7 Best Mid-Sized Dogs For Apartment Living

7 Best Mid-Sized Dogs For Apartment Living

Just because you live in an apartment, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fun and companionship that dog ownership brings. And you don’t need to choose a tiny dog either.

In this guide, we introduce you to some fabulous mid-sized pups that are perfectly suited to life in an apartment.

What To Look For In An Apartment-Friendly Dog?

Before you set your heart on a particular dog breed or rush off to the local shelter to see what dogs are waiting for a forever home, there are a few important considerations to make if you live in an apartment.

1. Are Dogs Allowed?

This might sound obvious, but many apartment complexes don’t allow dogs of any kind. So, remember to check that you are permitted to keep a dog before you buy one.

2. Too Big?

Although your apartment building might allow pets, some buildings impose weight restrictions, and big dogs such as Great Danes, Golden retrievers, and the like aren’t permitted simply because of their size.

So, always check what that cute, fluffy puppy’s adult size will be before you give your heart and your cash away.

3. What Breeds Are Permitted?

Breed restrictions are also sometimes imposed by some apartment buildings.
That means you most likely won’t be allowed to keep a very protective dog such as a German Shepherd or Rottweiler, partly due to their size but also because of breed restrictions.

4. Temperament

Some dogs, such as Boxers, are extremely boisterous and full of energy, and that’s not going to work well in an apartment setting. Very lively dogs are generally better suited to life in a home with a backyard where they can get the proper care and exercise they need.

5. Barking!

A dog that barks constantly or gets upset whenever you leave it alone in the apartment is pretty much guaranteed to annoy your neighbors.
Some breeds are known to be barkers, so try to choose a breed that’s not prone to separation anxiety or happiness.

6. Shedding

Pretty much every dog breed sheds to some extent.
However, if you live in a small apartment, the last thing you want is for everything to be permanently covered in dog hair. So, unless you love vacuuming, try to choose a breed that doesn’t shed much, such as a Poodle!

7 Best Mid-Sized Dogs For Apartment Living

Now, let’s take a look at seven mid-sized dogs that are a good fit for apartment life.

1. English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are easily recognized with their cute, squashed faces. The breed weighs around 45 pounds and they have a peaceful, non-aggressive personality. Although these pups need daily exercise to keep them in trim, they are just as happy sleeping at your feet or on your lap!

The main downside of the English Bulldog is that he has a flat face and is prone to breathing problems, especially in hot weather. Brachycephalic dogs do suffer when the weather is humid and warm, and they actually do much better in an apartment that has air conditioning than in a house without it.

2. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are popular pets that can do well in an apartment. These lazy dogs spend most of their day sleeping, and they’re incredibly affectionate too.

Although they’re not barkers, Basset Hounds can sometimes howl, and they can weigh up to 75 pounds, which could be an issue if your apartment has weight restrictions.

3. Whippet

Whippets make the ideal apartment dog. They are small, weighing in at around 22 pounds, spend much of the day sleeping, and they very rarely bark.

Although sensible around the home, Whippets do need plenty of exercise every day to keep them healthy, which is great if you enjoy walking. These dogs are also pretty long-lived, with an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years, which is longer than many other mid-sized breeds.

4. Poodle

Poodles are highly intelligent dogs that are very trainable and sociable, too. They come in three sizes, weighing between 40 to 70 pounds, so they’re the ideal size for an apartment.

Poodles are traditionally working dogs, and they do need plenty of daily exercise to keep them happy. However, these pups are not known to be barkers, and they are one of the very few breeds that don’t shed.

5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an excellent apartment dog. These intelligent, attractive dogs love their human family and will most likely follow you everywhere.

Although they’re quiet around the home, these pups do need plenty of daily exercise in the form of walks or perhaps a trip to the dog park for a game with their canine chums. Cavaliers don’t shed much and are not known to be barkers.

6. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is an excellent apartment dog. Your Frenchie will enjoy playtime with you and your family but is equally content simply chilling out on the sofa.

These dogs love being around people, so one of these pups might not suit you if you’re out at work all day, when separation anxiety and barking could be a problem.

7. Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog is an excellent mid-sized apartment pup. These dogs have a wonderful, friendly personality and love to spend time around their human family.

The Portuguese Water Dog gets on great with other pets and is highly trainable, too. And these pups don’t have a reputation for barking excessively. You’ll need to have enough time to spend exercising your dog, as this breed does enjoy a daily romp in the park. Also, although the Portuguese Water Dog’s coat doesn’t shed heavily, it can become matted if you don’t brush him every day.

Final Thoughts

If you’d love to own a dog but you live in an apartment, don’t despair! There are plenty of dogs that make great apartment dogs.
All the mid-sized dogs we’ve mentioned in this guide make suitable candidates for apartment life. So, choose the pup that’s the best fit for your family, and begin searching for your ideal canine companion.

Good luck!

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