Is Sheepadoodle the right breed for you and your family?

Is Sheepadoodle the right breed for you and your family?

Dog lovers love Poodle mix breeds. Whether it’s Aussiepoodle, Labradoodle, or Goldendoodle, Poodle cross-breeds are loved around the world. This is because of their super cute and adorable looks, soft coat, and intelligence.

Sheepadoodle is another name in that list of Poodle mix-breeds and is a pretty interesting breed.

According to breeders, they are a perfect mix between the two breeds – Old English Sheepdog and Poodle. This is the reason that they highly promote and breed this breed of dogs.

But it is what they think and wants their buyers to think as well. But is it a reality as well? That’s what I would be covering in this detailed guide on Sheepadoodle or Sheepapoo (some call it by this).

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There are many popular viewpoints regarding Sheepadoodles, with one of them being that it’s pretty easy to adjust this breed in your family and they are well-behaved and easy to train.

Well, most of the time, these views are promoted by breeders who wanna sell them at a higher rate.

But I have analyzed Sheepadoodles on each and every aspect and will tell you both the good and bad things about them. I will list down any temperament, behavioral, or health problems they can suffer from. I will cover the fact if they are truly hypoallergenic or not and what would be their diet, grooming and exercising needs.

Who is a Sheepadoodle? Who are its parents?

introduction to sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodle is a cross-breed of an Old English Sheepdog and Poodle.

Old English dog is an old dog who is not very popular now. They are herding dogs with a furry coat and large size.

A poodle is a breed that was bred for hunting small animals and then later turned into family dogs. The standard Poodles are used extensively for breeding with other breeds and producing mix breed with more definitive traits in them.

Many Poodle mixes offer a lot of traits that are desirable for dog owners. In the case of Sheepadoodle, the face and coat remain somewhat the same as compared to other Poodle mixes but they have a stronger and larger built.

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What is the Height and Weight of a Sheepadoodle?

The average weight of a Sheepadoodle is in the range of 55-85 pounds.

The average height of a Sheepadoodle is in the range of 12-25 inches.

The exact height, weight, and size depend on the genes of the parents.

Who is a Miniature Sheepadoodle? How are they bred?

miniature sheepadoodle

The type of Sheepadoodle we were talking above had a Standard Poodle parent. A miniature Sheepadoodle has a miniature poodle or the mix breed has leaned more towards the poodle parent.

Whatever might be the reason, the miniature version of Old English Sheepdog and Poodle mix has an average height of 16-20 inches and weighs lesser than 55 pounds.

Another variation, called the micro Sheepadoodle can also be bred by breeding a Poodle and a miniature Sheepadoodle. They stand tall at 13-16 inches and weigh lesser than 35 pounds. They have more poodle in their genes and less Sheepdog.

Then comes the “Small Standard Mix” Sheepadoodle, the variation in the middle of both the above ones. This one has a height of around 20-22 inches and weighs lesser than 60 pounds. They are a mixed breed of small Sheepdog and small poodles.

I know you might be very confused about the different variations in Sheepadoodles I listed above. That is why it is very important to know which one you would prefer and then communicate that to the breeders.

Some breeders might wanna sell you other variations by speaking good things about them but you need to be aware of what exactly you want. Do not get influenced by breeders.

Sheepadoodle: Other Physical Traits and Characteristics 

When you look at a Sheepadoodle, you will instantly know that it’s a Poodle mix, thanks to the muscular body and face of this breed.

The face resembles more on the Old English Sheepdog parent while Coat and the body lean towards the Poodle parent. The color of the coat also has some uniformity in them.

Most of the Sheepadoodles have a black and white pattern on their coats, which is also seen in Sheepdogs. The markings can also be greyer or dark black.

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Sheepadoodle: Temperament 

Before I begin to discuss more on Shepadoodle’s temperament and behavior, it would be better if we have a glimpse of his parent’s temperament.


Poodles are the second most intelligent breed of dogs, second only to Border Collie. This fact makes them easier to train and quick learners as well. This is also one of the reasons for Poodles being used for producing mixed-breeds.

Poodles are family dogs but are not good at handling loneliness. You cannot leave them alone for longer periods unless you have trained them to do so. They are prone to separation anxiety.

Old English Sheepdog

They are incredibly loyal to their owners and families. This quality makes them great family dogs as well.

Sheepdogs can also be your guard dog with a little training.

They have a problem with having excessively long and profuse coats and this is one of the reasons that they are more used for producing mixed-breeds and purebreds are not being adopted in that many numbers.

They are quick learners and courageous as well.


Most owners describe them as intelligent, calm and playful. Just like their poodle parent, they are family dogs as well and are highly loyal as well.

They bond well with kids as well and some of these dogs are also being used as the service and guard dogs.

The temperament of a Sheepadoodle also depends highly on whose genes it acquires more. But if left alone for longer periods, they can get destructive and aggressive. But this Free Dog Obedience Course can help you solve this problem for any breed of dogs.


All the dog owners want their mixed-breed puppies to acquire positive qualities from their parents but it’s natural for them to acquire negative traits as well. But don’t worry as they can be solved if you start puppy training and socialization early.

Sheepadoodle: Possible Health Concerns 

sheepadoodle health problems

There are not a lot of major health concerns of this mix breed. Breeders and owners of Sheepadoodles have verified this fact as well.

Some of the concerns are Ear Infections, gastric dilation, thyroid, epilepsy, and hip dysplasia.

The health problems found in Sheepdog and Poodles have not passed onto Sheepadoodles. This is a pretty good thing.

And, because of this fact, they have a really good average lifespan of 12-15 years. This is an above-average lifespan of a Poodle mix. Sheepadoodles are a healthy and fit breed as compared to some other Poodle mix-breeds.

However, they still need plenty of exercise and a healthy diet. This is to help them maintain their good built and stop them from developing destructive behaviors.

Sheepadoodles are not as sporty or athletic as some other Poodle mixes like Labradoodles, but everyone enjoys some playtime, isn’t it?

Playing both physical and mental games strengthens the bond between the dog owner and the pet dog. It also helps in character development and the intelligence level of your pet dog.

If you just dedicate 20-30 minutes of your day in playing “brain games” and focussing on developing your dog’s brain cells, your dog’s intelligence level can increase by 10-20 times. This is what happened to one of my friend Katherine’s pet dog Heidi. Her story is an inspiration for dog owners like us.

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brain training for dogs

Sheepadoodle: Dietary Needs

Just like many other dog breeds, Sheepadoodles also need around 2.5 to 3 cups of dry dog food divided into 3 meals a day.

Use these treats for positive reinforcement training. Rewarding good behavior with tasty treats encourages your dog to repeat it.

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Sheepadoodle: Training 

This is the area where I can help you the most as this is my domain of expertise. To be honest, I have personally worked with a couple of Old Sheepdog and Poodle mixes and they were pretty easy to train.

They are quick learners and Intelligent and can be trained if you use positive reinforcements. But remember, always start early when he/she is a puppy and train your dog after he is a little out of energy.

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Sheepadoodle: Grooming Needs 

Just like all the dogs, Sheepadoodles shed as well. Sheepadoodles shed lesser as compared to other dogs but more than other poodle mixes like Labradoodle and Goldendoodle.

Many breeders promote this breed as “100% hypoallergenic” or “100% non-shedding” which is wrong and unethical. Many dog owners buy that fact as well as they think that all Poodle mixes are hypoallergenic.

Also, Sheepadoodles need moderate grooming. They are a breed of long, curly and soft hair and would need regular brushing and a tangle-free look.

You should also clip their nails regularly and bathe them once a month. It is better to train your dog to handle clippers and bathing at a young age itself.

Are Sheepadoodles Family dogs?

are sheepadoodle family dogs

Sheepadoodles are known to be full of good behavior. Both its parents have a behavior of barking a lot and surprisingly, Sheepadoodles are quite and calmer.

They have issues of Separation anxiety and biting when they are a puppy. Apart from that, they are a breed with no huge behavior problems.

Sheepadoodle is a playful, loyal and loving dog. They enjoy the company of kids and rarely show aggressive behavior. This makes them a really amazing family dog.

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How to find the right Sheepadoodle breeders 

There are a number of breeders that specialize in poodle mixes like this one and I am sure you can find one around your area.

There are a number of reputed breeders who have high-quality dogs and they breed to produce a mix-breed. These breeders work hard to produce all the 4 variations of Sheepadoodles.

Find these kinds of breeders and then research on the internet and offline from other dog owners about the fact that which breeders maintain a perfect balance between high profits and animal welfare.

There may be breeders who do not specialize in this breed and wanna try it once. You can get your puppy from them only if you already trust them.

Meet the parents of the puppy once you finalize one along with the puppy himself. This will give you a better idea of whether your pup is a result of a standard poodle or a miniature poodle.

Beware of any breeder who is selling at a much cheaper rate as there can be something fishy as well.

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Should you get a Sheepadoodle for you?

If you are looking for a poodle mix who is intelligent, calm, loyal and a good family dog with a hypoallergenic coat, then Sheepadoodle is for you.

They have a stronger and bigger built than other Poodle mixes so you would need some space for him in your house. There are just some behavioral problems and that can be corrected easily as well.

I hope you would have made your decision on whether to get a Sheepadoodle or not. Do comment below about your thoughts.

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