How to cut Yorkies nails at home?

How to cut Yorkies nails at home?

Just like humans, Yorkies, too, need to have their nails trimmed! However, these pups, being super impulsive, you ought to be extra cautious in your attempts.

Yorkshire Terriers need to have their nails trimmed every 2-3 months. They have black toenails, that should not be ignored over 6 months.

These little pets won’t let you do things go easy!

Certainly, you are going to receive a tough challenge from your pup while clipping its nails but you would probably end up hurting it without proper knowledge of what you are actually doing!

In case you don’t have any prior experience, I will rather recommend you to quit experimenting on that innocent Yorkie pup and take professional assistance instead!

Why is it important to trim your Yorkie’s nails?

If you do not clip your pup’s nails, it will eventually pose an impact on the overall health of your Yorkshire Terrier. It will face difficulty in moving around and suffer from joint aches.

Having long nails in the toes will make it really tough for your Yorkie to change their position as that puts pressure on the joints.

Once you trim its nails at a regular interval, you will see it walking around comfortably. You would also reduce its risk of being prone to changes in bone positions, joint ache and arthritis as well.

Hence, if you actually want your dog not to suffer from any of the complications, ensure clipping its nails! Though it shall work as a task of less significance, it actually makes a lot of difference to your pup in the long run.

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What is the most important consideration while clipping your Yorkie’s nails?

One of the most vital consideration to make while trimming your Yorkie’s nails is to choose the right dog nail clipper. A wrong clipper will not only hurt your pup but at the same time, it will establish fear in his mind.

Once things go wrong, your pup will feel afraid of coming to you the next time you call it for a nail trimming session.

How to clip your Yorkie’s nails?

how to cut yorkies nails

Now that you are already aware of how important this process is, make sure that you do not keep on experimenting on your pup unless you hurt it.

It’s good to give it a try on your part, but it’s even more important to know when to call for professional assistance!

  • First of all, schedule a day when you are off from all the hustle-bustle. It is essential to understand that the procedure is going to eat away a lot of time. You may end up ruining the whole plan and even upset your pup by performing the procedure in a hurry. Therefore, it is better that you plan it on a day when you have nowhere to go and have got ample time in your hand.
  • Relax and be calm. Yeah, you need to be patient anyway! Dogs are sensitive enough and if you are nervous, it will make your pup nervous as well. Once it gets succumbed to fear, things will turn really tough. Thus, your composure really matters!
  • Allow your pup to sit in a comfortable position. Whether you want to take it on your lap or let it rest on a chair, is absolutely your call to make! However, make sure that your pup is relaxed!
  • You may also ask anyone at your home to hold your Yorkie while you cut its nails. By the way, that person should be someone with whom your dog is comfortable with!
  • Since Yorkies have black nails, it gets really difficult to trim it. Guess, why? It’s because one cannot locate blood vessels by looking at the nails. It’s certainly the worst part of your entire procedure as the slightest of the mistakes would lead your pup to bleed for hours! Taking this factor into account, try locating the blood vessels as early as possible and if you can see the pink nerves, it’s great!

Try to avoid clipping the nails by leaving out that portion. Else, you may clip the nails at an angle and trim only a little bit at a time.

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Note: One important advice that I would like to give to all who owns a Yorkie is you can clip your pup’s nails after you have given it a shower. This is because your pup is going to have soft nails that would, in turn, make clipping easier for you!

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What are the most frequently committed mistakes while clipping your Yorkie’s nails?

  • Let your dog settle down at first. If your dog isn’t calm enough, it’s better that you do not perform this procedure today and keep it for some other day instead! If it’s not calm and you still try to clip its nails, you are sure to hurt it! Also, make sure that it doesn’t think that you are neither in a playful mood nor is upset with him. Not just this, you must keep all the elements of distraction away from him till the time you are done clipping!
  • Postpone the task if you are in a rush. You may end up giving an injury to your pup in a hurry. Therefore, make sure that you have ample time in hand when you are settling the task.
  • Using cheap clippers can lead to blood loss of your Yorkie. Using cheap clippers can hurt your dog and you would probably not want that to happen. Therefore, buy a good pair of clippers as soon as possible. Also, make sure that your clipper is neither too sharp nor too blunt as that may injure your dog pathetically!

This video below will help you better on clipping your Yorkies black nails:

What if you end up hurting your Yorkie?

Despite giving your best, you may still end up hurting your Yorkie. At the first attempt, you may go wrong!

Well, make sure that no matter what, you should not panic. Instead, try making your pup calm.

Apply pressure on the area where it’s bleeding and ensure that you have a good grip on the wounded region while wrapping it with a plaster. Let it walk a few steps to ensure that it’s not feeling uneasy.

Some tips that may help:

  • Before you actually jump on to try the procedure at your home, make sure that you see a professional doing the same at least for the first time. Once you have already seen how things are actually done, you will automatically gain confidence in doing all of it by yourself.
  • Trim your Yorkie’s nails once you feel that they are long enough to be clipped. Do not wait till your pup gets so long nails that you need to struggle clipping them off. If the nails are too long, it would become even tougher for you. However, make sure that they aren’t too short either! If the nails are too short, you would probably find it difficult to get an edge to hold with your clipper.
  • You may see a lot of videos on YouTube if you want so that the things don’t appear to be much difficult to you at your first go!

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