When can Yorkie puppies leave their mother?

When can Yorkie puppies leave their mother?

A Yorkie puppy can leave his mother only when he or she is 12 weeks old. If you are in a hurry, make sure that your Yorkie is at least 8 weeks old before leaving his mother.  

Welcoming a furry member in a family isn’t easy. It takes a lot of planning, how to renovate your canine’s room, what toys to buy, what clothes to purchase.

If you have just welcomed a Yorkie puppy and you are awe-struck with his enthusiasm and level of energy, then let me tell you, this is what defines a Yorkshire terrier, and this is what makes them a brand.

Most of us would agree with how adorable these hounds look. You can’t ignore them even on your worst days. They are great companions, stress busters, and a hairy therapist. 

When you agree to adopt a Yorkie, you probably wonder when is the right time for a Yorkie to leave his mommy, is it the right thing to do, what is the aftermath? Before you bring a Yorkie home, learn what is the price of a Yorkie and how to properly take care of Newborn Yorkies

Pet specialists suggest dog parents should adopt a Yorkie baby after a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks since he has joined the world. 

Therefore, a Yorkie puppy can only leave his mother after he is around 10 or 12 weeks old. 

Many professionals have different opinions, which become confusing when looking for one concrete answer. Don’t worry, in this article I’ll try to solve all your Yorkie-queries up to my best.

When should a Yorkie puppy leave their Mother? 

A separation period of a Yorkie and its mother depends upon many factors. Yorkies come into the toy terriers category, and their temperament is different and discussed.

It is advisable to separate a Yorkie from his mommy after 12 weeks because the 8-12 weeks period is a transition period for a Yorkie. Between this period, a Yorkie strengthens his core, attains maturity, and be ready to say ‘hello’ to the world. 

This period is also necessary from the socialization point of view because this is the time when a Yorkie spends much time with his family and other dog breeds in a pet center. 

It helps develop his interaction skills, behavioral skills, social skills, and family skills. Public engagement skill is a prerequisite to your Yorkie’s good behavior with strangers, kids, or guests at home

Until this 8-12 weeks period, Yorkies build an immune system that helps fight the internal and the external environment. However, Not every Yorkie is the same.

Some take more time to hit the maturity phase than usual. You have to have your patience on hold to introduce a cheering canine friend in your house. Learn more about the Yorkshire Terrier growth pattern here

Why do Yorkies need an 8 to 12 Weeks Separation Time?

The simplest way to answer is to develop bonding. Yorkie puppies in their initial phases of transition are required to bond with their mother and siblings. The Yorkie mommy, as soon as she gives birth to her pups, acknowledges her duty as their teacher and, step by step, helps them learn:

  • How to arrange food for themselves
  • How to protect themselves at times of danger
  • How to clean themselves
  • How to be socially available
  • And how to act according to their dog instincts.

There are multiple facets to your Yorkie’s transition. Here are a few things which give a push to your Yorkie’s overall personality to be a family-friendly dog, and you should know!

1. Behavioral Excellence

Many dog parents have complained about their Yorkies panicking too quickly, deriving anxiety, fatigue, and being clingy all the time. It might be because of the too early adoption time.

Yorkies adopted before their healthy transition period show signs of negative behavioral change. They will bond less, eat less, sleep less, play less, and ignore housebreaking training to the maximum.

So, it is necessary to incubate your Yorkie for an 8-12 week period to develop his vital behavioral organs, to inhibit confidence, and ability to surrender himself to a new mother, a new room, a new home, and a new city.

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2. A change in Menu

For Younger Yorkies, it is hard to switch from milk to solid food in the first five weeks of their birth. The lactation period continues till the sixth week.

Some argue that Baby Yorkies can also survive with the artificial milk available in the market. Yes, they can, but the nourishment their body requires to grow strong can only be from the mother dog’s milk.

If you want a healthy puppy with fewer signs of stress and uneasiness, then offer him a good time to get past his milky food.

3. Avoid Uninvited Biting 

Barking and Biting are some of the common characteristics of a dog one can not escape. Female Yorkies teach their little pups the art of biting.

When to bite, whom to bite, and where to use it as a safety weapon. Disconnecting your Yorkie from these primary classes will lead to biting mishaps in the neighborhood, leaving both of you in a moment of embarrassment.

However, if your Yorkie barks excessively, here’s how to stop excessive barking.

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Yorkies Weekly Evolution: An Outline

when should a yorkie leave his mother

Until now, I have discussed the importance of week limitation and the transition time you shouldn’t be probably missing on your Yorkie. The initial phases of your Yorkie’s life are the crucial parameters of their overall growth and maturation.

After your puppy has passed the 12 weeks challenge, welcome him home with all safety measures you could do possibly. Also, maintain a contact list of your nearest vet clinics to reach out for emergency calls. This is how to properly take care of your Yorkie puppy

Let us see how every week impacts your Yorkie’s cognitive, mental, social, and physical growth.

 8-9 Weeks

The first 8-9 weeks is the nourishment period for Yorkies. During this period, Yorkies are most vulnerable and can easily catch viruses like (CPV) Canine Parvo Virus which instantly damages the intestinal functions to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients. During this time, Yorkies need utmost care with timely milk supply and vaccine shots.

 9-10 Weeks

During this period, your Yorkie’s appearance evolves. Some Yorkies are born with black or brown skin. The outer coat takes time to grow in fuller. With proper grooming and diet care, Yorkies attain their golden, shiny, silky, and smooth hair by the end of the 10th week. Learn more about a Yorkshire Terrier’s coloring and when they change their colors. 

10-12 Weeks

During this period, Yorkies prep up to be fully grown Yorkshire terriers. They start to practice all the lessons they’ve learned from their mommy and littermates until they are ready to go.

12-16 Weeks

It is the period of celebrating your Yorkie’s homecoming. During this time, you have a lot of chores to finish, like housebreaking, potty training, walking on a leash, getting used to a harness, and so on.

But this time, you will observe your Yorkie using his dog instincts and fighting bullies around him. No matter how small he is, he visualizes himself as the big boy with big muscles.

It is also a chance for you to teach your puppy how to be in a crate for extended hours but not more than 8 hours. You will also require to get him to the vet clinic for vaccine shots.

During the end of the 15th week, your Yorkie will be very transparent to you. You will be familiar with his behaviors and any change in his attitude, and this is when you can correct him through positive reinforcement tactics and training.

Also, try not to leave your Yorkie alone during this transition period. Play with him, spend more time with him and let your puppy recognize your presence and the new environment.

16-20 Weeks

This period is for the beautiful fur revelation of your Yorkie. Your Yorkie will naturally shed his black or brown hair coat and renew a bright golden fur to a shiny silver coat depending upon your Yorkie’s genes.

It is also when you get to groom your Yorkie for the first time. Sing him a happy 1st ‘fur-day’ song and congratulate your little buddy.

Above 6 Months

After your Yorkie crosses the six months journey, he embraces his original fur and skin with a cheerful smile. Your Yorkie is an all-grown-up toddler, and now he is ready to get admission in advanced training classes, swimming classes, or housebreaking classes.

It is time for you to treat him more carefully and save him from unnecessary neighborhood fights and tensions as he is all charged up with high energy and stamina.

Here’s The Catch

After all of this, your brave Yorkie is still a living being with emotions. Undoubtedly, you have tried all ways possible to make him feel at home, but he might be still in his old-room zone.

You may notice him crying at night because he misses his mommy and siblings. It will eat up enough time for your Yorkie to mold himself into a new place with new parents. The only thing you can do for him at this moment is to love him, hug him, cuddle him and take care of him.

The Final Thoughts

Now that you know everything about your Yorkie’s separation time from her biological mother, the only thing I would say is don’t feel that you are being cruel or insensitive by adopting an infant Yorkie.

You know that you are just trying to be a parent, a good parent to him, and support him in his odds and ills. Just make sure you give him enough time to develop his interpersonal skills to be a fighter and an all-rounder.

How was your experience the first time your jolly-molly Yorkie joined your family? Share your story with me in the comments section below. 

Toodles! 🙂

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