How to Calm Down a Hyperactive Dog?

How to Calm Down a Hyperactive Dog?

There are Dogs of Different Shapes, Sizes, Breeds, and Nature. Some Dogs are Friendly and some take time to know a person and be comfortable around him. Some Dogs are Lazy and Some are Very Active.

As I was going Through Many Pet Forums and Facebook Groups, I saw many Dog Owners Complaining that they were kind of Pissed off as their Dog always wanted to Play.

He is always Looking at them to Seek Attention to Play. This is Called a HyperActive Dog. They are very Fragile and always Running from one Corner to Another in our Houses.

Don’t worry, In this article, I will share some Latest Key Points by which you will Learn How to Calm Down a Hyperactive Dog.

The Reason that your Dog Might be Overly Active lies in his Daily Routine. There is a huge chance your Dog is Bored and he is Lacking Stimulation.

It Depends on the Kind of Activity your Dog gets to Do every day. Human Beings suffer from depression due to Lack of Stimulation as well.


Here are some of the Latest and Best Ways to Calm Down a Hyperactive Dog :


1. Increase Energy and Mental Stimulation

Your Dog Needs to Increase Daily Energy Levels and Mental Stimulation. And guess who will do that? Obviously You :P.

You Need to Take him for some kind of Exercise Daily. It can be a Long Walk of around 30-45 Mins or it can be playing Frisbee along with him and teach him how to get it or Catch it and get that Frisbee back to you.

It will take time at First but your dog will learn if you spend some time with him.

You can throw a Tennis Ball and Teach him to get it back to you and This game is easy as it can be Played Inside your House as well.

Just Make Sure you can Channelize his energy to Learning Something or Playing. Some of the Exciting Training games can be to Teach your dog to Pickup Items off the Floor and Teach him to Heal while walking with you.

2. Follow a Morning Routine

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Why am I saying Morning routine is because you can’t make your Dog Exercise and Play with you all day long. You have to go to Work as well, Isn’t it?

Just take your Dog for a Morning Walk of 30 mins and after the Walk, Spend Some time in Obedience Training or Playing out with him. After this, just Feed your Dog well and he will Spend all his Afternoon Sleeping.

This can Really Help you Calm Down your Overly Active Dog.

3. Use any Aroma to Calm your Dog

If you don’t have time to spend the morning with your Dog, Try to spread some Aroma in your House which will Relax your Kid.

Just like Humans feel relaxed with the Smell of Lavender, Dogs also Like Lavender. Or you can also Consult your Doggy’s Doctor to ask him about other Aroma’s.

This method will also help you to calm down your dog when you expect guests at home.

4. Obedience Training

obedience dog training


This Point can be the Best if you can do it. Try to make your dog follow you. It might seem hard and take some time but if your Dog can Obey your Instructions, Life would be so Easy with a Pet.

You can Learn More About Obedience Training here . Learning New Skills will channelize your Dog’s Energy to Constructive and Positive Deeds and Obedience Training is the Best Skill your Dog Can Learn.

Establishing yourself as a Pack Leader will make sure you Teach Obedience Training commands properly to your dog.

The Online Dog Trainer is a really useful course which can teach you how to become a Pack Leader to your dog. End any kind of Behavioral problems with your dog using The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan.

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5. Spend Quality Time with your Dog

Try to take your Pet Doggy out for a Trip or Long drive or Picnic to a Large Playground or Park where he enjoys Nature and Spend some Quality Time with you.

These trips really Strengthens the Bond between your dog and You and you will feel he won’t be Hyperactive during the whole week even if you Take him for a Trip or Park on Weekends only. Using this you can Calm your Hyperactive Dog

6. Make your Dog Learn a New Sport

Like I Said Frisbee is a good sport to play with your loved Dog, Don’t just limit yourself and play just that. Playing Same Game every day will be Boring and He will also not Enjoy after a Certain Time Period.

Try to Make him Learn other Games and also use Smart Toys which will keep his mind Busy and hence Energy As well.

Try To Make Your Dog Do both Physical Stimulation and Mental Stimulation. Lack of even one would also make him Hyperactive. Along with Physical games, Divert his Mind into Other Things such as Smart Toys or Puzzles.

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