How Long can Yorkshire Terriers Stay in the Crate?

How Long can Yorkshire Terriers Stay in the Crate?

Yorkshire Terriers are highly energetic breeds. They love to play, run, jump, or save you from head bumps. But do you know what makes them happy? A night of good sleep in a comfortable crate. 

Crates are the best supporters of your Yorkie’s sound sleep at night after an exhausting day. If you are wondering how long your Yorkie can stay in a crate while you are away from him, Then, you are at the right place.

Stick with this article to the end and I will teach you how to make your distressed and irritated dog calm by properly crate training your Yorkie


How can Crate Training your Yorkie benefit him/her?

Crates are the best way to calm down a disturbed Yorkie. A crate provides a safe space for your Yorkie while you are traveling or you are at work. 

A dog crate helps your Yorike in dealing with anxiety-related issues. It also provides him with a safe board where he can win over his separation anxiety.

If you haven’t yet got a crate for your Yorkie, here are the 6 Best Crates for your Yorkshire Terrier dog.

However, Crate training your Yorkie would demand effort and discipline from your side, so, be mentally ready for the task ahead.


1. Lessen the Supervision Work

It is of utmost importance to supervise your Yorkie when he is young and has just started housebreaking or potty training. Your Yorkie needs your presence when he is under crate training for the first time.

It also helps you multi-tasking when you’re stuck in dealing with both home and dog duties. It lessens the workload, and you can easily focus on other pending tasks.

When your Yorkie is in his growth stage, he can jump to tiny mishaps like head bumps, accidentally eating waste or leftovers. It is where a crate comes to your Yorkie’s rescue.


2. A Habit of Staying Alone


how long can yorkies stay in crate


Staying alone at home or in a kennel seems like a nightmare to Yorkies. Yorkies are emotionally sensitive breeds, and they love to be around their human friends, even if it calls for being clingy.

Crate Training helps you to relieve yourself from the matter of overthinking for your Yorkie’s safety. So, the next time you go out to work, don’t worry. A crate or a kennel is what you need.


3. Ease in Traveling

Traveling is a good source of stressbuster. But, it can get complicated when you have to figure out how would you be able to accommodate your Yorkshire Terrier along.

When you become a Yorkie parent, it becomes difficult to multi-task. Of course, you love your Yorkie, and you want the best for him.

You want to take your Yorkie along but also can’t risk his maintenance. If your Yorkie is crate trained, he can stay alone at home, and you can be relieved of his safety.

You can give the duplicate keys to your neighbor or any friend living nearby to keep an eye on your Yorkie when you are away. Also, you can look for the Best dog carriers for your Yorkshire Terrier in case you want to take him along. 


4. Noise-Safety

Yorkies are sensitive to loud music and noise. They get scared of shrill noise coming from outside. To calm down your Yorkie, you can get a crate and keep your Yorkie inside it until he is fully crate trained.

A dog crate helps your Yorkie avoid the noise. You can try covering the dog crate with a bed sheet to lessen the noise.


5. Routine

Yorkies are well-maintained breeds of the terrier category. They love doing their things on time without any ifs and buts.

A crate helps your Yorkie find the difference between playtime and rest time. Due to crate training, your Yorkie gets used to his home routine. 


For How Many Hours can your Yorkie Stay inside the Crate? 

Your Yorkie should not stay inside the crate for more than 8 hours straight. However, a Yorkie’s time limit inside the crate has a direct relationship with their bladder capacity, staying inside for more than 8 hours is not healthy at all.

Large dog breeds have a big bladder which helps them retain pee for a long time and, therefore, they can stay in a crate for long hours.

However, Yorkies have small bladders, but their pee retention capacity is high. It spares them time to stay in a dog crate for more hours. Veterinaries suggest Yorkie parents must avoid letting their Yorkies stay in a dog crate for more than 10 hours. 

It will make them used to it, and they will become lethargic or lose interest in playing.

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How to Introduce Your Yorkie to a Crate? 


introduce yorkie to a crate


New things bring new challenges. Crate Training a Yorkie will take time, but it will require patience from your side.

Your Yorkie may refrain from the first few classes of crate training because he is scared of trying a new thing. However, you can fix your way of introducing your Yorkie to a new crate by following these simple steps.

  • Keep the crate in a location like the living room which is a relatively crowdy location, where you and your family spend most of your time.
  • Avoid closing the door of the dog crate for the first few weeks. Let your Yorkie be familiar with the dog crate.
  • If your Yorkie sniffs the dog crate, praise him.
  • You can keep chews, snacks, and your Yorkie’s favorite toys inside the dog crate to lure him to come inside.
  • Avoid restricting your Yorkie’s freedom, Do not force it on him. Let him enter and exit freely.
  • Repeat the process daily and let your Yorkie learn the basics of staying in the crate one by one without any hurry.

Which Crate would be the Best for a Yorkie?

Dog Crate helps your Yorkie stay alone at home when you are away from him and stuck with long working hours. Before you crate train your Yorkie, you should hang on to the decision, what type of crate suits your Yorkie? A wired, net, or a hybrid.

You should invest in a dog crate that is more airy, breathable, and suitable to your Yorkie’s body size. Also, make sure you get a dog crate with double doors.

It makes your Yorkie feel free to enter and exit anytime. Check this post out if you are confused about buying the best dog crate for your Yorkshire terrier dog


The Bottom Line

Yorkshire Terriers are brave and strong when solving puzzles and accepting challenges. However, this doesn’t mean that they can and should hold their bladder and stay in a crate for very long.

Make sure you take him for a walk every 2-3 hours. Also, don’t force him to be in a dog crate, especially when you are angry. It will put a negative impression on him that you are punishing him.

Would you like to share your thoughts? If yes, feel free to hit the comments section below.

Happy Crating! 

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