Expert Tips for Taking Care of a Dachshund

Expert Tips for Taking Care of a Dachshund

Anyone who owns a dog will appreciate what a difference they can make in your life. Rather than being a one-sided relationship, canines give back so much in terms of affection. Dachshunds are loveable pets, but they have special requirements that need to be catered for, including infection protection.

If you’ve recently acquired one, you’ll no doubt be keen to find out how best to look after it. If this applies to you or someone you know, read on because this article will provide some top tips from the experts.

Buy A Collar Or Harness


When you purchase the collar, make sure it fits well and is comfortable. It should be adjusted so that it doesn’t fall off of his head if he tries to pull back or shake his head really fast. Having said that, the right size will also allow for a little growth over time. If your collar doesn’t contain an ID tag, consider placing some identification information on it in case it ever ends up getting lost.


If you are buying a harness, most dachshunds should be able to wear an ‘extra small’ version but check first. The best ones have buckles that clip together and also go around their chest to prevent them from backing out of it and getting hurt.

Even though a harness wouldn’t keep him as restrained as when having a collar, it could give you more control over how far he goes during walks. It also puts less pressure on their necks as they pull themselves forward.

The internet is a good place to search for accessories. You can find a dog harness for dachshunds that’s choke-free or made of a specific material. You can often read FAQs and reviews, discovering the pros and cons of each different product.

Care For His Back

This breed has a long back and because of this, they are prone to injuries. If your dog is overweight, it will cause issues. This is why you should monitor his diet and activity level to ensure your dog stays fit and healthy.Try not to allow it to pull on the leash when walking. Also, keep an eye out for any limping during exercise. If you notice any signs that something could be wrong with your dog’s back you should schedule a visit with your local veterinarian; they will be able to best identify what attention or treatment is needed.

Look After His Teeth

Dachshund’s teeth are very close together so tartar and plaque can form quickly, which is bad for their teeth and gums.

If your dog has lots of dental issues you might want to consider feeding it special dry food that helps reduce the build-up of tartar. You could also consider brushing its teeth with specially formulated toothpaste at least once a week.

Provide Adequate Company And Exercise

Doxies are very laid back but can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone too often. They do best in homes with two or more people who will be around most of the time. If you must leave him alone at home, be sure to give him his own space filled with toys and a nice bed so he can relax.Dachshunds are high-energy dogs that need daily exercise and this is also great for reducing stress. A daily walk is usually enough to keep your Doxie happy, but make sure you also have some playtime together in the backyard or around the house.

Regularly Provide Pest Protection

Dachshunds are vulnerable to pests like fleas, ticks, and heartworm. These pests not only cause discomfort but can also lead to health issues if left unchecked. When it comes to tick and flea protection, you can find products that can be applied monthly to your dog or that can be used when there is an infestation in the home.Look for non-toxic, safe, and proven products such as Frontline Plus to keep pests away. Don’t forget to protect your dog outside too, if necessary using a mosquito spray.

Protect Him From The Heat And Cold

Don’t leave your dachshund in a car, even for a few minutes. Keep the temperature moderate indoors and outdoors. You can provide extra warmth by placing a blanket or towel on its bed during the winter months.When taking it to places where there’s excessive cold you should dress up your dog. Use layers of clothes including sweaters and booties before going out. Don’t let him stay outside for too long – especially when wet or windy weather conditions are present.

Clean Him Correctly


Dogs will roll around in anything smelly (e.g. dead fish) so think twice before allowing them outside without supervision. Clean your dog’s paws regularly to maintain hygiene. If his feet are dirty, he could track that dirt into the house where it could be spread onto other surfaces as well.


Dachshunds need a bath about once every two months, but it could be less often if you keep him clean in between baths. Make sure that when you bathe your doxie, you only shampoo his body and not his head, ears, or legs. This is so he doesn’t get soap inside those areas, causing irritation.
Dachshunds tend to have ear problems, so it is important that you clean them when necessary. When doing so, use a cotton ball or clean cloth and be sure not to push the material into the ear canal.

If he has recently been swimming in a lake that contains cleaning chemicals, don’t clean his ears until after he has fully dried off. You should also make sure the folds of your dog’s skin are kept clean, and keep him away from toxic plants.

Daily grooming and the provision of quality food are also important things to remember. When he has a healthy routine and a system in place to fully steward his health and wellbeing, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your pet. In turn, your dachshund will be able to lead a healthy and happy life for many years to come.

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