How to Potty Train a Yorkshire Terrier Quickly at Home?

Do you own a Yorkshire Terrier? If yes, believe me, You are really blessed and lucky.

Yorkshire Terriers are a really cute breed of dogs and amongst the most popular as well. If you have just got a Yorkie at your home, you should be aware that you need to Potty Train your pet Yorkie Quickly.

Training a Yorkshire Terrier to potty at a particular place is not as difficult as many owners think it is. Though, it demands a little hard work and patience.

With a small bladder, small accidents are pretty normal with Yorkies. While Potty training a Yorkie at Home is a tricky task, Proper knowledge and training strategies can make things easy for you.

And that’s what I am here for ­čÖé

I am Daniela Carrera, a Yorkie owner, and a Certified Professional dog trainer and I love helping Yorkie parents solve any kind of problems they face with their Yorkies.

In this Step-by-step guide, I will teach you how to properly train your Yorkshire Terrier puppy to pee and poop outside the house or at a particular place inside the house.


At what age should you start to Potty Train your Yorkie? 

A lot of Yorkie owners ask me this question of “When should they start to potty train their Yorkies”? And these kinds of questions is pretty normal with every training command.

Owners want to know a proper age when they should start to pay attention to the training of their dogs as well.

Well, the earlier you start, the better it is. You can start to Potty train your Yorkshire Terrier after he turns 3 months old. This is because, in the first month, your puppy is too small and needs care and attention to his health.

In the second month, your puppy starts to get in his senses and learns about the external environment and more about his lifestyle and needs.

Also, you need to look at the amount of time for which your puppy can hold his bladder. If you feel that your puppy is able to hold his bladder for a relatively long period of time as compared to previous times, you can start to invest some time in potty training your Yorkie.

I would highly advise you to start before your dog turns 6-7 months old as the longer you wait, the more difficult it gets to inculcate good habits in your Yorkshire Terrier puppy. You can also get to know more about when do Yorkies stop growing.

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What do you need to Potty train your Yorkie?

Before I begin with guiding you on the steps needed to teach your Yorkie to pee and poop at a particular place, I would like you to understand what you need to housetrain your Yorkie.

1. 15 Minute rule

what you need to potty train your yorkie

Yorkshire owners should remember the 15-minute rule. The rule says that you must wait for 15 minutes for your puppy to complete his potty business. Especially when you take him out for a walk.

They have small bladder and bowel muscles, hence they need some time to pee and poop.

Moreover, any dog needs time to smell and then judge the surroundings and environment around him. Some dogs are really choosy as to where they want to defecate.

I am sure you can relate to this if you have any pet dogs. Make sure you do not get impatient and start pulling the leash of your dog.

He needs his time to complete his potty business and would hate to get disturbed by your impatience during that time.


2. Your Reaction to Yorkie Accidents 

I want you to be calm and keep your cool when your puppy meets an accident. There will be many times when you can get angry seeing the pee or poop on your house floor or carpet.

Your puppy is small and his bladder cannot control the urine pressure for long periods of time. Expect your Yorkie puppy to meet rare accidents even after he is fully potty trained.

In general, a 2-month-old Yorkie puppy can hold his bladder for at the most 2 hours while a 3 months old puppy can control himself for 3 hours. The number of hours increases with the increase in your Yorkie’s age. Here’s the Full Growth Chart of Yorkshire Terriers.


3. Properly follow the Housebreaking rules

The steps, tips, and rules that I am going to brief you about in this article should be followed by you properly and whole-heartedly.

Do not follow 50% or 70% of those and leave the rest of them as per your convenience.


4. Be Patient and Hardworking

Just like any other training command that you want to teach to your pet dog, Potty training commands also demand hard work, patience, and persistence from the Yorkshire Terrier owner.

Do not expect to get instant results with your Yorkie puppy. It would take about 3 to 4 weeks to get some positive results.

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Step-by-step Guide to HouseTrain your Yorkshire Terrier puppy 

There are certain steps you need to implement to completely potty train your Yorkie puppy. I will discuss these principles in detail.


Step 1: Notice your Yorkie’s body language┬á


steps to potty train your yorkie


Observe your dog and check for the body language signals which tells that your dog needs to defecate or pee. You will soon get an idea of when your Yorkie is about to pee or poo.

When you feel that your dog is about to complete his business at a place where he is not supposed to, gently pick him up and place him in the spot or place you want him to pee or poo.

You need to fix one spot for your dog’s potty business and stick to it. I will come to this point later.

This shifting of your dog’s place has to be done repeatedly whenever you feel your dog is about to loosen his bladder. This is because it makes your dog understand that he always needs to come to that one fixed place if he wants to pee or poo.

Your dog will soon start to tell you when he needs to go to his ‘bathroom’. He can tell you this by smelling the floor, wagging his tail at an awkward angle, or by walking stiffly.

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Step 2: Choose a Designated place for your Yorkie’s ‘Bathroom’

Dedicate one area in your house or backyard as a designated place for your Yorkshire Terrier to poo and pee. But you also need to keep these things in mind when choosing a ‘bathroom’ for your Yorkie. I also stressed the importance of Having a Designated place for your Yorkie in “How to take care of your Yorkie“.

  • The first thing’s first. Your Yorkie has to be brought to that designated place by you. You need to bring him to the place and wait for him to complete his business while being present there. If you want your dog to feel comfortable, do not leave your dog alone as he needs to feel safe at first.
  • The designated area should be at least 12-15 feet away from the family area.
  • The area should be accessible in all seasons regardless of whether it is winters or summers or rainy season. Sometimes, owners do choose an area that may be accessible in summers but are not feasible for your dog in winters.

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Step 3: Always keep an eye on your Yorkie 

Always pay attention to what your puppy is doing. This is a very important housebreaking rule.

I have seen many instances where an owner checks what their puppy is doing and then gets busy in household work. And then after 30 minutes, they get to know that their puppy has met an accident in the living room or bedroom.

That is why I always tell Yorkie owners to keep a close eye on the activities of their puppies. Now you must be having a question on your mind and I know this.

How can I always pay attention to my Yorkie puppy when I also need to do other activities? 

There are some ways by which you can make sure you always have an eye on your puppy.

  • Keep your dog beside you: You can make sure that your Yorkie puppy is always around with you. If you want to go to some other room or kitchen to work, you can tie your puppy to a short leash. The leash should be made of rope material, lightweight and short. This is the one I would use.
  • Pick your dog when he needs to go to the bathroom: Since your Yorkie puppy is tied to a leash, he would make you feel that he needs to pee. Just pick the puppy and place him in the designated toilet area.
  • Use an Indoor Dog Potty: When not at home, you should use an indoor dog potty. This is a grass pad that can be used as an indoor bathroom area. This grass pad can be cleaned pretty easily and reduces the need to clean the dog mess. Get to know which are the Best Indoor Dog Potties and get yourself one. I have also compared DoggieLawn and Freshpatch, the two best indoor dog potty pads.

Once your dog starts to tell you that he needs to pee and poop in that particular designated area, I guess it’s time to reward that kind of behavior of your Yorkshire Terrier.

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3. Reward the Good bathroom behavior 


reward good bathroom behaviour


Positive reinforcement is the best technique to train any dog of any breed. It involved dogs working for their food. Become the Pack Leader to your Yorkie dog.

Reward your Yorkie with his favorite treats when he is done with his bladder business. You can praise him along as well while rubbing his stomach.

You do not need to reward and praise forever. You just need to do this till the time this behavior gets into his system and he automatically goes to that designated place to pee and poo.

Choose a cue command 

Choose a cue word like ‘good boy’ or ‘great potty’. Whenever you are taking your Yorkie to the designated bathroom, pass the cue command ‘great potty’ in a happy tone and when your dog is done with the business, pass the cue command again along with praising and rewarding the good behavior.

What this does is that your Yorkie starts to associate the cue command with good bathroom behavior and starts showing more of that behavior.

Recommended Treats 

The treats that you use for this should be only used for rewarding good bathroom behavior. They should be highly tasty so that it motivates your Yorkshire terrier to work for earning it.

The treats should be free of any harmful chemicals as well. Wellness, Zukes, and Old Mother Hubbard are some of the treats which you can go for.

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Mistakes that many Yorkie owners make while Potty Training 

The Yorkshire Terrier owners make some common mistakes that should be mentioned before so that you can learn from them and rectify them beforehand.

  • Do not yell or get angry at your dog when you see him peeing or pooping inside the house. This will not do any good for your dog and he may even think it’s a good way to get you to play with him. Control your anger in these crunch situations. Believe me, It will pay off in the end.
  • A lot of Yorkie owners ignore the step of cue commands and use positive commands like ‘good girl’ or ‘good potty’. These cue words help your dog associate good behavior with good results. Choose any one of the cue commands and stick to it.
  • Use a treat or reward which motivates your dog. Don’t just use any other normal treat or dog food which you can feed him anytime. Make your Yorkie work for his favorite things and praises.
  • Do not allow your dog to pee or poo while on walks. This is a missed opportunity to housetrain your Yorkie. While dogs like to defecate outside, you need to teach them to poop in their bathroom first.

I hope you now know a lot more about how you can train your Yorkie puppy to poop or pee outside the house or at any designated place. Let me revise you again in a short note along with some Yorkshire Terrier Housebreaking rules which shall be followed as well.


yorkie housebreaking rules


  1.  You are the one who is supposed to take your small Yorkie puppy to the designated bathroom which you chose for him. Be present at that place with your puppy until he is done.
  2. While your dog is trying to defecate or pee, you can praise or encourage him with the cue commands like ‘good girl‘ or ‘pitty-potty‘. After he’s done, reward him more with praises, physical love, and tasty treats.
  3. Remember the 15-minute rule. Initially, your Yorkie will need at least 15 minutes to get his bowel muscles to work. You must not hurry and wait for your Yorkie until he’s done.
  4. When your Yorkie is too young, he needs your attention all the time. Keep an eye on him and take him to his bathroom as soon as you see any movement in his bowels. You can also use a leash to keep him tethered around you.
  5. Sometimes, your Yorkie puppy may wake up at 4 AM or 5 AM in the morning and start to move his bowel muscles. This is not a good sign as you do not want to waste this opportunity. Adjust the dinnertime to adjust his potty time to later in the morning.
  6. During the nighttime, your Yorkie may bark incessantly. 90% of the time, this behavior is to get your attention and not to alert you that he needs to pee. Do not pay attention to his barking and learn to ignore it until you are sure he needs to go to the bathroom.

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Final Words:

Yorkshire Terriers are a smart and loyal breed. They can be Potty trained easily if you show some dedication, persistence, and patience.

As I mentioned, do not leave Potty training too late as it gets more challenging to train elder dogs. It would be difficult to pick your dog at the designated place as well if he gets too heavy later.

Follow the tips in this article and you will do just fine. Want to Train your Yorkshire Terrier for any kind of command?

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