How to Train a Yorkie Poodle Mix?

How to Train a Yorkie Poodle Mix?

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Hey! I just received a notification from your web door. It’s okay, I know what you are looking for and don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you!

So, are you also a new Yorkiepoo parent and experiencing trouble training your Yorkiepoo pup? Before you panic, let me relax your mind because you are not alone. All the first-timers in pet parenting go through this post-partum phase.

I am Daniela Carrera, a professional dog trainer, and a proud Yorkie parent and I have experience in training Yorkie poodle mix-breed dogs as well. So you can be sure that I know a lot what I speak for.

In this article, I share my techniques and tricks and teach you How to Train your Yorkie Poodle Mix breed easily.


What’s interesting about Yorkie-poos?

Yorkie-poos may seem to you as hairy-furry puppies but, they are Winnie-the-pooh of their showtime 🙂

Yorkiepoo is a crossbreed between Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles. 

They are total stealers. These pups know to hijack people’s attention and bring it back for their cuddle-good. Yorkie-poos are sweet- little candies who serve cheer to the table whenever around. 

These hounds are the original masterpiece of the U.S. and, according to the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), Yorkie-poos are known for their style and class, hence, called Designer Doggos.

So, if you are about to spend a hefty amount on a pet just because your fit neighbor has it, don’t overthink and satisfy your yearning for a Yorkiepoo.

However, there are a lot of incidents and reasons where a Yorkiepoo can be hard to handle. They are stubborn and crave free attention and, they can go all the way round to make you fill your pockets sag. 

If you find your Yorkie-poo ignoring your potty-training calls, leashing calls and, even socializing calls, then it is their loose boundaries that you need to fix. 

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Why does your Yorkiepoo doesn’t listen?

Yorkie-poos think highly of them. They take themselves as the light in the dark, and, in the midst of this, they would start behaving carelessly. 

Dogs that don’t listen either mistakenly think of themselves as the leader or are bewildered with questions like Boss? Who? Me? Yorkiepoo will ignore commands that are unfamiliar to them and sound vague.

A Yorkiepoo that doesn’t know his parent is in charge may seem to listen sometimes and ignore at other times. So, before you charge him up with a full-fledge training schedule, Treat him with a short orientation about, The leader is you, the follower is him.

Learn to become the Pack Leader to your Yorkiepoo and use positive reinforcement to train your Yorkiepoo. I recommend using his Favorite treats to use as a reward when your Yorkiepoo displays a positive desired behavior.




Few Prep things to know Before you Train your Yorkie-poo

how to train a yorkiepoo at home

1: Know the Breed type

Yorkie-poos are hardworking canines. They are physically smaller but are mentally strong than other gigantic breeds. Their mind and intellect give them an edge over others and a strong will to perform aptly.

However, not every Yorkie-poo learns to be on the front seat. Some of them are back-runners. Give it time and, you will realize if you have a quick learner by how quickly your Yorkie-poo picks up basic commands.

Here’s a detailed article on Yorkiepoo Lifespan and How long do they live.


2: Positive Reinforcement

We all have been to a positive reinforcement phase on multiple occasions, where a magic pencil or a color box or the latest video game did wonder with our homework.

A reinforcement strategy works well for dogs too. It makes the dog associate the behavior with the reward. It will motivate the dog to repeat the behavior to win the prize.

Make sure you do not spoil your dog with overfeeding. It can hamper the calorie-burning process and, your Yorkie-poo will eventually feel lazy and heavy.

Reduce to providing a treat every fourth or fifth time your Yorkie obeys instead of each time. It will be a treat but on a tight rope.


3: Don a light harness

Yorkiepoos are highly sensitive and, they may refrain from responding to your commands because of a lack of notice from your end. You should buy and use a lightweight harness for your doodle’s leash rather than attaching the leash to his collar. 

You can use a lightweight ID Card for your Yorkiepoo. To check if it’s not too tight, you can measure the grip by inserting two fingers in the collar.


4: Avoid punishing your Yorkie

It is human to scold your pup. Red flags can’t be ignored and draw your wise attention. Giving your dog attention in the form of a scolding can be rewarding to the dog with attention in its eyes.

Simply ignoring your Yorkie’s odd behavior will cause long-term damages for both you and the Yorkiepoo. This is how you can calm down your Yorkiepoo


5: Distract your Yorkie from self-rewarding negative behaviors

While rewarding your Yorkie-poo, you should not overlook the negative motivation he seems to enjoy. Like tearing apart your favorite office pants in pieces that you just kept into the laundry box. 

You can try to distract your Yorkie-poo without calling attention to the bad behavior. Place your shoe or a top he is obsessed with and a chewy toy and let him choose the latter one, Teach him the leave it attitude for your things.


How to Train your Yorkiepoo Easily at Home?

Find it difficult to train your Yorkiepoo in simple steps? Are you also worried about your dog’s behavior and ways to eliminate it? I will try to answer your questions in the least possible time. Don’t worry, I have got you covered. 


Basic Commands and Fun Tricks

There are some basic things that your Yorkie must know. Like, to sit, to eat, to bark, to come or, to shake hands. It is the framework for your doodle’s training. Picking up their dog-related behavior can help you more with it. You can try these.

Have your dog sit in front of you. Then, say, shake hands, and take their paw with your hand, shaking it gently. Reward them with a small treat and praise.

Or, You can whistle or make up a sound that they are familiar with, maybe a tv channel they watch or an electronic toy to listen to your command to come. However, it is tricky but, you can always experiment.


Potty Training

Until and unless It is necessary to keep your Yorkiepoo in your garden area or near your front gate, you should make them learn how to and where to defecate.

You can take your puppy outside and give them leeway to run, jump, sit and make friends. Fix a place for your Yorkie-poo to defecate and make it a habit of that place. You can give him a yay high-five with a reward every time he does his business outside.

Therefore, house training is one of the first things you need to work on with your pet. Potty training a Yorkiepoo is difficult but not impossible. It will take time for your Yorkiepoo to get in place. Be patient.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step Yorkie Potty training process.


Leash Training 

Everyone loves freedom, so do Yorkie-poos. You may also love them twerking, pouting and, swirling around without a leash but, then you get a reminder of the dollars you have spent and how important he has become over these years.

Learn how to introduce your Yorkie-poo to the leash. Store in the time and let him get used to wearing a collar or harness and a leash. You can even don the leash on him while playing with him. It will give him space to get used to it.


Socialization Training

It is never easy to socialize with people, accept a new city, new home, new room, and everything that comes along. 

Who says dogs can not be introverts or ambiverts? 

Socialization is one good way to start a healthy relationship with your dog. It also helps in long-term physical and mental wellbeing.

To make your Yorkiepoo be a social animal, you can ask your friends to come over for a dinner-night, you can also go for an evening walk with him and meet other dogs.


Clicker Training 

Clicker training is a traditional method of redirecting your pet and its behavior to your expectations but, it can build an impact. It helps in effective and efficient teaching your dog all kinds of basic and advanced commands and tricks. You can follow these steps:

  • Capture: catching the animal in the act of doing something that is desired, like sitting in a garden or resting. Eventually, the animal learns to repeat the behavior for a treat.
  • Shape: gradually building a new behavior by rewarding each small step toward it.
  • Lure: You can use the reward like a magnet to get the animal to move toward the desired position.


Advanced Training

Some dog parents are super proud of their babies and, they wish their babies to work for others and serve the country. No, dogs can not have rifles but, they can use their all-purpose weapon, their nose.

Do you know? Yorkiepoos can also be service dogs and save lives and get a chance to be on the billboard with a super dog veil! Here’s how Yorkies can be service dogs as well.


The Final Thoughts

Yorkie-poos and their behavior can be difficult to ignore sometimes, and you may end up throwing harsh words at them. It can make them hurt and, they will turn pickier the next time you try to teach them something.

So keep your calm, hold your patience and try solving the issues and, the results will be rewarding. If there is anything you would like to share, hit the comment button.

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