When Should you Spay your Yorkie?

When Should you Spay your Yorkie?

How would you react when you hear somebody has just removed her ovaries for birth control, body hygiene, and safety? You would probably praise this step, and on the back of your mind, you will ask yourself- was it hurtful? 

Well, sit back and relax. It is just a part of a medical process that is optionable. You can draw inspiration from your neighborhood Yorkie, who has just got spayed.

As a Yorkie Parent, you hesitate to encourage your dog to dwell on this method, but there is nothing to worry about as it is safe, hygienic, and clinically tested. 

I know you might have a lot of questions related to the topic of Spaying your Yorkie. It could be “When should you Spay your pet Yorkie dog?” or “Does it hurt your Yorkie when she gets spayed?“.

I will answer all your queries in this article. If you are someone who prefers watching videos, here’s the video:


What do you mean by Spaying?

In simple language, Spaying means blocking the reproductive organs to release eggs for fertilization. Spaying is a surgical technique used by professionals to cut down the ovaries to curb your Yorkie from procreation and also to save her from other ovarian diseases. Removal of the ovaries and the uterus is known as the process of Ovariohysterectomy. 


Is it necessary to spay a Yorkie?

Spaying is optional. It depends upon the Yorkie owners to opt for a surgical method like Ovariohysterectomy to make their furry friend sexually unaccessible. Yorkie parents generally adopt this medical method to protect their pets from unwanted pregnancy and fatal diseases. It is also helpful to maintain the population and keep it under control.


When Should you Spay your Yorkie?

What is the best time in a Female Yorkie’s lifespan to spay her is a matter of professional advice. Generally, It is better not to sterilize a female Yorkie before she turns three months old.

The best time to spay your Yorkie is after she turns 4 months old and before she turns 6 months old. This is the time when it would hurt her the least. 

Pet Professionals suggest Yorkie parents book an appointment and get a clear picture of the time of when to spay their Yorkie. If you get your Yorkie spayed between 4 to 6 months of age, then it will be much better for your Yorkie’s physical and mental health. 

In other words, you should take your Yorkie to a clinic for spay surgery after she has experienced her first heat.

However, if you are a new Yorkie parent and you have booked an appointment to spay your Yorkie and she is more than 2 years old, then I suggest you avoid the surgery because it will cause weakness and tiredness to your Yorkie due to loss of extra blood.

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What are the Benefits of Spaying your Yorkie?

what are the benefits of spaying in Yorkies

Spaying is a surgical way to save your Yorkie from embarrassing moments. There are a lot of benefits that your Yorkie can get if she gets spayed.

Here are the 4 Advantages to Spay your Yorkie’s ovaries and the uterus.


1. No Heat Pain

Being in heat is difficult for your Yorkie, just like humans feel it in periods. It brings mood swings, pad pressure, emotional pressure, and pain along as well. 

A Yorkie generally experiences heat for at least 10-12 days. When your Yorkie gets herself spayed, it removes her ovaries and the uterus. It saves her from the heating and egg fertilization process and heat-o-pause for a lifetime.


2. Keep her away from the Male Maters

Pre-surgery, when your Yorkie is in heat, her vulva swells, and her body releases out a smell that attracts male Yorkies or dogs from far away.

Male dogs look for females to mate with and reproduce. Once you get your Yorkie spayed, you also keep away these male dogs who want to mate and the chances of your Yorkie getting pregnant. 

Want to know if your Yorkie is already pregnant? Here’s a Guide.


3. Unwanted Pregnancy

Once your Yorkie passes her sterilization and cuts out her ovaries and the uterus, it automatically wipes out the possibilities of your Yorkie getting pregnant.

Spaying helps your Yorkie to avoid unwanted pregnancy. It saves your Yorkie from pregnancy complications. 


4. No to Uterus and Ovarian Cancer

Female Yorkies can get Uterus and Ovarian Cancer due to unsafe mating. Your Yorkie might get infections if your Yorkie defecates outside.

But, with ovarian hysterectomy, your Yorkie will suffer from negligible risks of cancer or other kinds of ovarian diseases. Due to heat-o-pause, your Yorkie is unlikely to get breast cancer.

Breast cancer can be more painful due to heat periods, but there is nothing to worry about as you can opt for the ovarian hysterectomy method to rescue your Yorkie from health disorders.


What happens to your Yorkie after Sterilization? 

Ovarian Hysterectomy or Spaying is optional, and it is up to you if you don’t want your Yorkie to deal with pregnancy issues.

The sterilization process is time taking not only during the whole surgery but also during post-surgery. Proper attention and care are needed.

But what if you want to skip the surgery or spay your Yorkie at the wrong time? What are the consequences? Here are a few things to note if the Spaying is done wrongfully and at the wrong time.


1. It can be Disease-causing

When you spay your Yorkie for the first time, it can be painful, tiresome, and time-taking in recovery. Ovarian cancers and infections can be a sign of your Yorkie’s internal organs dysfunctionality and will be disturbing.

Health complications would become common if surgery has been performed at the wrong age and at the wrong time and situation.

Your Yorkie’s vulva would become delicate and prone to bacteria, germs, and infections. So, before you book an appointment, do quick research or call your vet to be professionally sure.


2. Use of Anesthesia

Spaying is the safest way to control irrational birth and overpopulation. It can be challenging at first, but soon both of you will observe the results that will be worth waiting, paying, and neutering your puppy.

However, during surgery, vets usually apply anesthesia on Yorkies to calm their nerves and release them from the pain. Some Yorkies have high bearing capacity while some don’t, and not every Yorkie would react the same.


3. Weight Gain

Spaying affects the uterus region and the endocrine system and can cause excess weight gain and hyperthyroidism. Sterilization significantly affects your Yorkie’s body weight, and ultimately, it makes your Yorkie obese.

Now you will have to do multitask to take care of your Yorkie’s weight and overall health. Your Yorkie will start losing her hair, slow down in her active lifestyle, feel weak and tired. However, proper medication and routine checkups will wipe out this side effect in no time.

If you face any problems regarding hair care of your Yorkshire Terrier, learn how to properly take care of your Yorkie’s hair.


What should you do after your Yorkie gets Spayed? 

After your Yorkie is spayed, you will have to pull up your socks because it will take more of your time and efforts to help your Yorkie recover from the surgery aftermath. 

Here are a few things you can do for your Yorkie to make her feel comfortable and bring her back into her healthy lifestyle.

  • Your Yorkie may not feel the urge to eat as she has just survived one major surgery, so as a supportive and loving parent, Don’t push her to eat and give her time to recover from the pain. Within days she will voluntarily ask you to bring her favorite bowl of meal like she used to when she was at home.
  • The stitches can get damaged if your Yorkie performs any physical activity. Avoid any physical exercise or activity that swells your Yorkie’s wound and break the stitches. Continue this step for at least a week.
  • Take proper care of the incision area to nullify any breakouts. Keep away all the pointed materials or toys or a chair nearby your Yorkie’s bed to save your puppy from any mishap. Some stitches naturally wear out, and some need a professional hand. So, after 8-10 days of surgery, take your Yorkie to the clinic for a checkup and to know if she is ready to handle the clean-up process.
  • Your Yorkie may feel dizzy and nauseatic because of the anesthesia tube used during the surgery. If you observe any of the above signs, immediately consult a pet doctor.
  • Your Yorkie may start licking her stitches out of her natural instincts, but it can be infectious and harmful to your Yorkie’s health so try to keep your Yorkie distracted by continuously talking to her or playing brain games with her. Try out Brain Training for Dogs which can 10X your Yorkie’s Intelligence in just 21 days. Here’s its review

Final Words

Spaying is a time-taking process. Indeed. As a parent, it’s not easy to see your Yorkie struggling with the pain pre and post-surgery.

But Sterilization has many health benefits that you would not want to overlook and miss as it is in the best interest of your Yorkie. I agree it gives you goosebumps more than your Yorkie when she suffers from non-deviating discomforts, but don’t worry, with proper care and medication, your Yorkie will set back to her usual form, cheerful, charming, and evergreen.

When was the first time you spayed your Yorkie? Do tell me your story in the comments section below. I would love to read.


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