Difference between a Regular Yorkie and Teacup Yorkie

Difference between a Regular Yorkie and Teacup Yorkie

Are you planning to purchase a Yorkie soon? I suppose you might have already been acquainted of the terms like “toy” and “teacup”.

Well, it is important to be aware of these terminologies beforehand since they often turn to be misleading otherwise! When it comes to a teacup Yorkie or a regular Yorkie, there’s not much difference.

Both the varieties of Yorkie are usually smaller in size and are lightweight. However, a Yorkie is called as a “teacup” only when it is slightly smaller than that of its regular size.

Consequently, their weights too vary!

Major Differences between a Regular Yorkie and a Teacup Yorkie

Although a teacup Yorkie appears to be an absolute copy of a regular Yorkie, there are still a few differences between the two when it comes to the size and weight.

Teacup Yorkie vs Regular Yorkie: Size and weight

regular yorkie vs teacup yorkie size
Teacup Yorkie

Teacup Yorkies are usually smaller in size than that of the regular Yorkies. Besides, a teacup Yorkie weighs somewhere between 2-3 pounds and a regular Yorkie weighs somewhere between 6-7 pounds. Also, the teacup Yorkies are more likely to suffer from various health issues as compared to the regular ones.

This post will tell you a lot more about size of Teacup Yorkies and how much they can grow.

Not just this, the teacup Yorkies even tend to suffer from birth defects, more than that of the regular Yorkshire Terriers. Never mind, a pet is a pet and no matter which one you end up purchasing at the end, your love for either of the two is sure to remain the same!

Teacup Yorkie vs Regular Yorkie: Personality traits

These teacup Yorkies are fragile too! In case you are looking forward to adopting a teacup Yorkie over a regular one, make sure that you are aware of its regular health check-up. A little negligence can affect their health and hence, it is important to make sure that you take note of its diet and other issues if you get one!

There’s a little variation in either of them when it comes to personality. The teacup pups are said to be more playful than the regular ones. They are naughty as well, and you are supposed to go through a really tough time in training them. Know it well!

Teacup Yorkie vs Regular Yorkie: Appearances

Regular yorkie v_s teacup yorkie appearance

When it comes to looks, the teacup Yorkies are apparently a bit premature than the regular Yorkies. However, both of them do look absolutely cute and for a master like you and me, how would a pup’s appearance even matter?

Also, both of them serve to be great companions and if you are having kids at home, they are sure to enjoy playing with either of them, no matter which one you choose to have!

A lot of dog owners get confused between the appearance of Regular Yorkie and a Teacup Yorkie. This post will elaborate on what makes a Yorkie a Teacup Yorkie.

How to take care of your Yorkie? – Teacup Yorkie vs Regular Yorkie

When you have planned to get a teacup Yorkie, or has got one, make sure that you remain careful about it all the time. Since it is lightweight, chances are that anyone and everyone can carry it on his or her lap, even if it’s unintentionally.

Also, they are playful and naughty, so much so, that it will move around aimlessly with you remaining totally unaware of it. Make sure that you don’t end up being so negligent that your pup is found injured elsewhere in your absence.

Thus, despite the fact that you own either a teacup pup or a regular one, you ought to dedicate all your attention to both of them. All you need is to monitor its movements, and you can manage things all by yourself! Take care of it, no matter which variety you own!

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How to choose the colour of your Yorkie?

Yorkies generally come in three different shades which include yellow, chocolate and black. Both the teacup Yorkies and the regular ones come in any of the three. When you see a teacup pup or a regular one, it gets really difficult to distinguish between the two just by looking at their colours.

Another very essential fact to note over here is that these Yorkies can inherit any of the colours during their birth and that may completely vary when they grow up. So, you might have bought as per any particular colour, but the genotype of the pup might have been so different that it turns out to be something else.

Well, does colour really matter? It might bother you a bit at the time of purchase but once you start loving it, your affection keeps growing for it so much that you hardly care about its body shade anymore!

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Teacup Yorkie vs Regular Yorkie: Temperament varies!

Coming to the variation in terms of the temperament of a Yorkie, a teacup Yorkie is said to be more playful than a regular one. The logic behind this is probably because teacup Yorkies are lightweight and a regular Yorkie is heavier which makes it a little lazy to move around!

Well, that’s just probable guesswork! No science behind it though! However, a friend of mine who owns a regular Yorkie seems to be more playful than the former. That’s how I find it to be! Don’t know-how!

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A common myth about Yorkie: Teacup vs Regular

Although the statement “teacup Yorkies are more playful” does not stand to be true to me. Well, that’s because I consider that to be a myth.

No matter if it’s a teacup pup or a regular Yorkie, your pet will be playful only when you take care of his health. Any pet or even a human being is sure to feel low when it is suffering from a disease.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you maintain a properly balanced diet and conduct regular grooming sessions for your pup and it’s free from all kinds of illness.

If you take enough care of your pet, it will surely remain playful all throughout the day, and you would definitely love its company.

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How to decide on purchasing a Yorkie?

regular yorkie v/s teacup yorkie

Since the debate out here is ‘teacup Yorkie vs regular Yorkie’, you must know that no matter which one of them you pick, feeding it right and taking enough care of it are the two ideal solutions you have in hand.

There’s nothing better than the other! A healthy pup will surely be your best friend in the very first place! Despite all of that, here are a few factors that you may consider while purchasing a pup:

Meet its parents

Since a pup is supposed to inherit at least a few characteristics from its parents, make sure that you meet them before locking your purchase. If its parents are agile and active, you can expect it to be playful as well.

Although your pup will change its colour with the due course of time despite you picking one of your favourite colour, you can estimate it to some extent by its parents.

Get a pup worth the value you pay for!

Although teacup Yorkies cost higher than the regular ones, that need not be mandatory all the time! Make sure that you pick a healthy pup and prioritize your gain for the value you pay!

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