How to Stop your Dog from Jumping on Guests or Strangers

How to Stop your Dog from Jumping on Guests or Strangers

Dogs generally jump when you enter your home to show their love and affection. They show that they are happy to see you back by jumping over you. This is a natural behavior among different breeds of dogs.

Though this is natural and even many dog owners enjoy this behavior, this habit of dog jumping is really not acceptable. While jumping, dogs can hurt anyone on whom they are jumping and especially if the person whom they are jumping is a child or elder person.

What if your dog jumps on any of your guests and your guest fails to maintain his balance and falls just when he enters your house? How would you feel? Embarrassed. Isn’t it?

That is why it is really important that you learn How to train your dog to stop jumping on guests or strangers.


stop dog jumping on guests


Another reason for dog jumping on you or guests is that he needs attention. He wants attention and love and by jumping over you, he can easily get it. That’s a way he has found to get what he needs, affection.

We as dog owners tend to ignore our dogs sometimes as we get busy at home with other stuff and we do not pay a lot of attention when they stand beside us or walk along. But just when your dog jumps over you and reaches till the level of your chest or stomach, you start paying attention and start showing you love and affectionate behavior towards him.

Steps you need to Follow to Stop Dog Jumping on Guests

This behaviour of yours makes him think that he is doing a good jump by jumping on people to grab their attention and affection. If you want to stop this jumping behaviour, then follow these steps:

  • Step aside when your dog is about to jump on you.
  • Ignore your dog’s jumping behaviour.
  • Do not show affection towards him when he wants to jump on someone.
  • Become a Solid Pack Leader.
  • Tie your dog with a Leash when guests arrive

1. Step aside before the Jump

If you want your dog not to jump on visitors when they visit your home, start training your dog by ringing the bell and entering your house yourself. Just when you enter the house and if you see your dog is ready to jump on you, just step aside or turn back.

Do not let him keep his paws on your chest. Best practice is just turning back or move left or right and then open the door to leave your house. Repeat this 5-7 times and practice this especially when you are returning home after a long time.

Do you know that if your dog jumps over you when you return back home, he has already established himself as a pack leader and you need to change it !

Reward your dog when stops jumping over you using his favorite tasty treats. He will learn that his jumping behavior is not being liked and that is why you are going back outside.


After you observe that your pet dog is no longer jumping on you, you will need to practice the same with at least 3-5 members of your family or friends and they need to do the same. They need to make sure that they do not let the dog jump on them and come back outside.

This will generalize the dog’s behavior and he will repeat the good behavior with everyone else as well. This is important as dogs or puppies are not so intelligent that they need to have good manners in front of everyone and not only his owner.

Make sure your puppy becomes intelligent by ensuring his mental stimulation using Brain Training For Dogs.

2. Ignore Jumping Behavior

Learn to ignore your dog’s jumping behavior. Do not pay any attention to him when he is trying to jump over you and you should get aside and get busy with other things at the home. By not paying attention, I also mean not to tell him to ‘sit’ or ‘stay’. Just don’t speak anything.


ignore while dog is jumping

Practice this with more people to generalize this behavior. Otherwise, it will force your dog to think that he can jump on others but you. Remember, each time the puppy or dog jumps, jumping behavior becomes stronger.

3. Don’t Show Affection when jumping

I have seen a lot of people loving and petting their dog or puppy when they jump on them. You might feel good when he is a puppy but it becomes really awkward when he has grown up and carries a lot of weight. He can hurt you and others in the family.

If you have a young puppy, I would highly advise to stop encouraging him to jump on you as you will need to train him later to stop this behavior and training takes time and hard work.

4. Become a Pack Leader

The pack leader is the leader of the group of dogs who commands the whole pack and everyone in the pack obeys his commands. This is a natural behavior embedded in even pet dogs from their forefathers.

When you do not know how to establish yourself as a pack leader when you have a puppy, your puppy assumes himself as the pack leader and it becomes fairly difficult for you to train him using positive reinforcements.

Separation anxiety, Jumping behavior and walking on the furniture are all signs that your dog has established himself as the pack leader of your house.

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5. Tie your dog with a Leash around Guests

Undoubtedly the easiest way to stop your dog from jumping on the guests is to tie your dog with a leash when your guests ring the bell. Do not let the dog come anywhere near your guests so he cannot jump on them to greet them.

Though, this is a temporary solution and good for those who do not have the time to train their dogs. But training your dog not to jump on the guests or any stranger just takes 10-15 minutes daily to get results.


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