How to Stop Your Puppy from Crying in his Crate

How to Stop Your Puppy from Crying in his Crate

Recently got yourself a puppy and whenever you put him in his crate, he starts crying? Well if the answer is yes. Then read on.

Well, it is quite frustrating when it comes to giving puppies the crate training, and most of the owners fail to teach their dogs this thing. So the question is how to stop your Puppy from crying in his crate?

In this article, we are going to share a proper guide that you should follow to make your puppy stop crying whenever he is in his crate. So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

Why Should You Crate Your Puppy?

First of all, you need to understand why should you crate your puppy. Well, when you start giving your dog crate training. It is quite normal for them to cry as they do not want to be in the crate and they love their freedom.

However, in the long run, crate training can be pretty useful for you. By putting your dog into the crate, you will be able to give your puppy training. Or you can reduce destruction when you are not with your dog.

Even crate training is extremely important for all the dogs out there. As it will be easy for you to travel with your dog or for medical purposes.

But the thing is that crate training is not as easy as it seems to be. And in the starting, your puppy is going to cry a lot.

Why Do Puppies Cry In Their Crate?

Before we go ahead and answer to the How to stop your puppy from crying in his crate question, let’s understand why do puppies cry in their crate.


stop puppy crying in the crate


Well, there are quite a lot of reasons why your dog cries or bark in the crate. However, in most of the case, these below mentioned reasons are the main:

Your dog is lonely:

If your dog is always with someone and suddenly he gets locked out in a crate. Then it would be frustrating for you. Dogs are a social animal, and all they want is to be with you. However, when you put him in his crate, he starts feeling lonely and misses your company. And as a result, they start crying.

 Your dog is bored:


dog bored due to crate training


Crates are a pretty boring place, and you cannot deny it. A crate is nothing but a box with limited space, and there is nothing to do. And as you already know that dogs bark when they are bored, and sometimes they even cry.

 Your dog is scared:

There are dogs which even gets scared whenever you put them into the crate. Even there are dogs who like lonely time, but they fear crate. As a result, they start crying.

 Your dog needs to get out of the crate:

If your dog is in his crate for quite some time now and suddenly he starts crying. Then it simply means that your dog wants to get out of the crate and it is pretty normal. There are quite a lot of reasons why your dog may start crying. Maybe they are hungry, or they need to pee.

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How to stop your puppy from crying in his crate?

Now coming to our main question which is How to stop your puppy from crying in his crate. Well, there are quite a lot of things that you can work on to make your puppy crying in his crate.

Most of these things are little fixes which can actually make a big difference in the long run. So let’s just start with them:


how to stop puppy crying in crate

Make the Crate a Great Place to Be

First of all, make sure the dog crate is a pretty good place for your dog. You can do it by simply setting up the crate properly before you lock your dog up. Make sure the dog crate is a pretty nice place to stay.

You can do it by leaving some treats in the crate, or you can distract your dog by giving them a stuffed, frozen Kongs. This will make your dog feel less bored, and he may not cry.

Moreover, you can feed them in their crate or put some toys. The main idea over here is to make the crate as comfortable as possible for your dog.

Stop Puppy Crying inside the crate at nights


Exercise Your Puppy Before Crate Time

You should also exercise your puppy before crate time, and the reason is pretty simple why you should do it. If your dog is full of energy, then there is a high chance that your dog will bark or cry inside the crate. And he will have a pretty hard time to sit down.

When you take him outside for exercise, make sure he does not pull or bite your leash as well.

But if your dog is exercised and quite tired. Then he may not make much noise when he is inside the crate. Instead, he may bark or cry for a few minutes, and after that, your dog will fall asleep.

Teach Your Dog That Crying Gets them Potty Breaks

You also need to teach your dog that crying gets them potty breaks. If your dog has started liking the crate, then it would be a good idea to teach them about the potty break. However, it is not as easy as it seems.

But what you can do is whenever he cries take your puppy out and wait for some time. If they potties then give them a reward. And in case if they do not follow the rule put them back inside the crate again.

Follow these formula multiple times and see if it is working for you or not.

Final Words:

So that was an answer to your How to stop your puppy from crying in his crate question. Making your puppy crate friendly is one of the tough jobs. However, if you try your level best, then there would not be any issues.

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ways to stop puppy crying in the crate

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