Secrets to Dog Training Review 2022 | Will it Solve your Dog’s Problems?

Secrets to Dog Training Review 2022 | Will it Solve your Dog’s Problems?

Having a Pet Dog in your house makes your home much more lively and refreshes the environment of your house. A Dog fills your life with Happiness and liveliness.

I have even seen some people who used to feel very lonely and depressed from the inside start enjoying their daily routine after adopting a Pet Dog. Josh Billings, a Famous humorist quoted “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”


josh billings review on secrets to dog training


But just like Human Beings, No Dog is Perfect. They also have some issues that their owners have to suffer from. These issues can be certain Bad habits of your dog or his behavioral problems.

Excessive Barking, Over-Aggressiveness, biting and nipping nails to your hands or arms, Peeing inside the house are some examples of Behavioral problems faced by pet owners worldwide.

You must be wondering, How can I Overcome these behavioral problems with my dog? Well, there are two options available.

Firstly option is to Hire a Professional Trainer by paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to him and then he may train your dog in a way to improve his bad habits.

The second option is to learn the tactics and ways by which that Trainer teaches your dog and makes your dog obey his commands. Yes, it’s not that difficult but just takes time and patience to master.

But How can you learn these tactics or tips and tricks to train your dog easily? Daniel Stevens has just written a solution for that in His book named “Secrets to Dog Training – Stop Your Dog’s Behavior Problems“.

Daniel Stevens is a Professional Dog Trainer who felt that if he was able to master Dog training then any pet owner can. Secrets to Dog Training by Kingdom of Pets is a factual guide in which there are hundreds of working and useful tips that really work for pet owners in Reality.

Who is Daniel Stevens?


daniel stevens author of secrets to dog training

Daniel Stevens is a Professional Dog Trainer who has been successfully training dogs since last 7 years. He has been writing books on Dog Training tips for a long time. He is also the author of Sit Stay Fetch: Dog Training to Stop your Dog’s Behavioral Problems.

Tons of Content and Materials that can be useful to pet owners has been added to the Sit Stay Fetch book and Re-Published as Secrets to Dog Training. Along with that, some videos have also been added for visual learners.


What’s Inside “Secrets to Dog Training” by Kingdom of Pets?


This is an E-book with 250 pages full of useful resources for pet owners. It covers all the useful and working Dog training tips that are accompanied by around 100 images, hence each and every training method is taught properly in the Book using illustrations and images.

Also, there are some other materials which are a Secret I am going to reveal later in this Review ;).


secrets to dog training e book


The book opens up with the first chapter which shares pieces of advice for new dog adopters such as how to choose a dog or puppy to adopt, where you can find a good puppy, how to prepare your house for a dog to arrive and information about different dog breeds around.

There are 9 chapters inside this Dog Training E-book.

  1. It’s a Dog’s Life
  2. Caring for Your Dog
  3. Training Methods Revealed
  4. Secrets of understanding your dog
  5. Dog problems solved
  6. Commands to start with
  7. Dog Whispering Uncovered
  8. More Dog Problems Solved
  9. Advanced commands and Tricks


The First Chapter “It’s a Dog’s Life” talks all about the Tweaks and things to be considered while adopting a dog. As I told you, in this chapter, author Daniel Stevens shares his insights on various factors before adopting a puppy. These are which breed to go for, what things to look for in the puppies when you observe them.

The author also gives good tips on Responsible Ownership. It is really about preparing new pet adopters for dog ownership. How much money will it cost each month in maintaining a dog? All these important questions are answered in the First Chapter.

The Chapters two to four are all about the measures to take for proper care of your dog, basic training methods and understanding the psychology of your dog behind any problem that he is causing for you. Daniel Stevens emphasizes on learning the psychology behind any behavioral habit of your dog as it makes it much easier to solve the problem after that.

The Author tells the readers about How dogs use senses, body language, and facial expressions to express themselves and convey certain signals to human beings.



It is important to pick and recognize these messages conveyed by our pet to form a stronger bond as well.

The next chapter is very important as it shares various Dog Problems that are caused by Behavioral habits of your dog. Here is a list of various Dog Problems that are covered in Secrets to Dog Training by Kingdom of Pets.


  • Aggression
  • Bad Breathe
  • Destructive Behavior
  • Disobedience
  • Excessive Barking
  • Biting and Nipping
  • Leash Pulling and Off-leash problems
  • Jumping on People
  • Jumping on Furniture
  • Worms
  • Jealousy
  • Poop Eating
  • Fights between Dogs
  • Fear of leash

and many more……

Solutions to all the problems are covered in the Book along with proper and detailed illustrations. It’s just amazing to read so much rich and resourceful content about Dog training and problems at one place.

I can bet you cannot read such detailed stuff anywhere else on the internet.

In the next chapter, named “commands to start with”, the author Daniel Stevens teaches various dog training commands from Basic to Advanced. He starts to teach basic ‘sit’, ‘stand’, ‘stay, ‘fetch’ commands before moving on to advanced commands.

Dog Whispering is a very interesting chapter. Some of you guys might be familiar with the name “Dog Whispering” as there was a Tv Series by the same name by Dog Trainer Cesar Milan. But this Training Technique has been around for a long time and is used by many dog trainers around the world.


dog whispering in kingdom of pets review


First, Dog Whispering is introduced to the readers and then readers are taught how to perform it with their pet dogs. Daniel also tells readers about its advantages and disadvantages.

The eighth chapter solved more dog-related problems mainly based on their health such as Fleas, heatstroke, co-habitation, worms, etc. The last chapter is about Advanced training techniques.

Training Philosophy of Kingdom of Pets

The training philosophy is appreciating the good behavior of your pet dog and ignoring the bad. Getting angry or scolding your dog for his bad habits won’t work. You need to be patient and follow the steps given in the Secrets to Dog Training E-Book.

The training methods are based on the fact that the dog owner needs to showcase himself as a Pack Leader to his pet dog and the dog will obey your commands like magic. The training philosophy of this book is gentle and effective. These training tactics work in real life and are used by professionals.

Secrets to Dog training condemn harsh training techniques such as Electric collars or choke collars and instead focus on methods such as clicker training and dog whispering.

Bonus Materials inside Secrets to Dog Training


The secret has been revealed!!!. Daniel Stevens also provides buyers with Additional 6 E-books to help you overcome any possible problem in the future regarding your pet dog.

For someone who wants more knowledge and guides on how he can train his dog and solve his problems, the author has provided bonus materials along with the main 250-page book.

These Bonuses Include:

  • 175 Gourmet Recipes for your Dog
  • All the House Training Methods and Tricks
  • A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression
  • Dog Grooming made easy
  • Tips on How to Security Train your dog
  • Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog
  • Secrets to Dog Training pro software
  • Secrets to Dog Training Online Video
  • Full and Unlimited Access to a members-only Dog Community
  • 6 Comprehensive Dog Training videos

It is Very Difficult to review each and every e-book, hence I will give a brief description of each bonus book.

Bonus Books inside Secrets to Dog Training:

1. All the House Training Methods and Tricks


This Book has everything that you need to Housetrain your puppy or even elder dogs. This includes Potty training and crate training as well.

Potty training is a very important dog training type and this is the most essential manners that a dog must have. This Book contains step-by-step methods to follow while house training your dog along with proper images.

2. 175 Gourmet Recipes for your Dog


175 gourmet recipes for dogs

This book contains an enormous amount of Delicious dog food recipes that your dog will enjoy eating and you will also enjoy cooking them. It also includes a lot of tips related to dog food habits and also lists the recipes and food that you should not feed to your lovely pet.

The Author also shares tells readers how to make these recipes. Examples are meatloaf, pancakes, sushi and various other snacks that dogs love to eat.

3. A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression


a quick guide to dog aggression 2018

This Ebook discusses various kinds of Dog aggression and how to prevent it. Breeds with higher aggression habits are listed along with early signs of aggression-related problems.

The problem of Aggression is one of the most common behavioral dog problems and this 28-page ebook has all the solutions to Dog Aggression.

4. Dog Grooming made easy


dog grooming in secrets to dog training

This book is all about Dog grooming and making your dog look clean and decent. It tells the readers how they can perform day to day activities in order to keep their dog look clean and healthy.

It talks all about taking care of nails, coats, teeth, and body of your dog. This book is very essential for dog owners as ignoring these basic grooming ways can make your dog not only look dirty but also prone to diseases.

5. Tips on how to security train your Dog


security train your dog

This is a very important book for someone who needs to adopt a dog for security purposes as well. There are people who live in some remote areas or areas where theft rate is high. Daniel shares the kind of breeds that are perfect to implement this.

This book outlines the practical and working methods that you need to follow to Security train your dog. It is a book rich in resources to make your dog a “Guard Dog”.

6. Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog


alpha dog

This is a very important part among these Bonus Materials. This book tells you how you can establish yourself as a ‘Pack Leader’ or an ‘Alpha Dog’.

The trainer plays the most important role in training a dog and establishing yourself as a respected figure in the eyes of your pet dog is key to obedience training.

Not only this, this book also shares some tips on strengthening your bond with your loved dog.

Along with these 6 Bonus Books, Secrets to Dog Training also contains 6 Video Series that are focussed on Different aspects of Training. There are close to 5 Hours of training videos developed by professional dog trainers like Brian Heward and Susan Morton.

The 6 Videos are:

  • Alpha Dog Training
  • How to Stop your Dog from Barking
  • How to Stop your Dog’s Biting and Chewing Problems
  • How to Stop Dog Aggression Part 1
  • How to Stop Dog Aggression Part 2
  • In Field Training

Two DVD’s about Dog Aggression includes proper park etiquettes, Aggression towards children, fear aggression and how to prevent or minimize aggression problems.

Pro’s of Secrets to Dog Training by Kingdom of Pets


  • There are useful and practically working tips for both puppy owners and owners with elder dogs.
  • Portable E-book format can be easily downloaded and is easily readable.
  • This Dog training book contains more than 100 images which are great for visual learners.
  • This book not only focusses on how dogs should behave but more importantly how humans should behave to train their pets properly.
  • Training is explained in Step-by-Step format which is easily understandable.
  • Bonus Materials included are some of the best resources of Dog training.

Con’s of Secrets to Dog Training


  • The Resources are so vast that it would take a lot of time for a reader to read the main book and all the bonus books.
  • There are some training methods that will test your patience as a trainer as they won’t produce instant results.


I would say that Secrets to Dog Training by Kingdom of Pets is a Great Training product. Complete value for money.

People hire Professional trainers in hundreds or even thousands of dollars but they can get all the dog training methods used by those trainers in this superb Dog Training E-book. Yes, it takes patience and discipline to train a dog but it is still worth it and better than paying thousands to a trainer that would also take the same time to get results.


Secrets-To-Dog-Training-ebook latest review

One can easily make out from looking at Pro’s and Con’s that this Training program is great and very resourceful. Even the pet owners having elder dogs and are suffering from any particular behavioral habit of their dog can also look into this Training book as it contains terrific solutions.

The Training Methods mentioned in this guide is modern and 100% working. What is better is that you even get to participate in a dog community forum which is exclusively for members and you get to meet like-minded people.

The best thing is that I even found a Discount Coupon code for my audience before time runs out. You will get a huge discount if you purchase the training using this link. Below is the link to the coupon.



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