When Do Yorkies Stop Growing?

When Do Yorkies Stop Growing?

Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Terriers, are small dogs who have become very popular recently. A lot of Yorkie owners have a doubt whether their dog is a purebred or has been bred with some other breed to make them grow taller and stronger.

Hence they usually ask that “At What Age Will My Yorkie Stop Growing?“. I have a detailed answer to this and will make you understand the growth stages of Yorkies.

Hi! My name is Miley and I have a Female Yorkshire Terrier whose name is Bella. I adopted her when she was 4 months old and I got her from a rescue shelter near my place.

She is 5 years old now and has grown up to become a fully grown adult Yorkie dog. Hence, I have experienced her growth myself and can help you with your Yorkie Growth related queries. I will also share my own experience to help you better understand their growth pattern.

Before I begin with discussing their growth pattern and Stages of development, Let’s talk a little about their History-

History of Yorkshire Terriers

when do yorkie stop growing

Yorkshire Terrier, who was originally bred to hunt rats in mines are big dogs in small size. This breed is always looking for adventure and mischief.

Yorkie was awarded the most popular toy breed in the United States. They are affectionate towards their people and are suspicious of strangers. They do hesitate to alert the surroundings by barking when they meet any stranger.

Yorkies do enjoy the company of kids, especially if kids are taught well on how to play along with a dog. Also, this breed should not be left alone for a long period of time.

Yorkshire Terriers are most famous and glamorous for their long and silky coat which needs regular grooming and care. Generally, Yorkies are considered to be unfriendly with other breeds of dogs and do not get well with them. But my experience has been quite opposite to this as my friend’s Labra puppy and my Yorkie dog get along really well.

This is due to the fact that I have socialized my dog well when he was young. I have even put in efforts to Train my dog with basic commands using The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan (Review)

Stages of Development in a Yorkie’s Life

Yorkies grow rapidly in the early stages of their life. They grow in size even after they get older but less as compared to the earlier stages of life.

Yorkies are a perfect example of what a lap dog is. This is the breakdown of their growth stages

  • 1st Period: From Birth to 3 weeks old: During this Period, Yorkie Puppies cannot open their eyes and hear anything. Eyes and Ears open completely around 2 weeks after their birth. After Week 2, they are able to recognize only bright moving objects and become full sighted at the end of Week 3.
  • 2nd Period: Week 3-Week 5. Puppies develop some instincts to food and defence. The growth during this period is still very slow and they shall be exercised a little like a little walking inside the house.
  • 3rd Period: Week 5-Week 12. By this time, Yorkshire Puppies are able to eat something else other than their mother’s milk. They can even stay independent after this period. During this period, they acquire a lot of energy and activity. They channelise this energy on exploring everything around them by sniffing, smelling, touching and even tasting.
  • 4th Period: Month 3-Month 7. By this period, Yorkie puppies have learnt a lot and they show defensive reactions to various external objects and strangers. This is the time when they aquire different behaviour qualities and some of them can even cause any problems for you (like excessive barking, jumping, separation anxiety). By the end of the 4th period, the behavioural traits are already very well visible in their personality.

Yorkshire Terrier Growth Chart


Though there are a lot of factors that affect the growth of a Yorkie Puppy, These 4 Stages of Development describe a General pattern. A Yorkie Puppy is Officially an Adult After a Year. The Life Expectancy of a Yorkshire Terrier is around 13-15.

How Much does a Yorkie Weigh at these Various Life Stages?

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies weigh around 2-6 Ounces at Birth.

By the end of the 3rd Period, that is, 12 Weeks, They can reach up to 2 pounds of weight. Once a Yorkie is an adult after he’s turned 1 year old, his weight can be between 3-8 pounds.

My Yorkie weighs around 8.5 pounds. Yorkies are really lightweight and that’s why they are such a great example of lap dogs and can fit into your laps even at adulthood.

Though this weight can vary around a lot of factors. Let’s Elaborate on those Factors.

What If My Yorkie is much Larger or Smaller?

Not every dog is the same. That’s why not every puppy is going to grow at the same rate and grow up to become the same size. Genetics and Diet can cause a puppy to grow larger than the average size. There is no need to be worried about that.

Many Yorkies can even grow to 15 pounds as well. There can be a debate about whether they are purebred or not, but let’s keep that for some other day.

If you are worried about the growth of your Yorkie or feel that your dog is not growing like he should be growing, you can always take him for a Vet.

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Factors that Affects the Growth of a Yorkie 

There are certain factors which determine the weight and size of your Yorkie dog. Several factors will decide how big or how overweight your dog can be.

yorkie growth pattern

A lot of breeders take part in irresponsible breeding of Yorkies due to their small size and popularity. Some of the common factors that affect the growth of a Yorkie are:


A lot of times the growth of your Yorkie will depend upon the size and weight of both of his parents as well. Just like Humans, the body structure and size of dogs depend upon their parents as well.

If you get your dog from a good breeder, you can get to meet your Yorkie’s parents as well and measure their weight and height so you can get a general idea on how the things will play out.

Genetics play a major role in the Growth of a Yorkie. Even if you feed him a lot and his parents were not that large in size, he may still experience a growth at a small rate.

Most of the times, One of the parent’s genetic traits are transferred more in the child as compared to the other parent. If you go to the breeder and want to meet the parents of puppy Yorkie that you want to adopt, I would advise you to meet both the parents.

Medical Conditions

Yorkies are generally healthy but like all other dogs, they are prone to certain health conditions as well. Yorkies are prone to Patellar Luxation, which is commonly found in small-sized dogs. This causes lameness in the leg and the rubbing caused by Patellar Luxation can lead to Arthritis.

If your Yorkie continues to grow in size and weight even after 3-4 years of age, he may be suffering from a medical condition known as acromegaly. There is a problem in the Pituitary gland which causes the gland to produce too much growth hormones.

Visiting a Veterinarian would be a suitable option for you in case of Acromegaly.


What your pup eats matter a lot. It determines how big and fat your dog will get. If you make your Yorkie consume a proper diet with proper ingredients, it can definitely benefit his bone strength. Always feed your Yorkie puppy with High-Quality dry pet food.

Dogs with a balanced diet and high-quality food stay healthier and live longer. Watch this Video which Discloses the Biggest Secret of Dog Food Industry.

For the young puppies in the Crucial Development Phases, It is important to feed a high amount of Protein. High-quality protein sources are filled with muscle-building amino acids which helps to strengthen the muscles of your Yorkie as well.

Along with Proteins, Calcium, Carbs and Minerals are important to consume as well.


And last but not Least is Exercise. A lot of dog owners think that small dogs don’t need a lot of exercise but you might be wrong. Puppies also need to be trained properly and need a regular routine of exercise as well.

While it is true that young puppies like to sleep all day long, but is very important to take them for a walk at least twice a day for 15 minutes per walk. One in the morning and one in the evening.

This helps them expend energy and explore the outside world as well. Regular exercise helps them stay in shape and develop important muscles in the body as well.

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When Do Yorkies Stop Growing?

Yorkies are fully grown adult by the time they are 1 year old. They may even grow after that but the growth is not very significant.

They grow really fast in the first 12 months itself and reach adulthood by that time.

Even if they grow up to become an adult dog, they would still carry a look of a small puppy. They would always be smaller as compared to other breeds and will not get very tall.

Their fur colour changes with age. It is black in colour when they are young and the colour changes to brown after a year or so. Also, it’s good to teach them how to walk properly, or else, they have a tendency of being underfoot.

If you are a first-time owner and are looking to get a Yorkie, I would highly advise you to do so. They are the best breed for first-time dog owners and they are adorable and super cute as well.

Another thing about them is that they are easier to train breeds as well. When it comes to Grooming, they may require you to put in more efforts and time to brush their hair regularly.

Brain Training For Dogs is a great course which can Make your Dog 10 Times more Intelligent and Smarter if you follow the tips and games that it teaches you. You can read about the Story of a Lady and how she was able to Unleash the Hidden Intelligence in her dog.

yorkie growth factors

I would highly recommend you to put in efforts and time in training your dog (all breeds). My Yorkie, Bella had developed certain Behavioural Problems like Separation Anxiety, Nipping and Jumping.

This was due to my mistake of not training my dog with basic commands in her puppyhood and then even neglecting her behavioural problems for some time. Please do not commit the same mistake that I committed and spend 20-30 minutes daily on your dog’s Training and Behaviour.

Learn from my Mistake and Train your Dog without Spending Thousands of Dollars and Hundreds of Hours in Training by using The Online Dog Trainer. Here’s a very emotional story of a lady which shows how this program works for everyone and produces the best results each and every time.

I hope that Now you better Understand the Growth Pattern of a Yorkie and have a better idea of When will your Yorkie Stop Growing. If you have Queries or Comments, You are welcomed to write below in the comment section.


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