How to Take care of Newborn Yorkie Puppies?

How to Take care of Newborn Yorkie Puppies?

If you are a beginner pet parent, it can be a very scary experience for you to see newly born Yorkie puppies. You would always have self-doubt whether you could be able to properly take care of these newly born Yorkie puppies or not.

That is why I have written this detailed guide on how to take care of newborn Yorkie puppies.

I am Daniela Carrera, a Yorkie owner and a professional dog trainer for the last 8 years and you can rest assured that I have plenty of experience in not just training, but taking care of Yorkies in every way possible.

When it comes to Newborn Yorkie care, always make sure that the surroundings are clean and hygienic, keep puppies in an enclosed and safe area, and provide them plenty of warmth all the time. After feeding breastmilk to a newborn for the first 4 weeks, feed them with nutritious dog food to keep them healthy.

I have covered each and every aspect of newborn Yorkies and this guide also applies to newborn Parti Yorkies, Teacup Yorkies, and Chocolate Yorkies.

How should you take care of a Newborn Yorkie puppy? 

Newborn Yorkies are very sensitive and they need to be properly taken care of as any injury or trauma they face during this phase can impact them for all their lifetime. However, if you treat them with love and care during this phase of their lives, they will multiply this love and reciprocate it back to you, that is, their owner/parent.

So, here are the 5 Tips to take care of your newborn Yorkie puppy.

1. Keep them confined to a safe and small corner in the house. 

Before you bring any dog into your house, decide on the corner or any room in the house where he would be living. This is necessary especially for newborn Yorkies.

Dedicate a small corner or room to your Yorkie puppy and ensure that it is very safe. Also, that corner or place should be noise-free as your newborn Yorkie will be spending most of his initial days sleeping.

Also, install a comfortable bed and pillow for them to sleep throughout the day.

2. Provide them warmth 

Newborn Yorkies have very light hair and fur on their body which fails to provide them enough warmth. That’s why they depend on heat from external sources.

I have personally used RIOGOO pet heating pad in the past to keep my puppies warm. I personally loved this product and I would happily recommend it to you. It intelligently controls the temperature to provide just enough warmth that the newborns need. Also, it is extremely soft and comfortable for them to sleep.


3. Ensure Clean Environment and Hygiene 

Newborn Yorkie puppies are more prone to catching any infections or diseases than older puppies. Therefore, it is really important for you as an owner to maintain proper hygiene and provide them with a clean area to live in.

For the first few weeks, puppies will depend on their mom’s licking for grooming and cleaning them. After that phase, you will need to start grooming them slowly. I recommend and use Burt’s bees 2 in 1 Dog Shampoo for grooming your Newborn Yorkies as this shampoo is specifically for Newborn puppies with sensitive skins.

Not only this removes all the bacteria and odor from your puppy’s hair, but this also makes his hair more silky and healthy. Your Yorkie puppy will not start shedding until he is 6 to 8 weeks old, therefore you don’t need to brush your Newborn Yorkie.

Learn how to properly take care of your Yorkshire Terrier’s hair.


4. Observe their Feeding Pattern and Habits

Newborn puppies only depend on breastmilk for the first 4 weeks. This means that you do not need to feed them anything.

But what you need to do is observe and monitor if all the puppies are getting proper milk or if any puppy is not interested in drinking the milk. If any puppy is not drinking milk properly, this is a sign that something’s wrong with him/her.

5. Take Care of the Mother Yorkie 

newborn yorkies care

The best way to take care of the Newborn Yorkie puppies is to take proper care of the mother Yorkie. Feed her with Nutritious dog food and also feed her some homemade food as well. Make sure that she gets proper rest and she is hydrated, clean, and comfortable.

A healthy and happy mother will ensure that her puppies also remain happy and get proper diet and nutrition. If you want a full guide on how to take care of a Yorkie mother during pregnancy, check out this post.


What are the Different Phases of Newborn Yorkies? 

1. Birth to 3 weeks old

As soon as a puppy takes birth, his weight starts to increase from that day itself. Within the next 10-12 days, they double their weight.

During the first 3 weeks of a puppy’s life, the mother is the only living being that can properly take care of the Newborn puppy. Therefore, ensure proper care of the mother Yorkie.

You may find a puppy who is being pushed away by other puppies in the litter when it comes to feeding time. You can keep other puppies away for some time, while that puppy who was not getting proper milk drinks enough milk.

At the age of 3 weeks, puppies can open their eyes and start to explore around. Therefore, provide them enough safe areas to explore and relieve themselves. A puppy of 3 weeks will have to poop and pee inside the house, as he is too young to go outside.

During this phase, the littermates start to get along with each other, and their vocal cores start developing a little.

You can even offer them soft toys at 3 weeks of age, as their teeth milk starts to itch and they need something to bite constantly. Here’s a list of the 12 best toys for Yorkshire Terriers.

2. 4 to 5 weeks old 

4 to 5 week old newborn yorkie

This is the phase when the puppy starts to try other sources of food. At the age of 5 weeks, you can start to Housetrain your Yorkie. You can use potty pads to potty train your Yorkie.

The puppies will still spend a lot of time sleeping, but when they are awake, they will be full of energy and wander around here and there. They will play, wrestle, fight and tumble over each other all the time.

This is the phase when you need to begin socialization. You can introduce the puppies to other humans and take them to your backyard or nearby. Also, touch and hold the puppies every day to make them comfortable with the human touch since their puppyhood itself.

3. 6 weeks old

You can decide on your puppy’s name as at this phase in his life, he can very well understand his name. At the age of 6 weeks, a puppy has fully developed his sense of sight and hearing.

Now, the puppy would mostly prefer solid food and will be very “curious” to explore the outside world. The mother Yorkie would be producing less milk and would like to spend time by herself.

You should encourage your puppy to walk, explore new places in the house, lick, smell things, etc. But always make sure that you are monitoring him or her, especially at this phase of life.

After your Yorkie puppy turns 6 weeks old, you can look to regularly bathe and groom your Yorkie pup.



How Long should Newborn Yorkies stay with their Mother? 

newborn yorkie with mother

There is nothing that a mother Yorkie won’t do for her puppies. But the hard truth is that there is a time when they have to get separated from each other. The timing of this separation is crucial for the mental and physical health of both the mother and the puppy.

For the first 4 to 5 weeks, a Yorkie pup depends solely on her mother for literally everything. After the Yorkie pup turns 6 weeks old, he starts to explore more what’s there around him in the world.

It is recommended that Yorkie puppies should stay with their mothers till the time they are 10 weeks old

After a Yorkie is 10 weeks old, he or she is not vulnerable anymore and can stay independent. They are strong enough to take care of themselves.

What happens if the mother and the puppy are separated before this?

If you separate a Yorkie puppy from his mother during the initial 6 weeks, there are 50% more chances of the Yorkie puppy suffering from Health problems and diseases. 

If you separate a Yorkie of age 6 weeks to 10 weeks from his mother, there are chances that he could develop some type of anxiety or aggressive behavior which would take some effort and training to improve. Know how to get rid of the Separation anxiety of your Yorkie.


What should you Feed to your Newborn Yorkies? 

Yorkies just live on Breastmilk for the first 4 weeks of their lives

After 4 weeks, you can look to slowly transition to solid foods. The secret is to increase the ratio of solid food to breastmilk slowly as a Yorkie’s gut is very sensitive.

This transition phase from breastmilk to solid foods is called weaning. I used PetAg Esbilac 2nd step during the Weaning phase as the beef and milk cereal combination is designed specifically for Yorkie puppies between the ages 4 to 10 weeks old.

I have personally used the Purina Pro Plan and Purina One Smartblend when my Yorkie puppy was quite small. These food products are produced specifically for small dog breeds and for puppies who are very young in age.


As a puppy grows older and gets mature, you can increase the frequency of the meal and even their diet. When the puppies grow, they spend most of their energy playing and exploring the world, therefore, they would need more food and nutrition.

During the weaning phase, you can feed just 1/3rd of a cup of puppy food per day.

As your Yorkie puppy gets older and starts to get more energetic and playful, you can increase this to 1/2 cup per day and 3 meals per day.


How to know if a Newborn Yorkie is Unwell or Unhealthy? 

newborn yorkie unwell

Newborn Yorkies are prone to all kinds of danger and diseases from infections, diseases to mental trauma and malnutrition. It is your duty as an owner to identify the signs that they are unwell and protect them. Here are some of the warning signs that Newborn Yorkies send:

1. Shabby Looking Coat

A newborn Yorkie has a very clean and dark coat. If you find any color patches, missing hair, or any kind of skin infection signs on your Yorkie’s coat, it could be a sign of any skin disease or infection. This is generally due to poor hygiene conditions around the Yorkie puppy.

2. Poor Breastfeeding 

Yorkies love to drink breastmilk. Therefore, it is highly unusual for a puppy to say ‘No’ to that milk. This could be due to any pain or infection in their gut which leads to loss of appetite. This can quickly lead to malnutrition and even the death of a puppy if not treated immediately.

3. Difficulty in Breathing 

If your Yorkie faces difficulty in breathing or faints frequently, it could be a sign of a heart defect and this needs immediate attention and treatment as well.

4. Limited Movement 

While it is common for a newborn Yorkie puppy to show limited movement for the first 3 to 4 weeks, but if this stays even after 4 weeks and the puppy is not interested in exploring and trying to walk, this could be a sign of mental trauma.


Frequently asked Questions 

What is the size of a Yorkie at birth? 

Yorkies only weigh around 3 to 5 ounces at birth and are nothing more than little bundles of fur. The weight and size of a Yorkie usually depend on the bloodline and health of his/her mother.

A puppy grows rapidly after this stage and stops growing at around 18 months of age. Here is a detailed guide on Yorkie growth and how big do they get.

When do Newborn Yorkies first open their eyes? 

Yorkie puppies first open their eyes anywhere between when they are 2 weeks to 4 weeks old. This is the time that their nerves and eyeballs take to fully develop. Even after they open their eyes, it takes at least 2 more weeks for their eyes to fully adapt and observe the surroundings around them.

What is the cost of a Newborn Yorkie puppy? 

The cost of a healthy Yorkie can range anywhere from $1500 to $5000 depending on the bloodline, breeder, and health of the Yorkie. Check out this post for a Detailed guide on Yorkie Pricing and Buying guide.

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