How often should you bathe your Yorkie

How often should you bathe your Yorkie

Bathing is a very essential process of keeping yourself clean. Yorkshire Terriers need to bathe properly to keep them clean.

All Yorkies have individual needs and their owner needs to analyse how often they shall bathe their pet Yorkies. If your Yorkie likes to play outside or in the backyard and regularly goes for a play session, there are chances he needs to bathe more often.

But what if your Yorkie stays inside the house and do not get chances to get dirty, he can bathe less often.

This factor also depends on the hair type and skin type of your dog. Bathing needs personalisation.

If you have a Yorkshire Terrier with long hair, you can wash and bathe your dog once a week as their long hair collects dirt pretty quickly and easily.

If your Yorkie has short hair, you can bathe him once in two to three weeks depending on your convenience.

Also, If your Yorkie has sensitive skin, then you should reduce the frequency of bathing as well.

If you do not want to bathe your dog often and still want to keep him neat and clean, you should apply oil on his body and make sure his hair is oily as it preserves the heat and keeps his body warmer.

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What Happens when you Bathe your Yorkie too much?

Timing of bathing is crucial in grooming your Yorkshire Terrier. If you bathe your Yorkie very often, the following things may happen:

  1. Too much bathing and use of shampoos can dry out the skin.
  2. Too much Shrubbing along with bathing can weaken the coat and reduce the strength of the hair of your coat.

What happens when you do not bathe your Yorkie 

If you do not bathe/ bathe very less your Yorkshire Terrier, the following things might take place:

  1. Sweat and dirt will make your coat very dirty.
  2. Your dog will begin to smell

As you now know what will happen when you bathe very less, you should bathe your Yorkie before these symptoms start to show.

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You need to keep one thing in mind that Yorkie gets stressed and do not enjoy bathing. Hence, the process of bathing will be difficult for you as well as your pet dog.

Generally speaking, you should bathe your Yorkshire Terrier once every 3 weeks, until and unless he gets dirty very often or is suffering from coat allergies.

Therefore, you shall always bathe your Yorkie when he looks dirty or when he has some kind of allergies. Otherwise, you can minimize this exercise.

Follow the emotions of your Yorkie when looking to bathe your dog to get an idea of how often you should take him for bathing.

You live with him and you will know better how often you should bathe him after some time. Also, consider the type of skin of your Yorkshire Terrier and use a shampoo which doesn’t dry his skin a lot.

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