Is your Yorkie too Skinny? How to get a Yorkie to Gain Weight?

Is your Yorkie too Skinny? How to get a Yorkie to Gain Weight?

There are a lot of reasons behind your Yorkie losing weight. These reasons could be due to Age, Poor Nutrition, Anxiety, Puppyhood Trauma, or other health-related illnesses. 


Yorkshire Terriers are tiny canines with high social status. They know how to spell their charm all over the place, hard for anyone to ignore.

You are a fitness enthusiast, and all you want is your Yorkie to be sporty, active, and healthy. Everyone in your neighborhood and even the bully dogs nearby are jealous of your Yorkie’s top-notch body stature.

But, for the past two weeks, your little creature has been avoiding her favorite snacks, meals, storytimes, playtimes, and even bedtimes. She looks lazy, tired, and lowkey uninterested.

You take her to the nearest vet clinic, and you realize that it has been your Yorkie’s health that has been laying difficulties for your Yorkie and her body weight.

You panic and wonder about the diet chart your Yorkie has been following and all the psychological games, training, and outing your Yokie has been rehearsing since she entered your home.

You ask yourself, What did you miss? What else was required?

First thing first, Your Yorkie losing weight isn’t your fault. Many underlying problems cause Yorkies to put off weight and look skinny. 

Your puppy might be suffering from an illness or consuming an improper diet according to age. Before you panic more, let us see what causes Yorkies to lose weight? Why is your Yorkie losing weight? 

How to know if your Yorkie is getting skinny? What are the possible ways to get your Yorkie to gain his lost weight back? To look for an answer, stick to the end of this article.


What are the Causes of your Yorkie’s Poor Weight?

Your Underweight Yorkie can be in a trap of multiple health or emotional-related illnesses. Loss of weight isn’t something that happened in a single day.

Every Yorkie parent is concerned about their Yorkie’s appearance and for which they provide them with proper exercise, diet, and sleep.

Their Poor weight could be because of their insufficient resilience capacity, anxiety, or sickness. Here are a few possible reasons behind your Yorkie losing weight. 


1. Age Factors

Like humans, Yorkies also start to lose their muscle strength, gum strength, and an active will to perform an exercise. They begin losing the taste of food and prefer moist and mashy food, which they blandly hated when they were young.

Due to a loss of gum holding capacity, your Yorkie tries to skip food out of the chewing pain that exacerbates the nutrition of your Yorkie. She may start eating less or nothing for hours and days, and it will automatically worsen your Yorkie’s health and weight.


2. Your Yorkie is a Rescued Dog

Generally, Yorkies don’t fit into the rescued dog category. Nurturing a Yorkie takes more than a hundred dollars to maintain a Yorkie, from crating to grooming.

Your puppy is underweight when you take her inside your caravan. Contact a vet and give her a treatment to recover from the vulnerable stage to a healthy-shiny appearance. 


3. Poor Nourishment

Undoubtedly, You take care of your Yorkie’s diet and health with proper attention and care. But, sometimes, your Yorkie’s poor weight state can be because of a lack of a balanced diet which your Yorkie needs to maintain his internal and external body functions.

Their calories count needs to be measured daily. Pet Professionals suggest Yorkie parents keep the calorie count in between 200-400 per day.

Not all Yorkies have an equal set of calorie requirements, and not all commercial products and dog food brands you explore outside have the right set of calorie supply. In this case, you can ask a friend who has been fostering Yorkies for years, or if you want to take a piece of professional advice, dial in your vet’s number.

Here’s a list of the Best Dog Foods for Yorkies with Sensitive Stomachs.

4. Anxiety

Anxiety kills. Here, it might be hiding your Yorkie’s hunger. Your canine’s loss of weight could be because of the extra stress that she might be allowing to affect her mind and health.

Yorkies are highly sensitive. A sudden change affects them badly. Even a little piece of rebuke will melt their tears. Location change, a training load, or a shrill noise coming from the neighborhood can irritate them and make them anxious.


5. Health-Related Issues

Your Yorkie might be suffering from a severe illness that is causing her a significant weight loss in just a couple of weeks. She may have an underlying disease, a kidney infection, or a liver infection.

She may be affected by stomach worms or parasites that have eaten her hunger. If you notice any of these signs, immediately take her to the nearest vet clinic and take the prescription to treat your furry friend’s underweight issues. 

If your Yorkie Vomits, this post might help you deal with Vomiting.


6. Picky in Food

Your Yorkie might be wishy-washy with her menu and selectively eats her all-time meals. Her pickiness can affect her appetite to settle into foods and snacks which are tasty but not healthy.

It will be best if you rely on foods that could be necessary to your Yorkie’s nutrition according to her age and other related factors.

Is your Yorkie a picky eater? Solve that problem now.


How to Know If your Yorkie is Underweight or not? 


how to get your Yorkie to gain weight


Does your Yorkie feel weak and lazy? Do you feel that he or she is not that energetic anymore?

Along with these signs, you have a feeling that your dog might be losing his or her weight as well.

What could be the possible indicators via which you can be sure that your Yorkie is losing weight and would be considered underweight? 

Here are the signs which would help you determine if your Yorkie would be considered Underweight or Not.

  • The Rib cage is visible and pops out of your Yorkie’s fur.
  • The tail bone hangs out clearly and visibly.
  • When you wave your hand around your Yorkie’s shoulder, back and hips, you can feel the bones coming out.
  • The face of your Yorkies looks thin and muscle-less.
  • The fat layer is near to negligible.

How to Help Your Yorkie Gain Weight?

Till now, I have illustrated the reasons that cause your Yorkie to lose weight and look skinny. Also, what are the signs to look for to be sure about your Yorkie’s loss of weight and underweight problems?

Now I will talk about the remedies or treatments that will help your Yorkie regain his lost weight and body fat. 


1. Add More Proteins and Fats 

The first thing that needs attention is nutrition. Veterinaries advise Yorkie parents to add more chunks of protein or fats like boiled pieces of chicken and fish.

The market is full of commercials and dog products, and you think you know about a healthy meal rich in proteins and fats, then without any doubt, spend your dollars. But, if you are unsure about which one to take, then you must research or talk to a pet dietician and request him to make you a diet chart.

Here’s a detailed guide on Best Dog Foods for Yorkshire Terriers and Best Dog treats for Yorkies.

When you add more proteins and fats to your Yorkie’s diet, it will help him recover soon, and you will hear your Yorkie’s woofing in a week.


2. Moist Food

Yorkies lose their chewing capacity after some time because of age and age-related illnesses. In that case, make him a bowl full of mashy and moist food with all kinds of proteins, fats, carbs, and calories to an adequate extent.

There are many wet food options or cans available in the market to try. Don’t worry. These market cans and products are hygienic and go through thorough quality checks under experts’ supervision. Make sure you serve the food hot and close the lid tightly after every use.


3. Extend the Exercise Time

Sometimes, lack of adequate exercise may harm your Yorkie’s weight, either letting her be obese or skinny. Only, consuming a balanced diet won’t help much. A balance is what professionals suggest. A healthy meal with a healthy exercise routine is what is necessary.

Take your Yorkie to regular walks daily and make sure you play mental as well as physical games with him or her.


4. Healthy Fruits

Some dogs are allergic to fruits. Yorkies are also allergic to fruits. Try to give her some fiber-rich fruits that will give her strength and energy to rebuild her immune system.

It will also enhance her metabolism. Vets say that Sweet Potato and pumpkin are highly rich in fibers and cause less harm to Yorkies. Also, check out if Yorkies can eat apples or not? 


5. Reschedule 

It will be effective if you draw a few changes in your Yorkie’s diet schedule. You can try allowing small meals at quick intervals. You can also try limiting the portion of meals in the morning and increasing meals during lunch and dinner.

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Bottom Line

To keep your Yorkie safe from weight loss mishaps, you can wipe out all the possible drawbacks that hinder your Yorkie’s growth and make her feel weak, lazy, and unactive, as opposed to her instincts.

The more you trust the process, the more you will understand her condition. Take care of her and shower her with love.



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