How to Get your Yorkie’s Ears to stand up?

How to Get your Yorkie’s Ears to stand up?

If your Yorkie is too small and you find that its ears are not standing up, there’s nothing to worry about. Note that it may at times take a while for your Yorkie’s ears to stand up, and in several cases, it may be due to the genes.

If you are still wondering about how to make your Yorkie’s ears stand up, you have come here to the right place.

Remember that you cannot do it overnight, and it may take some time for you as well. However, all you need to ensure is not to give up hope, and you will surely be able to expect some good results in the long run.

Things to Note when it comes to your Yorkie’s ears

Since Yorkies are commonly known as Small breeds, there’s a lot that you need to know about when it comes to discussing even the minor issues related to Yorkshire Terriers.

  • Floppy ears: It refers to the age at which the Yorkie’s ears usually stand erect. As the pups are born, they do not have adequate muscle strength at their ear base. Consequently, their ears do not stand erect. However, as the Yorkies grow about 3 to 6 months in age, the ears start rising up and standing up of their own. It takes time, but the process is gradual and ongoing. In case you find that your Yorkie’s ears aren’t showing up, give some time for there are a few late bloomers as well wherein it may take up to 9 months at times to see the change.
  • Taping: It refers to the method often used to help the Yorkie’s ears stand up. To be honest, a lot of pet owners tend to take up this method but there’s no assurance that it is going to work 100%. Yet, it does really work great in most cases, but you should immediately stop implementing this method if it is causing any sort of itching or discomfort to your puppy.

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What should you do in order to make your Yorkie’s ears stand up?

A lot of pet owners tend to seem over-conscious about their pup’s ears not standing up. However, let me tell you that there’s nothing to worry about even if they don’t!

For some pups, it may happen sometime sooner or later, and it is not going to affect your dog’s health by any chance which is certainly the best thing to think of and ensure that there’s nothing much to bother about!

If you discover that your dog’s ears aren’t standing up, it is probably due to the lacking strength of muscle tissue. Here are a few methods to help improve your pup’s ability to strengthen the muscles at the base of its ears.

  • Massaging your dog’s ear base
  • Taping
  • Shaving the hair

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Does shaving the hair from the ear help?

Yes, shaving the hair from the ear can help! You can shave up to 1/3rd of your dog’s hair from the upper ear to reduce the weight on its ears.

You can obviously shave both at the inside, as well as from the exterior portion of your dog’s ear. You can even do it yourself with the help of a clipping machine or call upon a pet groomer who can better handle your dog with all the care that it would need!

All you need to focus upon during the process is to get the whole task done with utmost attention to prevent causing any sort of cut on your dog’s skin. Read more on Yorkie shaving at “Should you even Shave your Yorkie?

What is Ear Taping? How does it work out?

when do yorkies ears stand up

  • At first, you will have to shave your Yorkie’s ears.
  • Now, clean the ears with the help of a Q-tip and a canine cleaning solution. While you are addressing this method, be careful that you aren’t digging too deep into your dog’s ear canal, to the extent that you have had ended up hurting it. Be careful to ensure that you aren’t causing it any damage.
  • Next, you will need to fold your dog’s ear very gently. This ear will usually stand up straight with a point at the top while it is folded.
  • Last but not the least, you must wrap gauze around your dog’s ear base. After that, you will need to secure it with the help of scotch tape or a bandage tape. Also, you should use tape to align the fold, as well as, to ensure that the tightening is set right. Remember that if you tie it too tight; the circulation will be cut off. On the contrary, if you allow it to be tied up that loosely, the wrapping will fall off.

Provided that you have done the entire method correctly and have set the right degree of tightness, the ears aren’t going to flop to the side of the head. Allow the taping to be there for approximately 3 days at a time, and then let it relax and receive some fresh air for a couple of days. Give it a break, and then you will need to groom your pup’s ears all over again and repeat the process.

Note: For some Yorkies, you will notice changes in just a 3 days span, while for the others, it may take as long as 3 weeks to show up any kind of notable changes. This could be a temporary solution for your dog, and it may develop the characters slowly and steadily, but lastly, it is all about the genetic factor that has got the privilege of taking the last call.

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When should you count that your Yorkie has Floppy ears?

Most vets say that dogs tend to show up their muscle development towards the age of 7 months and if you see that there’s no such change even if it has reached that age, it might be possible that your dog has got floppy ears.

Now, it is better to accept the fact that its ears aren’t going to stand up any further. There is absolutely nothing to worry about it!

Can ear mites prevent your Yorkie’s ears to stand up?

Well, there’s no such connecting thread between the presence of mites in your Yorkie’s ears and them not standing up. Remember that these little pups are too delicate, and the presence of mites in their ears can be uncomfortable and irritating to them.

Also, they are very much contagious and can cause infections to your dog if not treated properly and on time.

Health concerns regarding your Yorkie’s ears

At times, you might be surprised to see infections coming out of nowhere even if you have taken an ample amount of care for your Yorkie. Ear infections in dogs can be triggered due to various reasons.

First of all, if the ears remain wet after swimming and bathing, they may serve as the host for bacteria and microbes.

Also, if you haven’t cleaned your dog’s ears for a good span of time, chances are there that the excess wax build-up that has plugged in your dog’s ear will cause infection and at times, this can be even worse with untreated ear mites or foreign bodies building up.

All these issues may prohibit your Yorkie’s ear muscles to be strong enough to stand up.

Symptoms that may need your attention

You might feel the need of taking your Yorkie to the vet if you are noticing any of these issues mentioned right below:

  • You can sense a really bad odor.
  • A puss or a liquid discharge.
  • You find that your little pup is constantly scratching its ears and rubbing them against different objects all the time.
  • Your dog is emitting a helping noise all the time. That could be a sign that your dog is going through tremendous pain.
  • You see that your pup is dizzy all the time, and at times, it is even vomiting.

How to treat these issues in your Yorkie’s Ears?

Any of the above-mentioned issues need immediate attention wherein tests need to be performed including that of seeing through the canals. The ear debris, excess wax, and all other elements should thus, be flushed out. A professional cleaning followed by medication can be a solution to this!

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How to Treat Reoccurring Ear problems?

A lot of dogs tend to suffer from chronic ear troubles. Extensive testing needs to be done in order to discover that reoccurring issue. Infections at times may even lead to scars and serious health concerns and thus, a proper consultation would only be the way out!

  • As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to perform ear washing of your Yorkie at a regular interval.
  • A sample of the discharge should be examined to treat the kind of infection.
  • Too often, it may be due to some kind of allergy.

Bottom line

Proper grooming and attention to detail can help you get rid of your Yorkie’s ears problems. Clean ears and proper pH balance can make wonders in eradicating your Yorkie’s ear troubles!

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