What kind of Human food can Yorkshire Terriers eat?

What kind of Human food can Yorkshire Terriers eat?

Do you want your Yorkie to try out some of the items from your diet but is confused about which one to feed it?

Yorkie isn’t among those breeds of dogs who tend to crave for food all the time, however, it still wants me to share my platter when I am having mine!

Since I am quite possessive about my pet, and I guess so are you as well, I thought of doing a bit of research from my end and chalk down the items that I can feed my Yorkie along with the ones that can pose a threat to its health.

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It is absolutely important to understand that though dogs and humans do not have too much difference in their eating habits, and there are hardly any that can kill a dog, yet a proper balance in his eating pattern is essential.

Yorkshire Terrier is basically a pedigree dog which means that nothing could be better than feeding him with the dog foods. However, if you still want to share your meals with your Yorkie, ensure that you feed him with some healthy snacks and fruits or veggies, and feed him in the proper amount.

Fruits, vegetables, lean meat, turkey, chicken, fish and beef are some of the common recipes that you prefer to have in either of your lunch or dinner options and you can feed the same to your dog as well.

What should you offer to your Yorkie from your diet?

food items to feed a yorkie

I agree, discovering a new taste other than the regular one is always a pleasure for any living being and so is the same for your Yorkie as well.

However, I never believed experimenting with “Jessy” – my Yorkie puppy until and unless I was very sure from my end.

Only after I was confirmed whether or not that particular food item is good to go, I didn’t share a single bit of my platter, thus, ignoring all her humble requests that she used to do by licking my body as I was about to put my spoon of the meal inside my mouth.

Here are a few healthy options that are good to go for your Yorkie:

  • Meats: Meat has always been a favourite item for every dog. It would hardly look at anything else once you serve it with meat! Foods such as lean chicken, lamb, turkey, lean Hamburg, veal, fish and bison are rich in protein. They are rich in calories and healthy too!
  • Sweet potatoes: It is one of the most preferred snacks among humans, and Yorkies, too, love it a lot! They are absolutely healthy and you can give it to your pets instead of those sweet candies. Give it sweet potato and it will keep chewing it for hours! Besides, it is a rich source of vitamin B6, Beta carotene, vitamin C and manganese.
  • Veggies: Vegetables such as string beans, carrots, sweet peas and spinach are beneficial to your doggy’s health. It is actually good if you can prepare these together and feed to your Yorkie but make sure, that you don’t add too much oil or spice into the preparation.
  • Yoghurt: It is also known as ‘cottage cheese’. This particular product, when available in low-fat content is actually good for the overall health of your Yorkie. It is going to strengthen its teeth and bones. Besides, the active bacteria present in the yoghurt is going to function as a probiotic for your pet. All you need is to make sure that the yoghurt you are giving to your dog is devoid of all artificial sweeteners and preservatives.
  • Rice: Brown rice, white rice, potatoes and pasta serve as good sources of carbohydrates. From the next time, you pour your portion on the plate, count its too!
  • Flax seeds: Just as foods rich in fibre actually do good for a human’s health, in the same way, it takes care of your doggy’s bowel movement. This, in turn, makes sure that your pet remains active all throughout the day. In addition to that, flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that is again responsible for nurturing your pet’s skin. Therefore, the next time, you think of serving something else than its regular pedigree, why not go for flax seeds?
  • Apples: Fruits are always welcome! This goes true not just for humans but for pets as well. Apple is rich in fibre which resolves all sorts of bowel-related complications of your doggy. Besides, an apple is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C which is ultimately beneficial to its health. Not just this, apples strengthen your dog’s immune system and it will remain active and energetic all through! However, make sure that you take out those apple seeds as they contain cyanide (harmful for Yorkie) from the next time you serve your Yorkie with apples.
  • Boiled eggs: Raw eggs may create trouble in absorbing the biotin resolution in skin and coat problems for your Yorkie. However, boiled eggs can be an excellent source of protein, selenium and riboflavin for your doggy. Boiled or scrambled eggs can really do wonder to your dog and you can be sure of the fact that it is going to harm it anyway! So, from the next time you go to the grocery store to buy eggs, count one extra head as well!

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What to avoid serving your Yorkie?

food items to avoid feeding a yorkie

Feeding your Yorkshire Terrier is just like feeding a newly born baby. In case anything goes wrong, its life will get under a threat.

Yeah, that’s something very true. Therefore, just as you can’t feed anything and everything that you feel like to a toddler, you need to be equally careful while feeding your Yorkie.

Not everything that you eat could be fed to a baby, right? In the same way, you cannot serve all that you count in your platter to your Yorkie. Be careful while you pick up items for your doggy.

This is because not all of the human’s foods are digestible for a Yorkie, who tends to have a completely different metabolism to that of a human being. Besides, there are certain that might not suit a breed like Yorkie or probably, it could be allergic to that item.

All these things had troubled me a lot, and thus, I ended up creating a list of food items that you should keep away from your Yorkie and here it goes:

  • Avocados: All of us know that Avocados have numerous health benefits for humans, but to my utter surprise, I had discovered that they aren’t at all a healthy option to be fed to a Yorkie. Avocados contain an ingredient called persin which is going to bother your Yorkie’s metabolic rate.
  • Chocolates: Keep chocolates away from your Yorkie just as you pull your kids away from it. They may want to have it, but you should be conscious of the same. This is because chocolates contain an ingredient called theobromine which is hard for a dog to digest according to the kind of metabolism it owns! In case your doggy ends up eating chocolates, you ought to suffer along with it for the next few days. Having chocolates will upset its stomach leading to diarrhoea and vomiting. It may even lead to severities and death when consumed in a higher amount.
  • Grapes and raisins: Although other breeds of dogs will be absolutely okay to consume grapes and raisins, that’s not the case with your Yorkie whatsoever! It tends to have an upset stomach for your doggy and may even lead to kidney failure. So, keep them away!
  • Cooked bones: Raw meat or bones are actually good for dogs including Yorkie. However, cooked bones tend to include a lot of spices which would bother your doggy. It may also cause it issues with digestion.
  • Fatty junks: Fatty foods and oily junks can cause malfunctioning of your Yorkie’s pancreas. It will tend to suffer from pancreatic issues, thus, leading to a stomach ache and vomiting.

These were a few eatables that your Yorkshire Terrier would like to hover upon, but it’s you who is supposed to restrict him from doing so! If by any chance, your Yorkie ends up consuming any of them, make sure that you take it to the vet or a medical practitioner as early as possible.

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Are dairy products good to be fed to Yorkies?

The answer to this is “it actually depends”! Based on whether or not, your Yorkie is lactose tolerant, you need to decide the quantity of milk-driven food items you are serving on its food bowl.

A Yorkie with a sensitive digestive system should be kept away from such foods, else it will end up vomiting and suffer from health issues like diarrhoea, an upset stomach and excessive gas or bloating.

Remember that you are the parent to your doggy! It’s good if you want to change its taste from its regular diet, but do your homework well before you let it eat anything new!

Some Bad Habits of Yorkshire Terriers at the food table 

Yorkshire Terriers have a bad habit of asking for food from your plate. Though not all of the Yorkies have this problem, some Yorkies can acquire these bad table manners if you start to give them food to eat from your table or plate.

That’s why I always urge Yorkshire Terrier owners to keep their food habits in control at their puppyhood itself. If not corrected, your Yorkie can acquire begging skills which are obviously not good.

If your Yorkie acquires certain bad food habits, you can keep him at his favourite spot in the house and supply him with some stuffed chew toys. This can be a crate as well.

If he tries to leave that spot and come to you when you are eating, just ignore him.

Do not shout or yell. Just don’t give your Yorkie any attention. Be patient and you will definitely observe positive results soon.

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Final Words:

I hope this article helped you with what you need to feed your Yorkshire Terrier with. If you ever feel that you fed your Yorkie with something you were not supposed to, Just ask the Vet for better advice on his diet and food habits.

Along with the Food, your Yorkie also needs to be crate trained properly.

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