How to Train Your Yorkie to Come to You when Called

How to Train Your Yorkie to Come to You when Called

Yorkies are hefty hounds in personality. They like to be amazed and make others feel amazing on the worst days with their charming presence. They know how to be the center of attention and leverage their golden-tanned fur for the cuddles and bathtub bubbles.

Listening to one’s master’s commands is a first-degree skill that Yorkie-Parents expect their Yorkie to learn. Housebreaking is a prerequisite for your Yorkie’s growth in the human world. Basic recalls like to sit, lay, stand, come, go should infuse into your Yorkie’s behavior since their puppyhood.

There could be situations when your Yorkie isn’t listening to your commands, sits lazy, and makes excuses for his playtime. You can eye-blur this behavior at times, but it can get out of control when you take your Yorkie out for a walk in a park or when guests are around.

There can be many reasons why your Yorkie isn’t obeying your come commands and ignoring your recalls. Your Yorkie might not be interested or lowered his excitement, or he may think it can get him into trouble.

If you are in deep thought on How to train your Yorkie to come to you when you call him or her, then stick with me to the end because, in this article, I’ll share some of the best tips and steps to follow to Train your Yorkie for the ‘Recall’ command.

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Why is it important to Train your Yorkie with the “Recall” Command? 

Your family has been longing for a toy terrier, and you finally get a Yorkie, and all of you are busy celebrating his homecoming. Here’s a guide on how to take care of Newborn Yorkies.

The next thing in the store is his housebreaking rules and commands that you need to teach him. Your Yorkie is new to the environment, and if he doesn’t get exposed to these commands, he will be a bit impulsive in the human world.

Training your Yorkie to come to you when you call him will help him get close to you, get familiar with your smell, and develop a strong bond.

It also wipes out the confusion, and your Yorkie shows less sign of anxiety and depression. Also, Yorkshire Terriers are a bit picky canines, and they love to do everything in order.

Not even in a nightmare, they can think of feeling embarrassed in front of the flashy-sassy guests at a birthday party or a dinner party. However, If you are in need of a full detailed guide on How to take care of your Yorkie puppy, here’s it.


Why doesn’t your Yorkie come to you when called?


why doesnt yorkie come to you when called


Your Yorkie’s command receptivity depends upon his age. If he is an adult, he will be already well-versed in his subject with the training cues and may catch up in the upcoming training sessions, whereas Yorkies who are newborns and on the verge of hitting puberty can get distracted and ignore your recalls.

There could be many reasons behind your Yorkie not coming to you when being called. Some of them are listed below.


1. Your Yorkie might think it’s a Pass-call

Yorkies are highly enthusiastic, and dealing with their energy is a difficult statistic to start. If they are busy playing, they are head-bent to finish the game.

It may be the case that your Yorkie thinks that it’s a bluff call from you, and he can skip it and continue with his dig-in game or ball-in-the-air game.

It can be tricky to call your dog when he is over-indulged. In this case, you need to bring along a special toy or a reward to grab his attention out of the trap. I have listed the best toys for Yorkies and best treats for Yorkies in these posts.


2. Your Yorkie might take it as a dead-end

Your Yorkie might get tired and bored with the continuous recalling time. Yorkies are explorers and adventure-lovers.

Yorkshire Terriers can’t stick to one place and look for spacious places where they can run, jump, roll, cuddle, and play. Pet Professionals suggest Yorkie-parents exercise high-probability behaviors into their puppy to activate low-probability behaviors.

For example– If you treat or reward your Yorkie with his favorite chew or a candy every time you command him to come towards you, he will fix this thing in his mind that it’s fun to come to you when you give a command him to come to you.

It will eventually train him to get used to your recall commands.


3. Your Yorkie wants to Stay out of Trouble

Yorkies are sensitive and emotional. If they get hurt, they remember it for ages. It might have happened when you have unknowingly heightened your voice on your Yorkie when he was busy playing or sniffing the tree bark and ignoring your commands.

They might be acting cautiously to not get into a one-way fight with you and spoil a beautiful morning. To compensate, you can use a soft voice next time and let the Yorkie trust that you love him and want him to be around you.

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5 Methods to Teach Your Yorkie the ‘Recall’ command


5 Ways to Train your Yorkie Recall Command


If you notice your Yorkie avoiding your calls and refuse to revert your “Recall” command, it might be due to many reasons.

Here are the 5 Training Methods to Train your Yorkie to come to you when you tell him or her to come.

1. The Chase Method

Don’t worry, it’s not a stalker. It’s your Yorkie, and you are supposed to make your Yorkie feel comfortable and allow him to chase you like a fun game.

Follow these steps:

  • Take out the leash and go to your backyard or in an open area with your Yorkie. If the place is moist, let someone or a friend hold your Yorkie until you make the arrangements.
  • Stand 10-15 steps farther than your Yorkie and tell your friend to free your Yorkie.
  • Use verbal commands like- come, catch me, or you can use a treat or a toy to woo him to come to you.
    You can even run. It would encourage your puppy to engage in the game.
  • Repeat this step daily for 15-20 minutes, and wait for the results.

2. The Cheer-up Method

This method would be very dear to your Yorkie. This method uses an enthusiastic technique to teach your Yorkie the “Recall” command and become a dog who obeys his master’s commands.

Follow these steps:

  • Take your Yorkie to a quiet place and let him do his yoga poses for the warm-up.
  • When your Yorkie is ready, bow down, and match with your Yorkie’s height.
  • Say out loud the come command with open arms and with love.
  • Repeat this exercise at an extended distance daily.

#3. The Luring Method

As evident by the name, you need to lure your dog with his favorite toys, treats, or snacks. It is cost-friendly and time-friendly, and you don’t need to stress spending on training tools.

Follow these steps:

  • Stand 5-6 steps away from your Yorkie.
  • Show him a toy or a treat that he absolutely loves.
  • When you notice him stepping towards you, praise him and encourage him with some verbal indicators.
  • Step by step, and after some time, use the word ‘come’ to make your Yorkie come towards you.
  • Do this exercise daily, and you are good to go.

4. The Hide and Seek Method

This method is nostalgic. It brings you back to your good childhood days when you used to be the winner of every hide and seek game. Now it’s time to play with your Yorkie.

Follow these steps.

  • You need to hide someplace and let your Yorkie peek-a-boo you.
  • Your Yorkie will try his tricks to search you.
  • If he does find you, praise him, reward him and cuddle him.
  • Use the “come” command in between and repeat the process daily.

5. The Capture Method

Sometimes, your Yorkie would choose to stay on the aisle rather than breaking the vow and come to you. He might act stubborn and won’t come to you even if it’s his favorite treat or a reward. Follow these steps to make your Yorkie come to you when called.

  • Find a quiet place or a room and keep your Yorkie there with doors open.
  • Let him roam around the room. Eventually, he will get tired and will start looking for fun things.
  • If your Yorkie steps out to come to you, pat your leg and call his name with the “come” command.
  • Repeat this trick every time you take your Yorkie for potty breaks or a walk. If you haven’t yet potty trained your Yorkie, here’s how to train him.

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6 Tips to Get your Yorkie Come to You when Called

If you are experiencing trouble Training your Yorkie for the “Recall” command and he is not obeying your commands to come to you, then there could be many ways you can teach him to be interactive and receptive to you.

Be loving to your Yorkie and make him feel comfortable while training. It could be a bit time-exhausting in the first few phases, but everything will fall into the right place after you initiate. And most importantly, be Patient and Consistent.

1. Start with Basics

It might be the case that your Yorkie is new to the command or has some learning inadequacy. So, before you push him into training for the recall command, be knowledgeable about the discomfort he is facing. If you think he is confused, and used to the old cue, start afresh.

2. Exhaust Excess Energy

Your Yorkie might be into his workout zone, busy playing, swinging, and jogging with his dog friends. If you notice your Yorkie ignoring your come command, he must be busy releasing out the excess energy for a good night’s sleep.

Take your puppy for a walk daily, exercise daily, and exhaust him before you indulge him in training.

3. Be Regular

If it’s an exercise or study time, you will lose the plus points if you are not persistent and regular in your work. Similarly, if you are trying to train your Yorkie for the “recall” command as soon as possible, then try to be regular and consistent with your daily training sessions.

4. Be aware of the Emotional state of your Yorkie

Your Yorkie not listening to you might be because of his distracted attention. He might be worried about the construction work in the nearby locality or the loud music in your neighborhood’s house party.

The loud or shrill noise might tense your Yorkie, causing him to ignore when you ask him to come. Take care of the distractions that bind your Yorkie’s senses to be by your side when it should be.

5. Hint him with Physical Cues

Verbal communication works very well when you don’t want to make your Yorkie feel out of the zone and feel neglected. Voice does the magic.

But, sometimes your Yorkie might be far away or busy in his world of daytime that he chose to pass your call or command. To correct this behavior, you can give physical cues like waving a hand, sitting down on the ground when outside in a park or a garden.

6. Be soft with your teaching style

Your Yorkie can catch up with your energy and expression quickly. Don’t force or exert your efforts too harshly on your Yorkie, be gentle and kind to your Yorkie even if he makes a mistake.

Avoid scolding him at the first note, and train him with the rightful behavioral essentials. Get a spectator or a friend who can watch over your way of teaching and advise you to correct wherever needed.

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How Much Time does it Take to Train your Yorkie with the “Recall” Command? 

In the beginning, your Yorkie can be a bit stiff with his mood and willingness to learn new things. I have already discussed the reasons causing your Yorkie not to obey your recall command.

It isn’t a bad idea to reward your Yorkie every time he performs well and comes to you as it indirectly activates his will to bill your time and comes toward you when you ask him to come.

To be precise, it will take a few weeks to a month to completely train your Yorkie for the recall command through a continuous practice of the methods I discussed above. However, it can get addictive if you don’t notice.

I would advise you to stop rewarding your Yorkie frequently and impulsively only to grab his attention. You can reward him randomly and make it a part of his daily chores.



It feels nice when your Yorkie respects your time and listens to you and your command. As a parent, it feels proud.

But not every time and every day is a good start. You may need to work hard and put in extra efforts to extract better results. Be patient, work on your Yorkie diligently, and be his friend more than a parent.

If you have anything to share with me, please hit the comments section and pour your heart and box full of memories. Waitin!

Toodles! 🙂

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