What makes a Yorkie a Teacup Yorkie

What makes a Yorkie a Teacup Yorkie

A lot of Yorkie lovers are made to believe that “Teacup” is actually another breed in Yorkies. This is False.

Some unethical breeders deliberately try to produce these little dogs and call them “Teacup” Yorkies. This makes people think that it is actually a variety of a Yorkshire Terrier.

“Teacup” Yorkies are very small Yorkie dogs who weigh around 2 to 3 pounds as opposed to Elder Yorkies who weigh around 4-7 pounds.

Let me clear myself here. There is nothing wrong in smaller Yorkie as long as the breeder is using ethical breeding practices. Some dogs are born very small naturally.

These are the true “teacup” Yorkies who catch anyone’s attention as they are really small and need love, care and attention of people.

who is a teacup yorkie

Some of the unethical breeding practices include breeding runt to runt until you get a Teacup Yorkie so small that their survivability becomes a question in itself.

This is the reason why a lot of these Yorkies have a lot of health issues like Heart disease, hydrocephaly, hypoglycemia and luxating patella.

What’s “Teacupism”?

Teacupism is a highly unethical and unhealthy breeding practice where Small dogs of particular breeds are made to bred each other so much that their newborn is of extremely small size.

Teacup Yorkies are so small in size that they can even fit in your palm. And there will still be plenty of space left.

Not only this process invites health problems for these dogs, but their lifespan is also very less as well.

So What Makes a Yorkie a Teacup Yorkie?

When a male Yorkshire Terrier puppy is bred with a female Yorkshire Terrier puppy, we get a Teacup Yorkie. A Teacup Yorkie weighs less than 4 pounds and is home to plenty of health issues.

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Why are Teacup Yorkies so Popular?

Why are Smaller smartphones so popular? Because humans can carry them easily anywhere along with them. Just like this, Teacup Yorkies are so small, they can fit in small handbags or designer bags.

Also, they look extremely small and cute which makes a person fall in love with them at that very instant. This is what makes them a hot commodity.

Another big reason is that this breed is now in “Fashion” due to big celebrities carrying them in their designer bags and showing them off in the media.


These tiny dogs are the mini version of already a mini breed of dogs, that is, Yorkshire Terriers. They are not even officially recognized by any Canine clubs.

Teacup Yorkie Health problems

Teacup Yorkies weigh around 4 pounds even when they are fully grown.

I think it’s time we as humans think closely and take decisions which lead to stopping of these unethical breeding practices. There are some reasons why you should not be considering to get a Teacup Yorkie, instead, you should boycott anyone selling these breeds using unethical breeding practices.

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Reasons to not consider a Teacup Yorkie 

1. Unfair Breeding Practices 

There are many issues with these extra small dogs which begin even before they are born. There are times when a Teacup Yorkie is born naturally in a litter as opposed to other Yorkies.

But mostly these breeders breed these dogs by breeding two undersized dogs, which is inhumane and unhealthy. They do this to fulfil the demand for Teacup Yorkies.

Unethical breeders resort to these practices due to the very high demand and cost associated with these Teacup Yorkies. They are sold for thousands of dollars.

reasons to not consider a teacup yorkie

This is why unethical breeders resort to anything possible to get as many Teacup Yorkie puppies as they can. These also include starving a Yorkie to the point it stops a Yorkie puppy from growing in size.

There is only one officially recognized classification in Yorkshire Terriers and that is “Toy” Yorkie. Anything else from Teacup T-cup, miniature, baby poodle, purse puppy are all not recognized anywhere.

So, when you are searching for a Yorkshire Terrier to buy and the breeder advertises using any other words other than the word “Toy”, he is most likely trying to be deceptive.

Many breeders even sell normal Yorkshire Terriers by calling them “Teacup”. These are young Yorkie puppies who have not yet grown and there is no guarantee that they will not grow up to be more than 4 pounds of weight.

Their age in the bill is manipulated to make the buyer believe that he is elder but in fact, he is much younger in reality.

2. “Teacup” is an Unrecognized Breed Classification 

A Teacup Yorkie isn’t officially recognized by the AKC. It is too small to be considered a true Yorkshire Terrier.

When the AKC refuses to accept or recognize Teacup Yorkie as a variety or size in Yorkies, you can guess that there is some problem with that size of the breed.

3. Plenty of Health Problems 

Every breed suffers from certain health problems and it is pretty normal. But for Teacup Yorkies, these health issues multiply and the list goes on and on.

These health problems are a result of inhumane and unethical breeding practices like making two innocent undersized Yorkies to breed and produce an even smaller Yorkie puppy (Teacup) or starving Yorkie puppies to stop their growth make them look like “Teacup” and sell them by manipulating the date in the bill.

Due to these issues, their lifespan is too less when compared to other Yorkies, sometimes they even live for less than 2 years.

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is very common in these Yorkies, which causes brain damage, seizures and ultimately death when it goes unnoticed.

Teacup Yorkies also need to be hand-fed and sometimes even force-fed in hypoglycemia. These tiny dogs have a poor appetite and digestive problems as well.

Other major health problems in Teacup Yorkies include heart problems, brain problems, liver shunts and luxating patella.

4. Needs 24/7 Monitoring from the owner 

teacup yorkie care

Imagine if you are a tiny man and everything else in this world is towering you. You need help from someone else to reach the top of something.

This is the same case with ultra-small Yorkies as well. They need help from the owner or someone else to get on or off the furniture and vehicles.

There is risk involved in anything that he does and anywhere he is present.

Ultra-small Yorkshire Terriers have very weak and small bones which can easily be broken. This means they are not at all family dogs as children would be fighting with each other to carry such a cute dog. The tragic accident is waiting to happen.

Also, other pets like dogs or cats would also hurt such a small dog even when he/she doesn’t want to hurt them. There would be added risk from other animals like Squirrels as well.

Other dogs like German Shepherds, Huskies or Rottweilers which have high prey drives can easily kill these creatures with a small bite.

Leave anyone else, These dogs even have a tendency of getting underfoot and there are chances that you may even harm them unknowingly by stepping on them.

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Guide to Buying a Yorkie Puppy 

If you still wish to buy a Teacup Yorkie puppy, make sure you are not getting them from a breeder who doesn’t indulge in unfair and unhealthy breeding practices.

Always visit the kennel and meet the parents of that puppy. If the breeder is authentic, he will also agree to check that puppy from a Veterinarian as well.

Request the breeder to weigh the puppy in front of you. If you see them making excuses, it’s better to look for other breeders.

Please Check this Yorkie Weight Chart for more info.

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