How much Water Should a Yorkie drink in a day?

How much Water Should a Yorkie drink in a day?

Summers are here, and the very first thing you would think of is water. A splash in the swimming pool water, beach water, or just filtered water to save you from thirsty days.

Water is a necessity, and life can’t sustain without it. From non-living to living, every surviving being needs water to nourish, grow, and blossom.

Yorkshire Terriers are high-maintenance breeds. They need proper care and attention to live a healthy and steady life. Many Yorkie Parents prepare a balanced diet chart for their Yorkie to nullify any signs of accidents and carelessness.

Summers could be harsh on your Yorkie as it can bring summer blisters, rashes, and dehydration. The one-in-all solution is to drink as much water as a Yorkie can.

However, excessive water intake is also not good, so there should be a limit up to which your Yorkie can have water.

So the question is, How much water should a Yorkie drink in a day? Let’s find out.


How much Water Should a Yorkie Drink?

Water is an essential item one can not ignore or avoid. Your body will constantly remind you of the shortage of water about which you are responsible for keeping in abundance.

Similarly, a Yorkshire terrier needs an adequate amount of water to feel fresh and active, especially when the sun is at the top. The amount of water intake a Yorkie needs depend upon his weight.

A Yorkie puppy needs to drink 1 ounce of water or 1/8 cup of water per pound of body weight in a day. This means that if your Yorkie puppy weighs 5 pounds, then he or she needs to drink 5 ounces of water in a day. However, if there is scorching heat or your Yorkie exercises more than normal, you can choose to make your dog drink 1.20 ounces of water per pound of his body weight. 


Measure your Yorkie’s weight correctly if you are dicey about it. Decide the right amount of water to serve in his water bowl. Here’s a list of the best water bowls for your Yorkshire Terrier


What Happens When Your Yorkie Drinks Excess Water?

Hydration is necessary to shoo away all the negative symptoms of dehydration like dryness, weakness, or nausea. Health experts suggest we must consume as many glasses of water as possible.

But, do you know that excessive water intake can be harmful to your Yorkie’s health? Let us see what happens when your Yorkie drinks more than usual.

Psychogenic Polydipsia is a scientific name for over-hydration in dogs. Under this condition, Your Yorkie may feel lazy, lethargic, or under stress. He may also feel sick and bloated.

His eyes will look puffy, and his pupils dilated. Under severe conditions, he may feel suffocated or may end up in grim situations of coma and death.

So, before you offer water to your Yorkie, make sure you are neither underdoing it nor overdoing it.

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How to Know If Your Yorkie is Dehydrating?


how much water a yorkie should drink


Dehydration is concerning, and such an issue can not be left ignored. Dehydration can cause severe complications both internally and externally.

We can not understand a dog’s language, nor they could make us learn, but there are a few signs you can notice to be sure if your Yokie is suffering from symptoms of dehydration or not.

  1. Dry Nose
  2. Dry Eyes
  3. Sticky Gums
  4. Thick Saliva
  5. Sunken Eyes
  6. Panting
  7. Vomiting
  8. Loss of hunger
  9. Loss of skin elasticity
  10. Sticky tears

If you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms, make a call to the nearest vet clinic, book an appointment, and visit as soon as possible. To check the skin elasticity of your dog, pull up your dog’s skin and release it.

If the skin sets back evenly, it means your Yorkie is healthy and dehydrated skin will show wrinkles and rough skin. Also, even a minor touch causes a red skin patch to occur.


How Often Should You Clean Your Yorkie’s Bowl?


Water is necessary to keep the body’s temperature calm. But mere offering a bowl of water is not enough.

The water you are serving should be clean, hygienic, and free of impurities. Try not to give mildewed water. Keep the water bowl neat and clean.

Rub the core part of the bowl to wipe out the harmful bacteria and germs present in the atmosphere. Scrub the bowl after every use and re-serve.

If you buy a new bowl, try to look for something smooth without sharp hooks and corners. Such tips can easily bleed your Yorkie’s gums, mouth, and lips.

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What are the Factors that Influence a Yorkie’s Daily Water Intake?


what influences yorkie's water intake


Deciding on how much water you should pour into your Yorkie’s bowl could be tricky and time-taking when you are naive and don’t have enough knowledge about the adequacy.

I have listed the 5 most relevant factors that may affect the daily water intake of a Yorkshire Terrier dog. 


1. Age-Related Factors

Age is a salient factor of your Yorkie’s thirst. If your Yorkie is a puppy, he will be thirsty every 2-3 hours and will need half a cup of water in his bowl.

However, it is not the case with older Yorkies who are adults. Adult Yorkies tend to drink lesser as compared to the puppies. They choose their water intake level and naturally limit it.


2. Dry Food

Do you remember how badly you needed a bottle of water after munching a packet of lays or a wafer? It happens because these dry foods soak in the moisture while eating and leave no space for hydration.

Your Yorkie might be thirsty because of his dry dog food bowl. It is better to feed food rich in water and nutrients to keep your Yorkie fresh and hydrated all day. Also, serve a cup of water for extra hydration.


3. Exercise

Exercise is crucial for dogs and their overall health, especially Yorkies who are fraught with extra energy and enthusiasm. This excess energy needs to burn during physical activity so that your Yorkie can rest at night peacefully.

The more your Yorkie will play, run, jump, drool, or swing, the more he will sweat, and the more he will feel the urge to drink water. It is advisable to carry adequate water according to your Yorkie’s weight to keep him hydrated and nourished.


4. Weight

Your Yorkie’s weight plays a crucial role in deciding the amount of water to feed the furry paws. If your Yorkie is smaller in size and light-weight, he will require lesser water comparatively. 

As I said, If your Yorkie puppy weighs 4 pounds, you must at least make him drink 4 ounces of water during that day.

However, if your Yorkie is an adult and weighs 10 pounds, he will at least need 10 ounces of water in a day. 


5. Pills and Prescriptions

Your Yorkie’s water intake would also depend upon your Yorkie’s paper of prescription that includes his medicines and timings to take those medicines.

Some medicines restrict water consumption during which your Yorkie is taking his meds. To know how much water your Yorkie can drink while being on medications and at what time of the day and night, it is advisable to consult a professional for better understanding and future safety.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Should I give water to my Yorkie at night?

Yes, why not. There is no specific time to give water to your Yorkie puppy. However, you should know whether your Yorkie is home-trained or not.

Puppies have small bladders, and they can not hold pee for much longer, and ultimately you will have to wake up to take him outside to relieve the pressure. You can read this post on “How Often do Yorkies need to Pee in a day?“. 


Should you leave the water in your Yorkie’s Bowl during the daytime?

Yes. Although you are cautious with your Yorkie’s thirst and give him water at regular intervals.

But, sometimes, you might be away from your Yorkie, and during that heat zone, he may look for water around and might end up consuming wastewater that will affect his overall health.


Should Yorkies drink water after a walk?

Yes, Yorkies need exercise or a walk to release the extra energy. During the morning walk, your Yorkie may get tired and feel the urge to drink a cup of water due to loss of water in the form of sweat. 


Why does my Yorkie’s water bowl get sticky?

It is because of the bacteria and germs present in your Yorkie’s tongue that settles down in the corner and the bottom of the bowl while he licks the bowl to drink water.


What other drinks can Yorkies have except water?

There are a lot of options available. Vegetable juice like carrot juice, beetroot, and snacks like celery and spinach are nutritious and hydrating at the same time.

However, you have to be observant while choosing an alternative because not all Yorkies have the same taste buds.


Do Yorkies like to drink warm water?

No. Research has shown that Yorkies have a high priority for mild to cold water. They don’t prefer to drink warm water as it tastes bland, and resultantly, they feel more thirsty afterward.



Hydration is necessary for all living beings to stand out in the battle of survival. It can be exhausting to instill a routine into your Yorkie’s daily life when it comes to staying hydrated, fresh, and active.

But all it takes is persistent efforts from both your sides and experience the goodness of keeping the body cool and hydrated.

How many bowls of water do you give your Yorkie? Let me know in the comments section. 

Stay Hi(drated)!

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