What are the healthiest Human Food that Dogs Can Eat?

What are the healthiest Human Food that Dogs Can Eat?

Dogs are the best friend, and they are loyal and loving pets to humans. It is, therefore, essential to provide the best nutritional food to keep them healthy.

By giving good balance, nutrition to the dogs will aid in strengthening the immune system of the dogs. With the help of a proper, nutritious diet, the dogs will fight against different diseases like cancer and other ailments.

Every dog’s digestive system is different from the others; therefore, each dog will react differently to various human foods. For instance, the Collies may have issues while consuming a diet including rice, thus adding something for them requires unique concerns, and it is advisable to look for the vet before adding anything new to the dog’s diet.

Also, as for puppies, you should limit the number of treats that they are getting. As Dr. Sara Ochoa at puppy food reviews guide on ThePets notes that some puppies will not eat their food and wait to get all their needed calories from treats. In addition, you need to make sure that your puppy is getting a well-balanced diet before you allow eating any treats.

There are many brands accessible in the marketplace, claiming to be the best food for dogs. However, these pellets food can cause obesity and even cancer in dogs. Therefore below is a list of healthiest human foods that are delicious to the dogs and nutritious.


Carrots are one of the healthiest snacks usually consumed by humans. Just like humans, dogs do enjoy carrots too. The canine friend gets several health benefits from the carrots. Carrots will help to improve the dental health of the dog’s teeth. Hence, regular brushing is necessary to keep the teeth in good health.

Chewing on carrots will help the dogs to remove the teeth’s plague. Carrots are high in fiber and will help to bulk-up the stool of the dogs. Carrots will help to avoid runny stool too.

This vegetable will help to enhance the eyesight of the dogs due to the beta-carotene content in it. This beta-carotene is the vital ingredient of carrots that will improve eyesight both in humans and in dogs.

Boiling carrots will help dogs to digest the carrots and gain proper nutrition from the vegetable. Carrots contain vitamin A that will boost the dogs’ immunity, along with the enhancement in the coat and skin health. Thus, it is advisable to avoid excessive vitamin A in the diet, as it is toxic for dogs in excessive amounts.



A common myth about eggs is that it contains a high level of cholesterol, which has been dispelled recently, that the cholesterol in the eggs is good. With this new study’s help, it is better to add eggs to the dogs’ breakfast.

The main advantages of eggs are that the eggs contain a higher level of amino acids. These amino acids will help to make protein.

The protein production will help develop the dogs’ muscles, strengthen the hair, and help tissue repair.

Eggs are a good source of calcium that is essential for the bones and healthy teeth. Grinding the eggshells and adding them to the dogs’ diet will make the bones and teeth stronger. However, it is compulsory to ensure the use of raw eggs.

Biotin, a vitamin present in the eggs, will help the growth of the cells and aids in the metabolism of the fatty acid. The yolk of an egg contains a higher level of biotin and will produce a soft, luxurious dog’s coat.

Excess of anything is wrong and so in the cause of eggs too. The dogs should not have an excessive quantity of the eggs, as the raw egg’s white will cause the biotin’s deficiency. Excessive biotin will also cause indigestion issues in dogs.

There should be a combination of raw and cooked eggs. However, only add eggs to the dog’s diet as a supplement and avoid making it their staple.

It is essential to ensure that the dog may not in-digest raw eggs. The dogs may not get sick after consuming raw eggs, but they become a bacterial transmission source, like salmonella, to humans that cause infections in humans.


Green beans are the best snacks for overweight dogs. It is essential to provide plain green beans to the dogs without adding salt, spice, garlic, onions, or oil. Simple green beans will be healthy for the dogs and are safe for them. These veggies comprise minerals and vitamins.

Different vitamins like A, C, and K are present in green beans. Vitamin K is a blood-clotting vitamin, and it will promote a healthy blood composition within the dogs. Vitamin C will enhance the immune system of dogs.

Apart from vitamins, different mineral like iron, copper, magnesium is present in the green beans. Iron, when combines with copper, help to produce red blood cells.

The RBCs will transport oxygen in the blood. Magnesium is involved in all the movement that a dog will perform—breathing, walking, and even the beating of the heart.

High minerals in the green beans make them a perfect diet for the dogs. These green beans can serve as an alternative to the dog’s biscuit.

These beans can constitute up to 50% of the dog’s diet but always recommend introducing veggies in a smaller amount and then increasing the amount as needed.

However, it is crucial to provide fresh or frozen peas and avoid canned peas. There is salt in the canned peas, which is harmful to the dogs if they consume in larger amount salt coated peas.



Yogurt is one of the healthiest human foods that the dog can have in all seasons. Just like milk, yogurt is full of calcium. This calcium in yogurt will help to promote bone health.

Yogurt contains a high level of good bacteria that are present in the stomach of mammals. These good bacteria will help digest the food, fight against diseases, and utilize minerals and vitamins along with their production.

The best time to introduce yogurt to the dog is during diarrhea. The amount of yogurt for the small breed dogs is 1-2 teaspoons, 1-2 tablespoons for medium breed dogs, and four tablespoons for the large breed dogs.

Yogurt can be given to the dogs either by stirring with other regular food or directly.

However, it is advisable to avoid yogurt that contains artificial sweeteners or sugar. Therefore, it is better to stick to the reputable brand of plain yogurt but make sure that the yogurt must have active live cultures.

Otherwise, yogurt without active live cultures is useless for dogs.



human foods that dogs can eat

Chicken is a perfectly healthy food primarily for the owner who cannot feed fish to the dogs. Chicken is an unseasoned diet for dogs, but it does not contain any bone or fat.

Cooked chicken bones are hazardous for dogs, as the bone can break up and bock or tear in the digestive tract or the windpipe. Properly preparing chicken can help in the following way.

Chicken is a comprehensive source of lean protein that provides dogs with ample energy and sustenance. Chicken has amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, omega fatty acids that keep the dogs to perform activities and keep their coats healthy, respectively.

Several vitamins B are present in chicken that is essential for metabolism and maintaining the nervous system. It also contains some antioxidants that will boost the dogs’ immune system to fight against different infections.

However, it is vital to avoid feeding raw chicken to the dogs to prevent salmonella or other bacterial infections.



It is one of the super-foods for dogs that have ample vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Pumpkin helps to maintain the health of the renal tract. Pumpkin skins and seeds contain a particular type of oil that helps to manage the urinary tract.

Not only pumpkin helps in maintain the urinary tract, but it also supports to loss of weight. By replacing some of the average dog’s food with pumpkin, the owner can help the dog avoid gaining unwanted weight.

Pumpkin is also known as a natural de-wormer for the canine friend. The seeds of pumpkin have cucurbitacin that virtually eliminates the digestive tract parasites in both dogs and humans.

Small breed dogs can have 1-2 teaspoons per day, 1-2 tablespoons for medium breed dogs, and five tablespoons for large breed dogs per day. For every ten pounds, it can be a quarter of a teaspoon of ground pumpkin seed in the food regularly.



It is another healthy option for the dogs. The benefits of oatmeal are as follows:

Oatmeal is an excellent source of carbohydrates. It is not only a carbohydrates source but also robust. Most of the dog’s breeds are sensitive to other grains due to gluten, but not in the case of oatmeal.

The soluble fiber in oatmeal aids the digestive process of the dogs. The oatmeal also regulates the glucose level in the blood of the dogs. Therefore, it is vital cereal to prevent diabetes in dogs.

Oatmeal also has pantothenic acid, which is another type of vitamin B that maintains the nervous disposition. This pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5 helps the metabolism of the vitamins and plays a vital part in protein, fat, and carbohydrates conversion into energy.

This conversion also helps to avoid chances of anxiety and stress in dogs. It is thus advisable not to add any sugar, artificial sweetener, or butter with oatmeal.



Dogs can consume potatoes but only after been cooked. It is always crucial to give cooked potatoes to the dogs as raw potatoes have solanine that is toxic for the dogs.

Cooking potatoes reduces the level of solanine levels. However, it is always essential to provide potatoes in a smaller amount, as potatoes contain a high amount of carbohydrates, making dogs obese.



Several healthiest human foods are safe for the dogs, while others are hazardous and fatal for the dogs. It is always advisable to introduce new food to the dogs gradually.

In general, there is a thumb rule “feed the new food to the dog in moderation”.

This moderation will help to prevent the dog from gaining weight and other adverse effects.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to keep in mind that every dog is different from the other. One dog can digest new food while others will have an issue with the same food.

To avoid any significant damage to the dog, it is always better to discuss the fresh food with the veterinarian before introducing it to the dog.


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