How to Stop a Puppy From Biting You in 2019

How to Stop a Puppy From Biting You in 2019

Imagine yourself Watching Television and suddenly your Cute little Puppy starts biting your Feet, You feel little pain and tell him not to repeat.

And, He comes again and Bites your Toe and this time it Causes a lot more Pain than before. Your Cute Little Puppy has now changed to a Furry Crocodile and you must be Confused What’s Happening?

Don’t Worry, It’s Perfectly Natural for Puppy to Bite into everything as they are teething from the age of 6 Weeks to 8 Months of age. But you can Train your Puppy to Stop Biting and Nipping You. If you have experienced a situation like this before with your puppy, you can Learn How to Stop Your Puppy from Biting You by reading further…

Puppy Biting Starts From Fun and Playing with their Owner but Gradually becomes a Bad Habit that is Difficult to Mitigate.

It’s Not Just Humans that puppies love to sink in their Teeth into, But they sink in their teeth during Teething Phase in just about all Household Items like Toys, Sofa Covers, Furniture and soon we observe their Teeth Marks all over our house.

It Feels Frustrating…Isn’t It? Don’t Feel you are Alone here, There are a Lot of Dog Owners Facing This Issue. You need to Train your Pup from a Young age to stop him from creating this mess on your Body as well as on other Household Items.

It’s Difficult to Train him once he gets elder.

Why do Puppies Bite you?


why does puppies bite



  • The Primary Reason can be Teething. Puppies are Teething from the age of 6 Weeks to 8 Months. They feel Itchiness in their Teeth and urge to sink in their small teeth into everything soft, like human skin.
  • They are too young and want to Explore the World. The only way to Explore various things in the environment around them is by using their Mouth.
  • Biting also Shows Sometimes that Your Dog is Bored and Wants to Play with you. He wants to Grab your Attention so that you Chase him and he Runs.
  • He could Bite as he wants you to stop doing whatever you are Doing and pay Attention to him. Maybe, he needs food, water or Your Love.

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What Are the Types of Puppy Biting

It is Very Difficult for many Dog owners to determine why does your dog bite you . But most Importantly, Is your Cute Little Dog Showing Aggression by Biting? Or he is Just Trying to get your Attention….or He Wanna Play? Lets Talk More into Details…

Puppy Play Biting

Whenever you see Two Dogs or Puppies playing with each other, you can sense that they wanna kill each other. They Growl and play with each other in a way that many people who are not familiar with this kind of Dog Behavior may feel that they are Fighting. But you know they are just playing.


Similarly, Puppies Teeth Humans and feel that they are Playing but we Feel the Pain. Playful Biting is Dangerous as Puppies don’t even get to know that they are hurting someone and it’s wrong. It’s Dog owner’s Responsibility to Teach Dogs that this is Wrong so that they can know that they are doing something that their owner does not Like. We, Will, Talk More about the ways to Signal your Dog that he is onto something unacceptable.

Aggressive Biting

If Puppies Stare you Hard with a Tensed Posture and their Lips Licking their Upper Mouth, you can sense your Dog is Getting Aggressive and It’s not a Playful Biting. This kind of Biting comes under Category of Aggressive Biting. Though, Not a lot of Pet Owners have encountered this as their Puppies don’t usually get so aggressive. But if you are Facing this, Read These ways to Get Dogs Like you .

The puppy may be Guarding Something

In this Category, your Puppy may be getting aggressive as you or someone else is trying to snatch something valuable from him. It can be any Soft Toy or Treat, can be a chicken bone or his Food. It’s Very Important for you to figure out why your puppy is Biting you.

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What Encourages Puppies to Bite You?


how to stop puppy biting fast

Puppies Usually Connect more with Children. Kids are full of energy and they always want to play just like your cute little Puppies. They run around and hence puppies start treating them as their Toys.

Kids Overly Active Nature Stimulates your dog more and he Bites around kids more as compared to you. You need to be careful when your pup is around small children.

To Keep Children away from young puppies, you can keep your pup in a Crate in his puppyhood.

Playing with your Hands

If you have a habit of playing with your hands with your puppy and he often considers your hands as his Toy, Just STOP THIS! It might not seem a very Big Thing or A Problem but it will eventually become a huge problem for you as your Pup becomes a Dog.

Imagine a 30 Kg Dog Playing with Your hands. This Encourages Biting at a Young Age.

Fast Moving Objects

Puppies get Stimulated by Fast Moving Objects. You might have Observed dogs barking at fast-moving vehicles and sometimes even start chasing them. They feel insecure.

Hence they might Bite your ankle when you are wearing Shoes with Laces and move past them quickly. You can Train your Dog to Stop Chasing Fast Moving objects by Training him here….

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What are the Ways to Stop Puppy Biting?

1. It’s easy to Mitigate Biting problem early in puppies. Just Redirect your Puppy from your skin to any other Chew Toy or Soft Toy. If he Keeps on Biting you, Just Look into his eyes and say “No” in a very firm voice and show your wide-open eyes.

He won’t Stop doing it Immediately but as you keep on teaching your Puppy by saying ‘NO’ and Redirecting him as well, he will Stop Biting You.

2. Whenever Two Puppies play with each other, they nip each other. The only way they stop Nipping and Biting each other is when one of the Puppies get Hurt and Yelp. We can use this Natural way of Stopping Puppy Biting to Stop Puppy from Biting you.

Whenever your Dog Bites or Nips you, Just act like you are Hurt a lot and make sounds like “Ouch” “Uff” “Ahh”. This is My Favorite Way of Stopping Puppy Playful Biting.

3. Teach your Puppy Obedience Training Command of “Leave It”. It will take time but will help you in other situations as well.

4. Wear Gloves and Apply a Foul Tasting Substance on it, anything that your dog doesn’t like. Best Substance to apply can be Bitter Apple. But Some Puppies are Smart enough to sense that it’s okay to Insert his Fangs into your skin when you remove your gloves.

5. Fill up an Empty can with Stones, Rocks and Pebbles. Each Time your Puppy Starts Biting, Just say “No” and start shaking that can. Puppies and Dogs hate this Rattling Sound and will stop Biting you.

If your Puppy Still doesn’t Stop Biting, You should Read This Story of a Lady..

It might be the case that your Dog is Very Hyperactive and Hence you need to Calm him Down using These Techniques 

It is Important to Get Rid of Puppy Biting Problem as It creates Teeth marks on Owner’s Hands and they are difficult to remove at times. Hence you should follow the Ways above to Get Rid of Puppy Biting problem in 2019.

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