Male vs Female Yorkies [Which one to go for?]

Male vs Female Yorkies [Which one to go for?]

Looking to get a new Yorkshire Terrier puppy at your home?

Confused as to which sex you shall go for? I can totally relate to that. Male and Female Yorkies have different characteristics and traits.

You need to keep in mind these traits and then consider whether you should choose a Male Yorkie or a Female.

People do make conclusions as to which sex is better based upon incomplete or inaccurate facts. I will try to give you the most accurate info so that you can decide on your own.

I am Daniela Carrera, a certified professional dog trainer who not only specializes in training dogs but also training their owners to solve their dog’s behavioural and other problems.

The correct way of getting a Yorkshire Terrier 

I have seen a lot of people just visit a breeder and choose the cutest puppy from the lot. They do not care about his or her sex, history, parents or sometimes even breed.

This is a huge risk at their part. Someone who is looking to bring a new puppy to their home should research well about the past of that puppy and his parents, as well as should be aware of the traits and characteristics of that breed.

As a responsible dog owner, you need to be aware of what you should be expecting from a Male and/or a Female Yorkshire Terrier.

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Male v/s Female Yorkie Temperament 

There is a belief in Yorkie lovers that females are more affectionate than males. This is a wrong perception as both the sex are equally affectionate and sweet.

Both the genders demand a lot of attention from their owners. Male Yorkies are less moody as compared to Female. This is seen especially at times when a male gets neutered.

If a Female Yorkie is un-spayed, they undergo Heat Cycle which brings upon a lot of hormonal changes in them which affects mood as well. They may want to spend time alone for some time and have less fun and lively for some days.

yorkshire terrier temperament

Yorkshire Terriers, in general, demand a lot of attention, love and care from their owner. Female Yorkies are more attention-demanding than Males.

They may even be more upfront in order to get their own way. This needs to be treated properly with training.

Just like there are problems with Female Yorkie temperament, there are problems with males as well.

Sometimes, Male Yorkies try to establish themselves as the Pack Leader. This shall be prevented and you need to establish yourself as the Pack Leader in his eyes since his puppyhood.

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When it comes to attention, Female demand it more and will come to you for it. Males prefer to stay wherever they are and allow you to come for them and shower your love.

Who’s more Obedient and Submissive?

male vs female yorkie obedience

There is a common perception that Female Yorkies are more obedient and submissive as compared to Male Yorkies.

This is not a totally correct statement. Whether they are humans or dogs, the behaviour of an individual human or a dog depends on his or her upbringing, raising and training.

Both Males and Females can try to establish themselves as the pack leader. So both can be super disobedient as well.

This can be solved by proper training which establishes you as the pack leader. Always ask your dog to sit first and then offer him the food.

Another is to always try and enter/exit the house before your dog. He should wait for the pack leader to do something and then follow you.

Female Yorkies can be more Territorial due to their “Nesting instinct“. Males also tend to get more territorial when they are un-neutered.

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Male v/s Female Yorkie Behaviour with other Dogs or Pets

Surprisingly enough, Yorkies get along very well with other pets like cats and other breeds of dogs. They can even live with them under the same roof.

When introducing a new pet to a Yorkie, always test first for some days. If you want to add another pet in the house and wondering which gender would be more tolerant and friendly, then there are pros and cons of both the genders of Yorkies.

If you have two dogs of the same gender, they will be jealous of each other. Especially when they both have not been neutered. Though, this may not be the case if they both have grown up together.

There are fewer chances that this will happen with the two dogs of the opposite gender.

Male v/s Female Yorkie on Training 

male vs female yorkie training

There is no difference in the success of training a male Yorkie or a female one. This depends on the time, effort and patience of the owner/trainer.

However, As I said, Male Yorkies like to Establish themselves as the Pack Leader, they can try to be dominant and hence disobedient. This gives Female Yorkies an edge when it comes to trainability.

Male Yorkies can spray the urine around the house to mark their territories. This behaviour can be rectified if you put in a little effort.

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Is there Any Difference in their Raising Costs

There is hardly any difference when it comes to size of both the gender. Both are very small dogs.

Both Male and Female Yorkies lie in the range of 3-7 pounds and hence their eating costs are the same as well.

When it comes to grooming cost, the grooming products also cost the same.

Health issues for Yorkshire Terriers are not gender-specific, hence the health cost is same as well.

The only difference can be of Neutering or Spaying. Neutering costs a bit more than Spaying and if you decide to not spay your Female Yorkie, the cost of Diapers and panties and other hygiene products will move the needle up.

Other than this, there is nothing that separates their raising costs.


If you want a Yorkshire Terrier, you should get one. You will get a dog that will love you with all their heart, are super loyal, wants attention and is a perfect sized family companion dog.

You will get all these traits whether you get a Male Yorkie or a Female. I hope you can now decide which gender would be best for you to get.

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