How to know When a Yorkie is Pregnant?

Do you have a female Yorkshire Terrier? And you are in doubt whether she’s pregnant or not?

Or are there any other pregnancy-related confusions or questions in your mind regarding her?

If yes, you have landed in the perfect place. I am Daniela Carrera, a certified professional trainer and I love helping dog owners in solving their dog’s bad behaviors or any other problems.

There are many visible changes and signs in your female Yorkie when she is pregnant and I will enlist these and guide you with what to do if she’s pregnant.


Can my Yorkie get Pregnant the first time she mates?

It is possible for your Yorkie to get pregnant the very first time she mates with a male Yorkie.

If you are not interested in mating her or having puppies, you need to get her spayed. Also ensure that she maintains a distance from other dogs, especially Yorkie males.

Spaying also reduces the risks of mammary and ovarian cancer.


How do I know If My Yorkie is Pregnant?


how to know my yorkie is pregnant


There are some signs of Yorkshire Terrier pregnancy. Some very common visible signs are visibly large nipples, an increase in belly size, laziness, less appetite.

If you observe more than one of the symptoms among these in your Yorkshire Terrier, there are very high chances that she is pregnant.

Though, the best way to know whether your Yorkie is pregnant or not is a blood test or an ultrasound scan. I understand not everyone can visit a vet or some don’t want to.

Ultrasound tests can only determine the pregnancy in the later phase of it. Also, Pregnancy can be detected in a blood test only if your Yorkie is at least 3 weeks pregnant.

That’s why I wanted to write something which would guide you in detail on how to get to know if your Yorkie is pregnant and if she is, how to care for her.

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What are some Visible Signs of Yorkie Pregnancy?


Unusual Increase in Belly Size

There is a sudden increase in the belly size of your Yorkie. It starts to look bigger.

Upon touching, you can feel that it is hard and not easily pressable. These are some of the first signs of pregnancy in dogs.


Large and Firm Nipples 

One of the most initial signs of pregnancy is Firm nipples. The nipples start to grow and this happens really fast.

Even the nipples that were previously non-existent will also start to pop out. Vulva also starts to swell as well.


Sleepiness and Lazyness

Your Yorkie will start suffering from morning sickness. She will start to lie in her resting place for most of the time.

The amount of time she sleeps will increase as well as she would need more sleep when she’s pregnant. She will not be as active and playful as normal.

Here’s a guide on Yorkshire Terrier sleep and How can you get your Yorkie to sleep through the night.


Develop Motherly Instincts 

If you observe your Yorkie carefully, she will start having motherly feelings. For example, she may start to love a toy too much and shower love on that toy as if treating it as a child.


Sharp Decrease in Appetite 

Your Yorkie will start eating less and will stop being food motivated as well.


Need Constant Attention from the Owner 

She will start to get more clingy and would demand a lot of attention from her owner.


Prefer to stay Indoors

She will prefer to stay indoors and would curl herself up and lie on the sofa or at any other comfortable place. Her activity level would decrease a lot as well.

She will refuse to do any exercise and would like to sleep more.


Gathering around Items (Nesting)

Just like birds collect items to build nests for themselves, your Yorkie will start to collect soft items at a corner in the house to build a resting place.

She would start spending a lot of time in her newly created nest.


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Yorkie Pregnancy Symptoms that are Visible Later on 

Yorkie month 2 pregnany symptoms

  • By the end of week 4, the size of her abdomen or belly will start to grow more and she will start to gain a lot of weight.
  • There is a sharp increase in appetite. Your Yorkie will start to eat a lot during the later phase of pregnancy. She will require regular feeding. This is the time when you need to feed her with High-Quality dog food for Yorkies.
  • Because she starts to eat a lot, she starts to gain weight fast as well. This is because the embryos in her start to get in the shape of puppies.
  • After 40-45 days, the ultrasound scan can clearly differentiate and tell how many lives are there inside your Yorkie’s abdomen.

How many times a Yorkie can get Pregnant?

After reaching puberty, your Yorkie can get pregnant. She can get pregnant twice a year.

Upon reaching puberty, that is after she is 6 months old, her heat cycle gets started. During this heat cycle, your Yorkie can get pregnant if mated.


When do Yorkies Deliver Puppies?

Yorkshire Terriers have a gestation period of 63 days. This can range from 58-68 depending upon individual Yorkies.

Therefore your Yorkie can deliver her babies after 58 and before 68 days of her pregnancy.


How many puppies can a Yorkie deliver the first time she gets pregnant?

The answer to this question mostly depends upon the genes of your Yorkie and the one with whom she mated. The history of their genes determines the number of puppies that can be born.

Generally, one to six puppies can be born at once. But when a large number of puppies take birth, some of them die even before they are born or die after some time. Learn about this in detail at “How many Puppies can a Yorkie have?

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How to Care for your Yorkie during Pregnancy 


how to care for yorkie during pregnancy


During the pregnancy of your Yorkie, you need to be careful on the issue of strangers or guests who might disturb or piss off your pregnant Yorkie.

There are frequent mood changes in a Yorkshire Terrier during pregnancy and you never know the reaction from her. Also, feed her with high-quality food items like Blue Buffalo.

The area provided to her for resting should be a comfortable place with plenty of toys and adequate heat. She could start nesting there later.

She would be spending a lot of her gestation time in that area only and would even not like to interact with human family members sometimes. Don’t be bothered and let her spend time alone at peace.

Though your Yorkie would not like to go outdoors often, you can try and take her for walks at least once a day. She should get a breath of fresh air outside daily.

You can also play some light games with her if you think she wants to play. Here are some Toys that Yorkies loves to play with.

As stated earlier, your cute little Yorkie will get hungrier more often and would eat a lot more during the later phase of her pregnancy (Month 2). Therefore, ensure that you have more amount of dog food already there with you at your house than you normally have.

Do not feed your dog so much that she gets heavy. Instead, focus on feeding her more often rather than feeding her more at the scheduled meals.

Avoid any extra supplements and if there is any needed, they should be fed upon approval from a Veterinary.


Can Yorkies show signs of pregnancy even when she’s not?

Yorkies can show signs of pseudopregnancy. This is a state of a female Yorkie showing symptoms of pregnancy while she’s not.

This condition is due to an imbalance in hormones. Mostly, these symptoms are seen in Female Yorkies who have just gone through a heat cycle 15-20 days back.

But these fake pregnancy or pseudopregnancy symptoms would not last more than a month. These symptoms can be:

  • Vomiting: Constant Vomiting, especially in the morning.
  • Sadness and Loneliness: During this phase, your Yorkie may not want to interact much with you. She would like to spend time alone.
  • Motherly instincts: Your Yorkie will develop motherly instincts and may start nursing small stuffed toys. She can even start collecting soft items to build a nest.
  • Loss of appetite: There would be a sudden decrease in appetite of your Yorkie and she may even stop eating anything.

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How to Treat Pseudo Pregnancy 

The symptoms of pseudopregnancy will not be visible for more than 4 weeks or a month. But if you are still worried about your Yorkie, there are some ways which can treat pseudo pregnancy state in your Yorkie.

  1. Hormonal medicine like Cabergoline can be taken. It does not let her body produce milk. Though, you should only give this medicine to her when you are sure that she is not pregnant, or else she will be aborted.
  2. If she is stopped from licking, it can stop her stimulation and treat false pregnancy.
  3. Wrap a cloth around her breasts and then compress them to allow milk out of her body. This will prevent any leakages in the house.


Final Words

Yorkshire Terrier’s pregnancy is that crucial time in her life when she needs you the most. You need to Feed her with high-quality food items.

Provide her with attention when she needs it and let her be alone when she wants to be. You play an important role in ensuring her safe and successful pregnancy and delivery.

Visit the vet as soon as you observe anything uncommon or weird.

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