Husky vs Akita [Which is Best for You?]

Husky vs Akita [Which is Best for You?]

Hey! I am Daniela and I am a certified professional dog trainer and in this article, I am gonna help anyone who is looking to get or adopt a new pet dog and are confused whether to go for an Akita dog or a Husky dog.

There’s a general conception that both Huskies and Akitas are kind of similar due to the fact that they both have thick coats and live in cold climatic conditions. But in this article, I will elaborate more about these breeds and put a Detailed Post on the Similarities and Differences between the Husky and Akita breed.

But first, Let’s talk about what you should consider before choosing a dog breed

Before you Choose a Dog Breed…

If you are excited about having a new member in your house, I would like to put some facts in front of you about what things you need to keep in mind in order to become a good dog parent.

Dogs really demand a lot of care, time and attention from a dog parent. They are always looking to grab your attention. If you are a working person and have to spend 8-10 hours at the office in a day, then you shall be having someone in your family who can take care of your dog during that time period.

Make sure everyone in the family is willing to adopt a dog and are mentally ready for the time and love that your dog will demand. Do you live in an apartment or a flat? Then adopting big dogs like German Shepherd’s and Labradors won’t be such a good option for you.

Here are some of the things you shall consider before adopting a dog:

  • Consider your financial condition. Do you have enough income to look after a dog?
  • Do you have ample living space in your house?
  • Do you have enough time in a day?
  • What’s the Climatic condition in the area you stay at?
  • Do you have the patience and urge to learn to train a dog with basic commands?
  • Do you agree to take your dog for a walk at least twice a day?

So these are only few of the points I have covered. The feeling of being loved and care by a dog is just phenomenal. It’s a magical feeling when your dog hugs and jumps on you after you arrive at your home from work. He missed you so much.

Yes, it’s a great feeling of sharing a bond with your pet dog but you should also be aware of the responsibilities you need to fulfil. Now Let’s talk about an overview of both the breeds, that is, Husky and Akita.

Introduction to Husky 

husky introduction

Siberian Husky, commonly known as Husky, is a beautiful dog breed with thick coats and multiple colours. Most of them have dark blue or multi-colour eyes which add to the beauty of this breed. They possess tremendous power and athleticism.

They have a wild touch in their personality and have fox-like looks. Their beauty makes people fall in love with them and they adopt a husky dog, unaware of the fact that what this breed truly needs. First-time owners may encounter a lot of problems with a Husky dog.

Incredibly Intelligent and independent, Huskies are family dogs and enjoy with kids nearby them. They also stay happy along with other dogs. Unfortunately, a lot of breeders are not properly breeding this beautiful breed due to which Huskies (that are bred) are suffering from various problems that Siberian Huskies have not ever faced.

They are eager to learn new things and please their parents. It is difficult to train a Husky dog as compared to other dogs of other breeds.

The most important thing to take note of a husky is that they are always looking to escape their homes. This comes naturally to them and sadly, a lot of huskies have either lost or die due to this problem. Huskies fit best with confident and experienced dog owners who set rules and act as a Pack Leader.

Introduction to Akita 

akita inroduction


Akita is a large and powerful dog who was originally used for guarding royalty and nobility in feudal Japan. They have a confident posture and are affectionate and respectful dogs.

Akita shed a lot. So be ready for some cleanup if you plan to bring him home. Akita’s are hard breeds to train and do not like the presence of a stranger. But an Akita dog is very loyal and faithful and display a lot of love on his main owner or parent only.

Akita is a courageous, stubborn dog with a big head and triangular eyes. Socializing an Akita puppy is very important. You can read more about Akita’s in this Detailed Comparison between Akita and Shiba Inu.

Husky vs Akita on the basis of Size

Akita’s are larger and more muscular than Husky. Akita stands at 24-28 inches tall while Husky stand at 20-24 inches tall.

When it comes to gender-based height comparison, Male Akita stands at 26-28 inches tall and Females stand at 24-26 inches tall.

Male Husky stands at 21-24 inches tall and Female Husky stands at 20-22 inches tall.

If we talk about the gender-based weight comparison, Male Akita weighs around 80 to 130 pounds and Females weigh around 65 to 110 pounds.

Male Husky weighs around 45 to 60 pounds and Females weigh around 30 to 50 pounds.

If you like big dogs and have ample space for them in your home, Akita is a better choice.

Husky vs Akita based on the Appearance and Looks 

Dogs belonging to these breeds look very different.

Both the dogs belong to Cold climatic conditions and have a full double-thick coat on their bodies but of a different colour. Huskies are mainly either white or black and Akita’s are usually white or brown or mixture of the two.

Both Huskies and Akita’s have erect ears and fox-like looks. Akita has a large head with deep eyes. Huskies have medium shaped head with almond-shaped eyes.

Here is how they Akita and Husky differ in look:

Husky vs Akita appearance 

Husky vs Akita on the basis of Personality 

When you have a look at an Adult Husky dog, You will most probably get mesmerized by its personality. First of all, their coat is very fluffy which makes them very cute. Secondly, their almond-shaped eyes and fox-like looks make them look much confident and robust.

Huskies are friendly dogs who enjoy the company of kids and other dogs as well. They have a strong bond with every member of the family. Siberian Huskies need a fenced yard that is sunk inside the ground to prevent them from escaping, especially during the night.

They have bright blue shining eyes which will mesmerize you into adopting one. They are harder breed to train and you may need the help of Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer Program to train a Husky dog. Read it’s review here.

This course from an experienced professional trainer can train your dog (any breed) for anything Without Spending Countless hours and Working Too Hard.

Akita’s, on the other hand, are hard-working dogs and are less friendly than Huskies. They are not exactly Family dogs as they are much more attached to their main parent or owner and does not share a strong bond with other members of the family.

Have you watched the movie Hachi: A dog’s Tale ? It is the story of an Akita dog, named Hachiko, who waits for nine years on a railway station in Japan for his owner to return from work. His owner had died at the work.

Such is the level of loyalty and Affection that this breed shares with his owner. Both the breeds are energetic dogs which have a high activity level. They are active and attentive about what is happening around them.

Husky vs Akita on the basis of Health

Huskies share a very common problem among them. 10-15% of Huskies have a problem of Cataract in their eyes. Their eyes are also prone to health problems like Corneal Dystrophy and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. They can also have Hip dysplasia.

Though all of these problems happen to only some of the dogs who are not taken care of properly. If you give your dog a healthy diet with proper intake of Carbs and Protein with Proper Exercises and Training, your Husky dog will be healthy and stay happy.

Akita is also prone to Hip Dysplasia and Eye related problems like Huskies. They can also suffer from Gastric dilatation-volvulus, commonly called Bloat.

Whatever breed you choose to adopt, Make sure you feed them with proper high-quality food. You should really check out this Hidden Secret of Dog Food Industry in this Video.

What’s the Average Life of Akita and Husky?

Larger dogs usually have a shorter life span. That’s why Akita have a shorter life expectancy as compared to Husky.

Akita’s can live anywhere from 10 to 15 years while Huskies can live from 12 to 15 years.

Husky vs Akita on the basis of Training 

husky vs akita training

While both the dog breeds are a little on the “difficult to train” breeds category, Huskies are still easier to train as compared to Akita’s

Also, It is a little difficult to get adult Akita dogs to socialize as they don’t really like to meet strangers. If you plan to have an Akita dog, make sure you socialize him properly since his puppyhood.

Huskies are comparatively easier to train, especially if you start at an early age. Start with House Training your Husky puppy and teach him basic obedience commands like sit, stay and recall. Crate train him as it is important as well. Teach him to walk properly on the Leash without biting it.

Both the breeds can be trained if trained using Positive reinforcements with or without treats.

It is very easy to house train, toilet train and obedience train a puppy when he is already Brain Trained. Unleash the Hidden Intelligence in your dog by making him 10 Times Smarter and Intelligent using Brain Training for dogsRead its review here


testimonial of brain training for dogs

Akita can be trained as well if you are hard-working and willing to be dedicated and patient. They can only be trained by their owner whom they trust the most.

Husky vs Akita on the basis of Diet 

Huskies are known to pull the Sled over long distances on the lightest amount of food eaten. Their ancestors used to do this all the time.

I would recommend 1.5 to 2 cups of high-quality dry food a day for your Husky. They have a lot of energy which they maintain even after eating a considerably low amount of food. Raw food such as Chicken, Beef, Fruits and raisins are also a great choice for both Huskies and Akitas.

Huskies have a lot of Interesting facts about them. One of them is the fact that huskies do not eat once they get full, which is quite opposite to other breeds. Another is that Huskies will never ever eat something which they didn’t like or which made them sick.

Akita eats a lot. 3 to 5 cups of dry food a day is what they need on an average. If you are hunting a boar or a deer with your Akita, you may even need to feed him 6-8 cups a day. They are highly energetic dogs and need a lot of food and water to sustain that energy.

Husky vs Akita on the basis of the cost needed to look after them

Both these breeds can be a little expensive to look after. Do not adopt any of these breeds if you cannot spend on them.

I am saying this because of the fact that both Huskies and Akitas need Natural diet like Chicken, Beef, Fish and Fruits which is obviously expensive than dry-food. You can always mix dry food with natural food for them but they tend to like natural food more.

Even Grooming costs for both the breeds are high due to their Thick coats which shed quite a lot in their shedding period.

Cost of looking after an Akita dog is particularly much more as it needs a lot of quality food to eat and they are also prone to health problems which can create problems for you when they get adult.

Husky vs Akita on the basis of Shedding 

husky vs akita shedding


Both Husky and Akita blow their coat twice in a year. They are similar when it comes to Shedding as they don’t really shed a lot but during their shedding period, you should expect a mess at your home.

Brush them often during the Shedding period and once a week during the rest of the year.

Husky vs Akita on the basis of Grooming 

Though both Huskies and Akita need less grooming as compared to other double-coated dogs, both these breeds still need good time and care for grooming.

Aim to groom them once a week and bathe them twice a month. In their shedding period, you may need to bathe once a week or even more.

Husky vs Akita on the basis of Climatic Conditions:

Both Huskies and Akita belong to Cold Climatic conditions. One belongs to Japan whereas the other belongs to Siberia. You would be surprised that Huskies can even live in a Temperature of -56 degree Celsius (-70F).

The highest temperature he can handle is around 20-degree celsius. Akita’s can live at a temperature of 0-23 degree celsius.

Huskies can stay in an apartment but Akitas need big houses to stay as they are large dogs and like a lot of space around. They love to run in big parks and play games with their owner. They both can adapt to urban areas as long as they are socialized properly.

Husky vs Akita on the basis of their Behavior with Children

husky vs akita with children


As I have mentioned a few times, Akita is not exactly family dogs. This means that you may need to make your dog meet new people and kids from the time of his puppyhood. There is an aggressive side to Akita and if not trained properly, they have the ability to hurt small kids.

Huskies, on the other hand, enjoy the company of Kids and their behaviour with children is better as compared to Akita. This doesn’t mean Akita is an evil dog as it can behave the same way if properly socialized.

Teach your kids and puppies to go on a walk together and play together since childhood to strengthen the bond between the two.

Availability of Akita and Husky

Both are popular breeds and are easily available. Though Husky is known to be living in Extreme Cold Locations and their coat makes them very difficult to stay in warmer areas.

If your city has a temperature higher than 20-degree celsius, It is better to keep them in your Air Conditioned room as much as possible.

Akita is adaptable and can live in a warmer city or village.

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Conclusion: Which is Better For You?

If you have a big house and have the cost to look after an Akita, You should adopt an Akita. They are harder to train as well so be ready for it. However, if you want to Train any dog without any hassle, Check Out The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan.

They love their owner and may or may not enjoy a family. Akita’s can be aggressive as well at some time, especially in the presence of strangers and other dogs.

Husky has a problem of Escaping, So please take care of a good fence or keep your house locked during night time. They carry a long and thick coat which can create a mess in your house when they start shedding.

Huskies are comfortable with kids and family members and can befriend them. If you stay alone and have some space for a large dog, Akita is more suitable for you.

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