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How to Keep your Dog Calm when Guests come Over

How to Keep your Dog Calm when Guests come Over

Do you pet a dog that loves to enjoy and cherish every minute of the day? Is he excited at every moment of the day and would always call you to play with him?

If the answer is yes, I can imagine how would he behave when you have guests arrived at your home. He will Jump, bark, run around in circles and will lose control of himself in excitement and joy. The last thing you will want is your friend to get scared of your dog’s barking or jumping behaviour and you apologizing and then feeling guilty over it.

Just sit back and chill, because we have some ways for you to Calm down your dog when guests come over to your house. I would request you to read this full post and practice these steps consistently to successfully keep your dog calm around strangers and guests.

How does your Dog Behave when Guests Arrive?

Your dog needs to be calm and confident when guests are about to enter your house. Dogs bark when someone rings the doorbell of the house and that is normal. But a confident and trained dog never keeps on barking non-stop for 10-15 minutes.

If your dog gets hyperactive, starts jumping or barking incessantly, it means that your dog is scared and in fear. Before I begin with the Training tips and ways to make your dog calm when guests come over your house, I would like to make sure that you should not yell, punish or get angry at your dog for any kind of a false behaviour with the guests as that will worsen his behaviour.

You want your dog to be mentally calm and even when he barks and wags his tail to show the emotion of joy and excitement, it should be in a confident and proper posture and his body language should not show any sign of any fear.


calm down your dog when guests come over


For those who don’t want to take the pain of training their dog to get calm around guests, I would recommend them to get some kind of a barrier which won’t let them get around the main gate of the house when guests arrive. This can also help if you are currently working on his behaviour.

Folding gate is a good temporary option for puppies while a more solid option is available for elder and stronger dogs. If you don’t have enough space for a folding gate, you can use a leash to tie to your dog with something immovable.

5 Ways to Keep your Dog Calm when Guests are at your Home

1. Stay Calm at your Dog’s Excited Behaviour 

When someone from your family or you starts to yell or scold your dog for jumping or barking excessively on the guests, your dog gets a signal that my owner is enjoying this behaviour of mine and he also starts to enjoy and repeat this kind of excited behaviour.

Dogs do not understand the difference in human behaviour when humans are feeling joyous and human behaviour when the person is feeling irritated or angry. Any type of vocal interaction like shouting or physical interaction stimulates the dog’s brain to repeat the same what he did to trigger that in his parent.

So the first step to any kind of dog training is to stay calm and patient.

If you want to get the best behaviour from your dog around guests, that is, to greet the guests and stay calm around the guests, then the only way you can accomplish that is by staying calm and using positive reinforcements like a pack leader.

2. Leash Near the Door Method

For following this method, you would need a friend/neighbour or someone who’s a stranger for your dog. Tie your dog to a leash close to the door such that he cannot reach till the main door if he pulls the leash. Keep some tasty and your dog’s favourite treats in your pocket.

Now, tell your friend to ring the doorbell. If your dog tries to reach to the door, shout to your friend saying “Hold On! I need to Calm my dog” and instruct your dog to Sit at his position. Once he settles, open the door to your friend and if your dog stands and barks, ignore his behaviour and ask your helper/friend to close the door and repeat the method again.

Door Leash Method to Keep your dog calm

Be patient and consistent when following this method. Keep repeating the same steps till the time your dog doesn’t break the “sit” command. If he keeps on sitting even when the helper enters your house after ringing the doorbell, praise your dog and pet him. Reward this desired behaviour with the treats in your pocket.

Make sure that your helper/friend ignores the dog and doesn’t pay attention to him regardless of whether he is showing the desired or undesired behaviour. All the positive attention and reward should only come from you only.

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3. Ignore Method 

This method will again require your helper/friend to ring the doorbell. You shall keep the tasty treats inside your pocket. This method is not for you if your dog jumps over the guests. This method is good if he only barks and gets excited.

  1. Ask your friend to ring the doorbell. You go and open the door while your dog will bark at your guest.
  2. Ignore your dog while he barks and do not even look at him. Ask the helper to do the same.
  3. Repeat the above steps until your dog stops to misbehave due to lack of attention.
  4. When he stops, pet him calmly and reward his desired behaviour with those treats in your pocket.
  5. Increase the reward as your dog starts to show more of this desired behaviour. Stay patient and calm.


4. Closing in the Room Method

For this method, you should leash your dog before the arrival of the helper, but do not tie the leash to anything. Request your helper not to pay any attention to the pet dog. Also, this method would work great if there’s a room near the main door.

  1. Ask your helper to ring the doorbell and open the door for him.
  2. If your dog gets excited and starts to bark or jump on the guest, gently say “Too Bad” to your dog and pull him by his leash and take him to the closest room and close the door.
  3. Wait for only 30 seconds and then open the door of that room.
  4. If your dog starts to approach the helper again and barks or jumps on him, Repeat this again.
  5. Repeat until your dog gets calm. Reward this behaviour with his favourite treats.


closing the door method to calm down dogs


This method will work with its full potential if your dog is brain trained, that is, your dog’s brain has also been trained by you. A lot of people just look to train their dog physically while the main organ which needs to be trained in order to make your dog 10 times smarter, intelligent and obedient is his brain.

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5. Keep your Dog at a Comfortable Place

Another awesome way to keep your dog calm when guests come over without much training is to make your dog lie at a comfortable, cosy place which your dog can associate with wonderful things and time. This place should be mobile. The best example of this place can be a super comfortable dog bed.

Make sure to feed your dog with the treats and make him enjoy with puzzle toys. If they take the toy to some other place, gently get that toy back to their bed again. But, why would your dog be staying calm and composed on that bed? Because you will pay him with treats and his toys.

If he stays calm around the guests at his bed, reward this behaviour with more treats. You could also use some distractions or more attractive toys like-

1. Stuffed KONG Puzzle

A KONG is a toy which can be stuffed with high-value tasty treats or chicken or peanut butter and your dog will keep it in his mouth for hours. It can be a great long-lasting option to keep your dog calm when guests are sitting in your home.

This is a KONG puzzle toy I would recommend for your dog.

kong toy to make your dog calm


2. Long-Lasting Chews

A high-quality long-lasting chew such as a marrow bone, bully stick, better than pig’s ears will keep your dog busy and something else to focus on rather than the guests in your house.


I hope you really liked this article on “How to Keep your dog calm when guests come over“. Please chose and follow only one kind of method among the ones I explained above. Do not try to train your dog using a lot of different methods. Just stick to one and be patient. Results will follow soon.

If you are not interested in spending hours trying to train your dog to get rid of any behavioural problem or to make him learn basic obedience commands like “sit” and “stay”, then this is for you.

And, if you want your dog to get 10 times smarter, Intelligent and obedient at the same time while you are training him, then Brain training is for you.


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