check if he is okay and not tired.

4. Use a Leash or Harness

It might happen that when you take your Yorkie outside for a potty break and to a specific location, He may run around, find another place(s) and create a poopy mess.

You can’t take a risk. So, before you both become a part of an oops moment, take preventive steps. To guard your Yorkie, you can use a leash, a harness, or a collar to protect him from eliminating in other isolated places or in a public place where there is a crowd. Here is a list of Best Harnesses for Yorkies and Best Tactical Dog Vests and Harnesses for Dogs

If you can’t always be by your Yorkie’s side due to work and other things, explain to your Yorkie-nanny to take care of him properly and not to tuck the leash too tight. It will injure your Yorkie’s larynx and neck region, which can bank severe injuries later on.

5. Be Gentle on your Yorkie

It’s okay if you catch your Yorkie red-handed. Sometimes, it’s not easy for him to hold the pressure by the period you take him out for a potty walk.

If you notice him pulling up his leg and ready to eliminate, then use verbal commands like say No or make a shrill voice to alert your Yorkie that he is not at the right place. After he has stopped, immediately don him with a collar and rush to the specific location where he usually defecates.

6. Give Verbal Commands

Non-verbal commands are effective when he is already well housebroken and potty trained. When it comes to starting from scratch, you have to run miles to make one effort, so verbal commands are not only efficient but essential for your Yorkie’s training.

Making noises, whistling, or a frog sound would make him more aware of the potty-training routine.


Here’s the catch: If your Yorkie is a nightmare survivor and pee or poop on his bed accidentally, then get pee pads for him. Make a proper pooping routine for him. I would recommend you to get Amazon Basics Puppy Potty Pads for your Yorkie

Take your puppy outside, go with him for a 10-15 minute walk and wait until he defecates. If he didn’t defecate, then get him a night pad to avoid a mess in your house.

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4 Simple Steps to Potty Train your Yorkie

Are you a new Yorkie parent and you are wondering how to Train your Yorkie to Poop at a particular place? Then follow these 4 simple steps to Potty train your Yorkie and stay consistent and patient with them. 


Step 1: Yorkies have separation anxiety issues. They can’t survive for very long in a single place. For the first level of potty training, you can put your Yorkie in a crate when you are away from him and at work. Learn to Crate Train your Yorkie in case you haven’t. 

Dog crates help in calming your Yorkie’s nerves and making him more comfortable not peeing inside his dog crate. Choose a soft fabric to cover the base of the dog crate to comfort him more.

But as I mentioned above, Yorkies can get emotionally hurt if they stay inside the crate for prolonged hours. Take care of your Yorkie’s mental health and try to manage time inside the crate accordingly. 


Step 2:  Take your Yorkie outside every 2-3 hours to avoid more accidents. If you continue to dwell on inside potty breaks, then your Yorkie will get habituated and avoid defecating outside.

Maybe after work, before snack time, or dinner, Yorkies need to walk to function their bowel movements.


Step 3: Praise your Yorkie every time he defecates, and make him feel motivated and responsible for his potty breaks. It will encourage him to continue his potty training with honesty and diligence.


Step 4: Lastly, reward your Yorkie by treating him with his favorite snack, hug him, cuddle him, and verbally love him. Here’s a guide on Best Treats for Yorkies


The Bottom Line

Whether it takes two months, five months, or a year, it takes time to Potty Train your Yorkie. Don’t force him in any way. 

Have patience and shower love and appreciation for stepping from baby steps to higher steps.

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