How Long Do Yorkies Stay in Heat? | Yorkies in Heat |

How Long Do Yorkies Stay in Heat? | Yorkies in Heat |

A Female Yorkie stays in heat anywhere from 18 to 23 days. However, Every heat cycle in Yorkies lasts for a different amount of time every time. 


Are you in heat?

WAAAAAIT! It is not about your Vitamin-D exposure or beauty treatments and honestly not about your angry emotions in heated moments.

People! We are well aware of the menstruation cycle that a woman goes through during her growing ages, from puberty parties to mid-50s safari.

But, do you know Female Yorkies also have their not-so-comfortable times.

And It’s called ‘Staying in Heat’!

Yes, You are correct. Female dogs and Yorkies also pass through this lane of reality. There is just a mismatch of some alphabets and words. Anyways, the pain is real.

On average, puberty in Female Yorkies hits at about six months of age, and this varies in other dog breeds. It takes 6-7 months in smaller breeds to achieve the stage of puberty, while in Large dog breeds, it may take around 18 months to a maximum of 2 years to step into the phase of sexual maturity or puberty.

The canine estrous cycle is a complex framework and begets hormonal, behavioral, and physical changes. Each breed has its characteristics and may not show signs to the same extent.

So, How long do Yorkshire Terriers Stay in Heat? Watch the Video if you are someone who prefers video over reading.


What does it mean to “Stay in Heat” in Yorkies?

yorkie heat stages

When a female Yorkie is in heat, it means she is in a state where she is ready to mate with a male dog, as this will probably result in her becoming pregnant. This process is also called estrus or heat cycle and repeats itself every five to six months.

Unlike humans, it functions in various stages and lasts long for more than a normal menstruation cycle.

What are those stages when Yorkie is in Heat? 

Proestrus stage

The first stage is the resting and recovery period.

Days spent: It lasts 7 to 10 days on average.

Signs: swelling, darkening of the vulva, and bloody discharge from the vagina.

Type: The discharge of blood will be thick and dark red and gradually become watery after some time.

Behavior: The dog will be uninterested in any sexual activity and might keep her tail down and lick her swollen vulva to clean herself.

Estrus stage

The second stage, like the previous stage, is the preparatory stage.

Days spent: It lasts 3 to 4 days or more.

Signs: The vulva becomes enlarged and soft.

Type: The discharge decreases and, the color turns pink.

Behavior: At this stage, the female Yorkie is the most fertile. It is ready to welcome male advances on the 11th day and may keep the tail to the side.

Diestrus stage

Days spent: This stage lasts about 60 to 90 days.

Signs: with high levels of hormones, swelling of the vulva settles down and, discharge vanishes.

Behavior: The female Yorkies don’t accept any more male advances.

Anestrus stage

This stage is a timeframe during which the cycle of diestrus starts and the proestrus phase begins.

Days spent: 4 months.

Behavior: The body prepares for the new pregnancy cycle or carries a fertilized egg to bring a new life into the world.


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When during the Estrus phase do Yorkies get Pregnant?

The female dog usually ovulates at about the time that the vaginal discharge becomes watery. During this fertilization process,
the female Yorkie is at the most fertile stage and is actively receptive to male sperm.

However, sperm can survive for a week in the reproductive tract and still be capable of fertilizing the eggs, so she can get pregnant at any point while she is in estrus.


How Long Does a Yorkie stay Pregnant? 

Pregnancy lasts approximately nine weeks which is around 63 days. However, the birth cycle varies from breed to breed.

What happens after bleeding stops?

Heat cycles differ, but it lasts on average of two to three weeks for most dogs, even in Yorkies. The heat cycle begins with the first signs of vulvar swelling and ends with no discharge call, and the vulva has come to its normal state.

As mentioned before, bitches are most fertile during the estrus phase but, it is not necessary that they will be fertile too, at the beginning of the bleeding and when it ends.

So, while your Yorkie may not be fertile when bleeding begins, she will no longer be able to conceive by the time the discharge ends. But, How would you know when a Yorkie is pregnant? Here’s the detailed post on it.


How often a Yorkie bleeds

The number of times a Yorkie may go into heat is about one or two times every year. This interval gets significantly longer as the female grows older or if the Yorkie has some health-related complications.

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When to know your Yorkie’s Heat is on Turn-off mode?

yorkie's heat is turn off mode

When to know your Yorkie’s heat is on turn-off mode. The best way you can find, your pup is no longer surviving the heat pain is to observe her behavior. Compare it with the signs she was displaying before her proestrus stage.

If she is not displaying the following signs, you are safe because she is in a happy-yappy mood and, you can cuddle with her as long as you want without her being in ‘no-touch’ mode.

  • You will notice a dark-colored swollen vulva.
  • The color of the discharge will range from whitish-pink to dark red.
  • Due to a peak in hormones, you will notice your Yorkie petting her toys and avoiding sharing them with any member of the family.
  • Like humans, they also suffer from moodiness. You may notice your Yorkie-pie sitting at a corner with a sad face, or they might turn aggressive sometimes.
  • Her eating habits will change. You will notice her eating lesser than general days. Don’t worry! If she is your binge-eating partner and you can’t find her on the sofa sitting near you, she is probably going through her bloody days.

Tips to Comfort and Take care of your Yorkie in Heat

Tip #1

Pups tend to get quite snuggly during this time, so set aside some extra slots for lots of cuddles.

You can use a bed table else buy it if you don’t have one. So, you can offer work time and pamper time simultaneously.

Tip #2

You can go to your nearest toy store and buy a few rubber toys that your girl can play with, chew like one bubblegum, and feel fresh and relaxed.

Tip #3

Do not get heavy on your Yorkie-pie if she creates a mess around the living room or the bathroom with bloodstains.

Please note she is already in pain, and she is not doing it on purpose. She loves you, Don’t she?

Tip #4

To be on the safer side and excuse seeing your girl end up in a clinic, make sure you give her enough liquids, as she is already wasting in lots.

Tip #5

You should give her more potty excuses as it is already messy down there, and she might feel needy to get relief from her body chaos. If your Yorkie is not yet potty trained, learn to properly potty train your Yorkshire Terrier.

How to clean a Yorkie while She’s in Heat? 

how to clean a yorkie in heat


Do you also wonder what you can do to clean your Yorkie while she is in heat? Here is what you need to know.

The heat period is a bit different than anything else. Different theories may apply when it comes to hygiene as well.

You can give your Yorkie a proper bath not frequently as it might damage their fur and skin. Twice in every four weeks works. Check out this post for more info on how often to bathe your Yorkie.

Although, Yorkies instinctively clean themselves by licking around the area where they smell bloodstains.

The amount of discharge varies from dog to dog and, it can make a mess. You can also see sometimes that discharge has hardened into your little Yorkie’s fur. To be on a hygienic spot, A nice shower twice every four weeks is a suitable option.

You can make them wear good quality diapers that are easy to wash and dump with an eco-friendly motive. You can also use sprays to free her from odor and bad smell.

If you are concerned about the harmful chemicals these products may contain, I would recommend you to go for OUT! PetCare Go Here Attractant Spray and Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Spray.



How can spaying affect your Yorkie’s health?

Do you know a sprayed Yorkie can have a 25% longer lifespan than the unsprayed ones?

Here is a study by the University of Georgia that says, unsprayed Yorkies or female dogs do not survive much longer than their average lifespan and may face severe health issues.

This same study found that sterilization reduced the risk of death from infectious disease but may also give birth to the chances of cancer.

On the whole, it seems that spaying is good for longevity and healthy dogs. You can talk to your vet before you reach any conclusion.


How to Get Male Dogs to stay away from your Yorkie in Heat

There are times when you and your Yorkie both want to avoid any future pregnancy. Here are a few things you can practice to keep the guards on duty.

Dogs are known for their sniffy nose, which is also a valid point that makes dogs good watch guards or criminal profiling pet officers. Male Yorkies might sniff the hormones released during the heat cycle from far away.

You can place a monitor or a spy camera like Furbo to watch her at all times except potty breaks and keep her safe from pregnancy situations.

Male dogs can also become quite aggressive when they sense a nearby female in heat. So, anticipate that you may have to be extra vigilant in preventing mishaps—especially on walks, dog parks, etc.

Just because her bleeding is over doesn’t mean her heat cycle is also over. Another phase follows, where she becomes extra fertile and may produce an unnoticeable discharge about which we have talked before.

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Final Words

A Female Yorkie stays in heat anywhere from 18 to 23 days. However, every heat cycle lasts for a different amount of time every time. 

Bleeding is challenging! Imagine you’ve got an injury, a sharp cut, and you see blood.

How would you react?

Like humans, these baby girls also get mood swings 24/7, may feel anxious or terrible, may feel abandoned, may feel lazy.

Shower her with all the love, hugs, kisses, cuddles, and her favorite toy bundles. Be an understanding mommy and never let your baby feel ‘you are a trouble’ because she is not.

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