ICEFANG’s Tactical Dog Harness Review

ICEFANG’s Tactical Dog Harness Review

Are you a dog owner who has tried a lot of Dog Harnesses but still have problems in finding a suitable one which you can Trust? Do you want a long-lasting and durable tactical harness for your dog in which he feels comfortable?

If this is what you are searching for your dog, then you have landed at the best place. In this post, I will be reviewing ICEFANG’s Tactical Dog Harness with K9 Working dog vest.

I know the fact that there are tens of Dog harness which offers Strength and Durability along with the Comfort but 90% of Harnesses fail to fulfil this quality promise. They lack the strength, which makes it Real hard for dog owners, especially the ones who own Large Breeds of dogs like Golden Retriever or Labradors.

About ICEGANG’s K9 Working Dog vest and Tactical Dog Harness


icefang dog harness review

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ICEGANG, a really popular brand name in the dog accessories industry has a Tactical Dog Harness which promises to provide Strength, Durability and Comfort in their K9 working dog vest.

The best thing about this harness is that it fits any breed of any size (Just not with too small puppies like Yorkies). This Tactical dog harness is made not just for long walks, but also suitable for Travel trips, Camping, Hiking and when giving Aggression Training to Service dogs.

I really like this brand as it knows what a dog owner truly needs in a dog accessory, hence I consider this brand as an Authority. They know how to offer quality to the dog owners at a nominal price and this Tactical Dog Harness is a perfect example of that.

This is must-have vest if you are into K9 Training or Service dog Training as this Harness offers Strength and Durability like no other Harness in the industry. This is a perfect harness for Bigger sized dog breeds.


icefang dog harness sizes


This K9 Working dog Vest and Tactical Dog Harness is Full-Packed with Features. Here are some of those:

  • 2X Metal Buckle on the Dog shoulder which bears the most pressure when dog owners are pulling the harness.
  • It does not cause too much friction on your dog’s body and this harness is Escape-Proof due to its strength.
  • The no-pull clip attached at the front part of the dog’s body absorbs 80% of the pressure when the harness gets pulled. This makes your dog walk beside you and eases the Heeling Training.
  • Four Different Colors and Sizes Available.
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My Review of ICEFANG’s K9 Working Dog vest and Tactical Dog Harness

I personally used the Harness and I really liked the Quality of the Tactical Harness. This is a harness that will make you feel secure about the safety of your dog.

This harness works the best with already trained dogs, but even though your dog is not really trained properly on how to walk with the owner or not to bite the leash while walking, you can still use this harness and enjoy the superior quality and strength.

I clicked an Image after I applied this Harness on my dog. Here how Icefang’s tactical dog harness looks like:

icefang tactical dog harness review


After using this Dog harness, you will feel that you do not have to add a ton of effort in order to pull the leash. The harness and the clip absorb the pulling pressure so your dog doesn’t really feel any pain in his neck and shoulders.


My Verdict

This Dog harness is available on Amazon at a Nominal price, considering its quality, security, strength and Reliability. It also comes up with a decent warranty, so there’s not much to lose as well.

You can replace this harness if you do not like the colour or size as well. Check the price on Amazon Now.

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