How to Get a Yorkie to Sleep through the Night?

How to Get a Yorkie to Sleep through the Night?

You have just watched a horror movie on Netflix, made up your Yorkie’s bed, and lullaby her to sleep. You switch off the lights, try to sleep with your mind guards on, be prepared, be ready to face the ghost of your imagination, and be a hero to yourself. 

In a second, you hear footsteps coming out of the living area and stairs and see a shadow coming in from the door. The door opens in multiple pauses. You take out your hockey stick and, you are now in attack mode. A few minutes pass, you hear nothing. As you open your eyes, what do you see? 

Ta-da! It’s your Yorkie 

Yorkies are small dogs who love their alone time and that too their not-really alone time. You may notice them sitting near you on your bed, staring at you with their cow eyes. You might wake-scream out of a scary surprise. Their clingy behavior may irk you sometimes but, it can also be a sign of restlessness and incomplete bedtime for these canines.

Yorkies are routine in their sleep-time. They don’t like to skip good nights on any occasion, but sometimes they may feel uneasy and unable to get sleep. This symptom can be because of a plethora of reasons like a change in environment, stress, anxiety, age, or an uncomfortable bed.

So, if you are scratching your head for How to make your Yorkie sleep in Peace throughout the night? Tag along with me to the bottom of this article.

How Long do Yorkies Sleep at Night? 

The number of hours Yorkies can sleep all night depends upon their age. Generally, Younger Yorkies sleep a maximum of 3-4 hours more sleep than Adult Yorkies.

Yorkies (during Puppyhood)

A baby Yorkie can sleep anywhere from 16 to 22 hours per day. After spending 8-12 weeks of age, she will be sleeping 20 hours every day. However, this is not permanent.

In the first free-three months, you may notice your Yorkie taking small naps scaling from 15 minutes to an hour. With growing age, the nap hours decline, and your canine starts molding her sleep schedule according to her family sleep-time.

Like human babies, they also face FOMO and would like to be near you all the time. They will wine and whimper to grab your attention to get some cuddles, and this might disrupt your nighttimes like any other dog parent.

You may get dark circles underneath your eyes, but then you are a parent, and you need to take care of your baby until she is ready to hug the world. Here’s a complete Sleep guide on Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies (during Adulthood)

Adult Yorkies hit their bed for around 13 hours every day, and it may extend up to a maximum of 18 hours in a day. Their nap time ranges from 10 minutes to a couple of hours or more. 

However, with dates, age, and time passing by, your Yorkie will arrange her bedtime around her human friends’ nighttime. She will roam around the house, observe her friends’ activities, do her business outdoors if potty trained, and would hug her bed for another hour or so.

Yorkies are sensitive to weather. They would prefer going out and beating you in the volleyball game outdoors during summers and springs and cocoon themselves under a blanket during winters.  

However, if you notice her sleeping more than usual or not at all, then immediately take her for a checkup to your nearest vet clinic. Over or undersleeping could be a matter of concern and should not be ignored.

What makes my Yorkie not Sleep during nights?

why doesnt Yorkie sleep through the night

1. Change in Routine

If you have just bought a Yorkie puppy and he is too early to learn your home rules, then it could be a reason for your dog’s unsleepy behavior during nights. It takes time for your Yorkie to get along with your home shifts and work shifts, which is why she may find it troubling to settle down with ease.

If your Yorkie puppy is barking excessively at night, Here’s how you stop his barking behavior.

2. Environmental Changes

No No! It’s not the weather. We know you keep your baby safe.

It’s your home environment which is an alien to your puppy who has just joined the middle seat of the family truck. A new location with a different smell, and a different taste, a lot is going on with your Yorkie. 

3. Household Changes

You are a dog lover, and you already have a dog family with different breeds of puppies. Introducing a new member would be not easy, neither for other members nor for the new member in the house. 

4. Allergies

Skin-related issues like allergies or infections are disturbing. The excessive itching and building of red spots would make your Yorkie suffer, and she will start missing her bedtime out of discomfort and distress. Consult a vet immediately. If your Yorkie is shedding, here’s a guide on Yorkie shedding

5. Age

Like humans, your Yorkie’s immune system starts to shed. As Yorkies start to grow, They will eventually develop age-related problems that might cause sleeplessness at night. She can attract hearing issues, joint pains, or obesity.

However, Dementia or down syndrome can be a high cause of your pup’s restlessness. It is a condition where your dog can’t sleep for long hours, not even for the usual time they are supposed to rest.

6. Extra Energy

Yorkies are known for their strong sense of enthusiasm and zeal. If your Yorkie isn’t sleeping at nighttime and you are wondering for the possible reasons, then it isn’t your Yorkie’s fault.

They are just fully charged to go to bed. The next time, take your dog for a morning walk and play with them outdoors whenever you get free. You can even take the help of Mental training games like Brain Training for Dogs. These games can develop your Yorkie’s brain into a really strong machine and your Yorkie would be 10 times Smarter and more Intelligent

You can read a Detailed review of Brain Training for Dogs by Adrienne Faricelli.



7. Discomfort

Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness of one or more joints. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pain and stiffness of the back and knee caps. Discomfort caused by arthritis can make it difficult for your Yorkie to rest without any inconvenience.

In any circumstance you notice your dog licking continuously, drooling, whining, or laying down in a bad posture, make no delay and buy a new comfy bed pad for your Yorkie.

8. Sickness

A spoilt Sleep Schedule could be a sign of internal sickness for your Yorkie. Talk to your vet. Take your pup for a checkup, and find out if your Yorkie is feeling any internal trouble like bloating, indigestion, kidney problems. If your Yorkie has a sensitive stomach, here’s a list of Best Foods for Yorkies with sensitive stomachs

9. Nightmares

Like us, Yorkies can also get nightmares. They will bark, snarl, and may signal with the silence of their uneasiness. Some Yorkies also sleepwalk.

If your Yorkie shows the same signs, try not to worry much. Pull them closer to you, wave your hand around their belly, and make them feel good.

10. Anxiety

A sleepless Yorkie may be under stress, which is why she unwantedly skip her bedtime. If you notice your Yorkie as unhappy and not enjoying her favorite evening outdoor games, then she might be experiencing symptoms of anxiety which is becoming hard for your pup to overcome. 

If you want to Get rid of Separation Anxiety in your Yorkie, here’s where you need to be.

11. Sleep Apnea

Dogs with sleep apnea temporarily stop breathing, causing their bodies to jolt them awake to take a breath. And as with humans, this constant nighttime arousal results in sleep deprivation and all its short- and long-term health risks.

12. Inadequate Exercise

A Yorkie with an insufficient calorie-burning routine may display symptoms of restlessness at night. Before you jump to any conclusion and dial your vet’s number, take her for a walk or play with her as much as it is possible for you, and let her snore peacefully for one night.

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How to get your Yorkie to Sleep throughout the night?

how to get yorkie to sleep at the night

There could be an option for you to take your Yorkie to the vet clinic and buy her medicines, but if you are looking for solutions that you can try at home to get your Yorkie to sleep throughout the night, Then you are at the right stop. 

Here are some of those tips I would like to share with you to offer your Yorkie happy-yappy nighttime.


More Exercise

Yorkies are one of the highly energetic breeds, and they can stay up the whole day and night if they are fraught with energy. To ease up their sleep time, get them down to an exhausting exercise and let them sweat. 

As I mentioned, you can also try some mind-challenging games, toys, puzzles for your Yorkie. It will engage their mind and body and help release the excess energy they don’t need during their beauty sleep.

Regular Meal & Bathroom Breaks

Yorkies can settle themselves well within a short period with their human friend’s schedule, Make a daily chart for your pet and let her imitate the chart. It will make her more responsible for her to-do-stuffs, and she will be all set till the nighttime. 

Yorkies pee 3 to 5 times a day, while puppy Yorkies may pee more than that. Make sure that you potty train your Yorkshire terrier so that you don’t have to deal with the mess every day.

Providing Security

An anxious and freaked-out Yorkie may get it hard to hit the bed on time. You can buy a body-hugging garment for your pet like a vest, t-shirt, or sweatshirt to make her feel belong.

An avalanche or a thunderstorm, or rain lightning may scare her. Pet her, rub her belly and give her kisses, and make her feel good. When it comes to security from the traffic, Here are the best harnesses for your Yorkie

If you want your Yorkie to be secure from cold weather, I recommend the Best Coats and Sweaters for your Yorkie.

Shifting your Yorkie’s bed set

Sometimes, your Yorkie may feel alone and need more attention and love. For this, you can shift your Yorkie’s bed nearby your bed which will create a positive atmosphere for her, and she will sleep in peace knowing that you are there!

Upgrading her bed

Like not every piece of furniture is comfortable to everyone, your Yorkie’s bed may not be as comfortable as she wants. You may need to change the cushions or the bed mattress before you can do anything else. 

A bite of her favorite treat 

We all love deserts after a fulfilling meal Yorkies do too. You can give your pup a bite of her favorite chewy candy an hour before her bedtime. It will help her relax and move to bed on time. Here’s a list of the Best Dog treats for Yorkies

Dim Lights

Make sure you turn off the lights of the room where your Yorkie is sleeping. If needed, try a crate cover. You can buy night lights that are dim in effect. It is helpful during a thunderstorm or a new year party when fancy-flashy fireworks go all night.

Add Background music

You can play some chill, calm music to create a positive atmosphere around your Yorkie’s presence. It is beneficial in new environments, where simple things like a refrigerator or furnace may leave your Yorkie anxious and worried.

Bedtime Teeth Cleaning

A nighttime skincare routine is a way to feel fresh, relaxed, and ready to go. Do you agree? Yorkies can push away their restlessness by being clean and neat at night. If you have a Yorkie, brush her teeth every night before bedtime and give her a pat on her back.

Call a Vet

If sleeplessness is prolonged, taking a trip to the vet for a thorough examination is a must. You can not always rely on home tricks to treat your Yorkie’s discomforts. Some of these are serious and need immediate attention.

Don’t entertain 

Do not, I repeat, do not give in too much to your Yorkie’s whining, as it will give her a signal that you are readily available for them even when there is nothing. It will take a toll on you emotionally, but this is what it takes for your Yorkie’s good.

To not reinforce this behavior in your Yorkie, stop reverting and calling out her name while she is whining. Give her some time, and she will be fine.

However, a continuous sound of whining may be of some concern. Let yourself be sure before you reach any verdict. Take her to the vet if it’s something serious.

Bed cover and second-hand shirt 

Separation Anxiety can be another cause for your Yorkie’s sleepless nights. To make them feel your presence while you are in the shower, at work, or in your bedroom, you can tuck in your pup’s bed with your used shirt and all done.

You can also give your Yorkie a safety blanket for added comfort. If you notice her getting super anxious, cover her crate with a towel or a soft sheet to make her feel comfortable and yawn in the morning after a good sleep.

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The Final Thoughts

my yorkie doesnt sleep

If you have a Yorkie member in your family and you both are experiencing sleepless nights for a week, then it’s the alienated causes that need treatment at the earliest. 

Study for the invaders, find ways to get rid of them, and if required, dial in your vet for a piece of professional advice. It takes time for wounds to heal, and it will take time for your Yorkie to woof a cheerful good morning wish every morning. Hold your patience and see the results.

What else did you try to make your Yorkie go to sleep on time?

I would love to hear from you. Hit the comment section below and let me know your thoughts on it.

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