15 Actionable Steps to Stop your Yorkie from Eating his Poop

15 Actionable Steps to Stop your Yorkie from Eating his Poop

Yorkshire Terriers are a very cute and good looking breed of dogs. Their small size attracts even the most cold-hearted people.

They are mostly well-behaving, though, like any other breed, Yorkies can also suffer from some of the major behavioural problems.

I am Daniela Carrera, a certified professional dog trainer and I have solved a lot of Yorkshire Terrier’s behavioural problems. A lot of Yorkie owners come to me with one common problem which their pet Yorkies suffer from.

And that is, Their pet Yorkshire Terrier dogs either eats their own poop or any other animal’s poop. Yes, you may feel creepy and cringy but Yorkshire Terriers have this major problem in their personality.

If your Yorkie also eats his poop and you really wanna stop him from eating it, you are at the best place possible as I will share with you all of my expertise and experience and help you Stop your Yorkshire Terrier from eating his poop.

Challenges you might Face 

I have trained a lot of dog breeds but Yorkshire Terriers are one of the most stubborn breeds of dogs that I have met.

This stubbornness makes things difficult for you if you want to stop your Yorkies poop eating habit. If they form a habit, it’s really very difficult to break that habit of theirs.

But with proper training knowledge, patience and perseverance, you can not only stop your Yorkshire Terrier to stop eating poop but also train him for literally anything (Including getting rid of Behavioural problems).

Why is your Yorkie eating his own poop (Feces)?

why yorkie eats poop

Before I begin to guide you with what you need to do in order to stop your dog from eating poop, You need to understand the major reason behind this kind of behaviour from your Yorkshire Terrier dog.

Dogs of any breed can start to eat their own poop or even any other dog’s shit. They do not have a highly developed brain like human beings to distinguish between a good and foul smell.

There are several reasons explained by scientists as to why do dogs eat their own or any other dog’s (or cat’s) shit. The first step in solving this gross behaviour in your Yorkie is to understand the real reason behind this behaviour.

1. Deficiency in Nutrition 

This is a natural reason for eating poop. The first reason that comes to mind after seeing this behaviour from your Yorkshire Terrier is that he might be eating it as a source of food.

But why would he eat poop when he is getting a proper diet? I know there would be a ton of questions in your mind right now. Let’s look at the reasons for nutritional deficiencies:

First Reason: Low-Quality dog food not being digested properly 

The food consumed by your dog might be of low quality and might not be getting properly digested. Therefore, your dog is lacking the nutrition he needs.

Often, a Yorkshire Terrier eats faeces because he thinks it is dog food. Because the dog food he eats doesn’t get properly digested, the poop he produces also contains those nutritional components that were there in the dog food.

Therefore, Your Yorkie eats his poop to get that nutrition he needs.

Second Reason: Low-Quality dog food providing little Nutritional value

Some low-quality dog food has no nutritional value. They have been marketed well to dog owners.

The main ingredients in these low-quality food items are mainly fillers. These desperately lack adequate minerals and vitamins.

Therefore, Your Yorkie eats his shit to search for that lost nutritional components.

Third Reason: Consuming Human food  

A lot of Yorkie owners feed their dogs with human food as well. While you can feed your dog with some of the human-edible items, you cannot fill his whole diet with it.

Here is a list of human food items that you can feed your Yorkshire Terrier.

A dog’s diet should primarily contain dog food. It is essential for your Yorkie’s ideal nutrition.

These are some of the reasons under lack of nutritional deficiencies because of which your dog eats his or someone else’s poop.

If you are feeding your Yorkie with an adequate amount of dog food, make sure it’s a high-quality dog food item that also contains a good amount of nutrients in it.

You will be shocked to know the real facts about Dog Food Industry. This video completely exposes the Dog Food Industry (Shocking)

As per the diet requirements of a Yorkshire Terrier, I would recommend you to get Protein-rich dog food products like CANIDAE, Taste of the Wild or Earthborn Holistic.


2. Behavioural Issues

poop-eating due to Behavioural issues

The second most common reason for lack of nutrition is behavioural problems of the Yorkshire Terrier. There might be some issues in behaviour that makes a Yorkie eat his own poop.

Again for this reason, there are other sub-reasons or different behaviour issues which causes Poop eating behaviour in a Yorkshire Terrier.

Let’s talk more about them

First Reason: Boredom due to lack of Mental Stimulation 

If your dog lacks mental stimulation, boredom can set in quickly. Just like a child, who is left alone with nothing to do, can indulge in destructive activities, even Yorkie puppies can indulge in these activities.

If your Yorkie is showing other signs of boredom, this might be the reason for his poop eating behaviour. You got to ask yourself some questions.

Do you take your dog for a walk outside twice a day?

Do you spend at least 20-30 minutes a day in physically training your Yorkie?

Do you indulge your Yorkshire Terrier in mental stimulation games?

If not, you definitely need to start with these activities. Also, look for other boredom related behavioural issues like your dog is chewing household items or barking too much without any solid reason.

If this is the case, I would highly recommend you to check out Brain Training for dogs which not only keeps your dog busy in constructive games but also enhances his intelligence by 10 times.

Here’s how it completely changed Katherine and her dog’s life.

Second Reason: Boredom due to lack of Physical Training/Stimulation

This is another reason for the poop eating behaviour of a Yorkie which comes under boredom.

Your Yorkshire Terrier dog can be having a lack of physical exercise or stimulation and due to this, it develops certain bad behaviours.

You might be busy with your personal/professional life and might not be able to pay attention to the training/exercise needs of your Yorkie.

Please make a playing routine and follow it with discipline as your dog needs to play physical games as much as he needs food.

World’s best dog training video course, Doggy Dan’s The Online dog trainer will help you get a much more obedient dog without having to spend hours in training. Definitely check this out if you want the best out of your pet dog.

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Boredom is one of the main reasons and I hope you now know better what you need to do to get rid of your Yorkie’s boredom.

Third Reason: Stress 

Many Yorkshire Terriers also suffer from mental stress. When these dogs are left alone in the house, they suffer from Separation anxiety which leads to massive mental stress.

If you constantly leave your dog alone in the house for longer periods of time like 8-10 hours, your Yorkie can also develop other behaviours like chewing the furniture, destroying household items, incessant barking, whining and trying to escape through windows.

Fourth Reason: Yorkies themselves trying to clean their poop

Yorkshire Terriers are an intelligent breed of dogs. They can observe that every time they poop, their owner gets up to clean the mess.

He can observe the fact that the owner looks tensed and worried. The Yorkie thinks that the owner is excited.

Because the owner pays so much attention to the unwanted dog poop and rushes to clean it, the Yorkie thinks that the poop is something special.

So the next time he eats it away to prevent his owner from having to get the paper towels and clean the shit.

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3. Health Problems 

poop-eating due to Yorkie health

Health problems come at number 3 for reasons of poop eating behaviour in Yorkies. There are certain health issues which would force your Yorkshire Terrier to eat his own poop.

Though, if your Yorkie is suffering from these health issues, there would be other much more pronounced symptoms than poop eating behaviour which makes it a little easier for humans to recognize that health issue.

Diabetes, Inflammatory bowel diseases, Anemia, Thyroid, parasites in intestines are some of the Health issues which can show poop eating behaviour as a symptom.

If you have a healthy Yorkshire Terrier, Your Yorkie is showing the Poop eating behaviour mainly due to Behavioural Issue or due to inadequate nutritional components in his diet.

Should you be Worried about your Yorkie?

is poop eating dangerous

Yes! When your Yorkshire Terrier starts to eat poop, it is undoubtedly a cause of concern as he might get sick or get affected by several diseases.

Let me elaborate more on how this behaviour can damage your Yorkie

  • There’s a high amount of undigested food in the dog’s stool but it is still a filthy thing to eat. Regular consumption of poop can cause severe stomach and intestinal pain. In some cases, Yorkies can vomit just after consuming the poop.
  • If the poop eating behaviour is due to low-quality food, your Yorkie can suffer from malnutrition which can further lead to a weak immune system, poor digestive system, low-quality of coat, teeth/mouth problems and weak bones.
  • The chances of your Yorkie getting worms in his stomach increases exponentially if he continues to eat stool. The dog’s body throws out harmful worms out of its system as well and by consuming the stool, your Yorkie can again consume those worms which make his health even worse.
  • Your Yorkie can also get affected by harmful diseases like Campylobacteriosis, Corona, Parvo and Cryptosporidiosis.

How to Stop your Yorkie from Eating Poop?

Now, when you know the main reason for your Yorkshire Terrier’s stool eating behaviour and you know how that behaviour can harm your dog’s health and well being, It’s better I list down the steps and tips on how you can stop your Yorkshire Terrier from eating his or someone else’s poop.

With some effort, time, and patience, you can definitely stop your Yorkshire Terrier from eating the poop and completely get rid of his bad behaviour.

Here is the exact step-by-step guide on stopping poop eating behaviour in your Yorkie.

1. Feed your Yorkie with High-Quality dog food

feed high quality food

I don’t think there’s any dog owner who would want to feed his dog with low-quality food. The thing is most of the time we don’t know what’s high-quality and what’s low-quality. Isn’t it?

Here are some of the instances in our daily day-to-day life which makes us choose low-quality dog food for our pet dogs.

  1.  A lot of times dog owners go out grocery shopping and pick up dog food from those stores as well. A lot of times these dog food brands are 1, 2 or at most 3-star brands.
  2. These low star brands advertise so much on Television and the Internet that a vast majority of dog owners think that this is a popular-choice brand and must be the best quality available in the market.
  3. Also, you get what you pay for. I mean 4 or 5-star brands are a little on a higher-end when it comes to the cost involved. Owners have to resort to low-quality food brands as they also need to feed their dogs on a budget. A lot of times these 1, 2 or even 3-star brands contains chemicals that lead to various allergies and infections in the stomach in the long run.

Some low-star rating dog food brands

1-star brands include Pedigree, Purina, Beneful, Gravy Train, Everpet, Kibbles n’ Bits, Hungry Hound, Ol’ Roy,  Natural Balance.
2-star brands include Evolution, Eukanuba, Iams, Hill’s Science, Royal Canin.
5-Star Brands include Orijen and Whole Earth Farms
Be careful with the treats as well which you serve to your Yorkie. You can use fruits like blueberries, raspberries, bananas and strawberries as treats as well.
Even vegetables like carrots and peas are used as treats. If you want to use readymade treats, use a treat that doesn’t contain unwanted chemicals, additives or fillers.
I would recommend you high-quality treats like Bil-Jac Little Jacs or Charlee Bear Crunch for your Yorkshire Terrier.

2. Clean the Surroundings around your Yorkie

clean the surroundings

Make sure you clean the surroundings near your dog. He cannot have access to any stool and even if there are other dogs or cats around, keep an eye on your dog.

As soon as any other dog poops and your dog tries to go closer to it, restrict him from doing that. Do not yell or punish your dog in any way.

Just try to distract him so that he doesn’t think about eating the poop.

If your Yorkie stays in a crate, make sure you keep the crate clean and allow him ample time to clean his stomach outside and then come back in his crate again.

This will restrict his reach to his own poop. If your Yorkie is staying or playing in the yard, again, make sure to keep the yard clean and clean his mess when your Yorkie poops.

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 3. Have an Idea about the Digestive system of your Yorkie 

Keep a track of all the digestive activities of your dog. At what time does your Yorkie consume his meal?

How much time does it take for him to digest that food and then go to defecate it? The time between eating and defecating will help you plan accordingly.

This way you will better know when can you expect your Yorkie to poop and then clean it accordingly to prevent him from eating.

If you are planning to leave your Yorkie alone at home, make sure that your Yorkie is done with the pooping business before you leave.

4. Train your dog using cue commands 

Training your Yorkshire Terrier is very important and a lot of owners just ignore it. It is due to the ignorance of these dog owners due to which their pet dogs suffer from various behavioural problems later in their life.

What if you could train your Yorkshire terrier to stop wherever he is when you ask him to stop..?

This ‘stop’ cue command can solve 60-65% of your dog’s behavioural problems and not just poop eating behaviour. Learn to be the pack leader to your dog.

Whenever your Yorkie goes near the poop, you can pass the command ‘stop’ or ‘leave it’ to prevent your dog from eating or even going closer to his stool.

If he listens to your command and doesn’t go near the poop, reward him for this behaviour with his favourite treats. This is called positive reinforcement training.

Repeat these commands several times until it feeds into the brain of your Yorkshire Terrier that he doesn’t have to fiddle with any poop.

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5. Use a Collar 

This seems pretty simple but I had to mention it. Carry a collar or leash and tie your dog with it.

Whenever your dog poops outside and tries to go closer to it, you can pull him away.

Just be sure that you do not yell or push him hard which can hurt your Yorkie.

You can also train your dog with a tug at the leash. Whenever he smells or goes to something which is edible, loosen up the leash and let him do it.

When he wants to go closer to the poop, tighten the leash.

6. Regular Outdoor walks 

regular walks with yorkie

Take your dog for outdoor walks at least twice a day. This prevents boredom from settling in your Yorkie.

Sometimes, You should also walk with him for longer periods of time. This also strengthens the bond between the owner and the dog.

If he defecates during the walk, clean up his mess when he is not looking.

7. Keep your Yorkie busy with Toys 

Again this is a step to prevent your dog from getting bored. Dog Toys are a good way to keep your dog’s mind occupied.

A toy made especially for chewing would be a great asset in this situation. There are many chew toys in the market which will keep your Yorkie occupied and entertained.

I would recommend you KONG or Bojafa.

8. Stop Chasing your Yorkie 

Imagine a situation: You are busy with your household work. Suddenly, you smell a foul smell.

It struck your mind that this is the smell of dog poop and by the time you check on your dog, Your Yorkie has his poop inside his mouth. 

You get disgusted and start reacting in that situation. My question to you is…”How will you react in that situation?

90% of the owners will start yelling or start chasing their pet dogs with paper towels to clean their mouths. This kind of running situation excites your dog and he thinks this is some sort of a game and it’s playtime.

Next time he would repeat this thing again as he would want to play this game again. Please, Do Not Chase or Yell at your dog in that situation.

Yes, I know this is difficult as you would need to control your emotions but you do not want to send the wrong message to your innocent dog.

9. Crate Train your Yorkie 

crate train your yorkie

If your Yorkie eats the poop very often, it would be a great idea to keep him inside the crate and out of the reach of his poop. Clean the crate very frequently.

Make his crate a very happening place by placing one or two stuffed chew toys and rewarding your Yorkie with treats if he stays inside the crate for longer periods of time.

There’s a Detailed guide on Yorkshire Terrier Crate Training. Do check it out.

10. Look for Worms inside the stomach 

Do not let your Yorkie roam around things or areas where he can get infected by worms. Worms are one of the reasons for your Yorkie showing poop eating behaviour.

Keep your house neat and clean along with the litter box. When your dog poops, check if you can spot any small white creatures in his poop.

Also, make sure your Yorkie doesn’t come close to any other dog’s shit as that another dog might be having worms.

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11. Use Vitamin B Supplements 

As I mentioned earlier, a Lack of essential nutrients is one of the reasons for your Yorkie’s poop-eating behaviour.

Many dieticians say that it is due to a lack of Vitamin B that Yorkies show this behaviour. Many low-star brands do not have this vitamin in their ingredients.

So, if your Yorkie is also regularly consuming his poop, you can definitely give Vitamin B supplements a try. Here is the one I would use.

12. Improve your Dog’s digestion 

A dog’s diet is rich in protein and fats. Usually, these low-star brands I mentioned above contain lots of fillers and very fewer nutrients and minerals.

Even the meat is not digestible as it is not of good quality. There are meat tenderizers available in the market which can improve the digestibility of the meat in your dog’s system.

It contains enzymes that tenderize the meat, making it easier for your Yorkie to eat and digest it. This will prevent the loss of nutrients and get wasted into your Yorkie’s stool.

The more the food gets digested properly, the more are the chances of your dog’s body absorbing the nutrients. Hence, less the urge of eating the poop.

13. DO NOT ever Punish the dog

how to stop poop eating in yorkies

I am against any form of violence against your pet dog. I know you might get very angry at this behaviour of your Yorkie, especially when he repeats it time and again.

You need to understand that Punishing your Yorkie by using any form of punishment will make things even difficult for you.

You need to understand the psychology of your dog if you want to stop your Yorkie from eating his poop. Positive Reinforcement training is your best option.

14. Maintain a good distance between the eating place and litter box 

Always keep the eating place or food bowl place neat and clean. Your Yorkie should associate the eating place to the one which is neat and clean without any foul smell.

15. Invest time in Playing/Exercising 

Invest some of your precious time in playing physical games like ‘hide and seek’ and ‘fetch’. This helps a lot in the overall character development of your Yorkshire Terrier.

These games not just keep your digestive tracts healthy, but even the whole dog’s body.

There are several games which not just keep your dog physically healthy but even mentally stimulate his brain and Increase his intelligence by 10 Times.

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Yorkshire Terriers are a very popular breed, especially in the United States. They are very loving, loyal, caring and good-looking dogs.

They are strong-headed and stubborn as well. So it can get difficult for you as an owner to change his mind or make him get rid of any bad habit.

If your Yorkshire Terrier puppy is eating his poop, I would advise you to invest your time and hard work in these 15 Actionable Steps to Stop your Yorkie from eating the Poop.

It will take around 2-3 weeks to observe some positive results, so be patient and keep working with your dog. I know you would get a little frustrated when you observe that your Yorkie is not at all listening to what you want him to do.

The only permanent and reliable solution to Poop eating behaviour in Yorkies is to first know the reason why your Yorkie is doing that and then choose one, two or more of these 15 Actionable steps I have mentioned above.

If you still face problems in getting rid of this behaviour in your Yorkshire Terrier even after applying these tips, I would recommend you to check out The Online Dog Trainer. In this program, you will not only get actionable training tips but also a personalized personal dog trainer to help you as well. Read more about it here.

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