At What Age will a Yorkie Calm Down? | Yorkie Behavior |

At What Age will a Yorkie Calm Down? | Yorkie Behavior |

A Yorkie starts to Calm down when he is around 2 years of age. As he turns 3 years old, he starts to get even calmer and more Mature. 

When you notice someone raising a hand in a get-together or a tea party in response to “Yorkies can be aggressive and hard to cool down.” How would you react? 

You would probably say: It is unbelievable. 

Yes. Correct! Yorkies are cute little pups known for their easy-classy business. They know how to be the center of attention in a room filled with human bees.

But, sometimes, they can also lose their temper and be way more aggressive, where it will be hard to bring back their volcanic mood to rest like a calm sea. And That’s when many Yorkie owners wonder when will their Yorkie start to calm down a little

The Yorkshire Terrier remains in awe of himself, and why not? An appealing furry coat with classy pigtails and a little dramatic nose with shiny eyes, A Yorkie-Dokie knows when to hit the attention-o-meter

Their personality speaks for everything. Yorkshire Terriers are affectionate towards their people, as anyone would expect from a companion dog. 

But as it is in genetics, Yorkies can also feel alienated from the strangers or guests at home and will start growling and bark at strange sounds and intruders. They also can be territorial despite their small stature. However, just because Yorkies can be aggressive, it has no reason to mean that your Yorkie is a threat!


Why does my Yorkie act aggressively?

What are the first few things that let you think and ask why your Yorkie is acting aggressively? 

Is it because they bark, attack other dogs, growl, and even bite random people? 

Okay, let me tell you the reasons why your Yorkie cannot keep his calm down that has made your Yorkie aggressive and not-so-easy to handle.

However, when it comes to Yorkies, the reasons can be precise. It is the cause why vets advise dog parents to admit their Yorkies to a socialization training camp at an early age. 

People make assumptions that the aggressiveness could be because of a change in location from one city to another city or one country to another. A change in sleeping location is also in the line. 

But the reasons can vary considering various factors, out of which, some are controllable and can be looked into for treatment while some are not, which can be overruled, to an extent.

Do you know? Yorkies were bred to be used as hunter dogs?

They were rat (shoo)ers! Yes, exactly, Miners used them to shoo away rats from the place of work. They still think they are brave dogs and sometimes stronger than them, regardless of their size


Here are some possible reasons that make a Yorkie aggressive


1. Yorkie had to suffer from Harsh Behavior from Humans around Him

The harsh behavior of the dog parent towards the Yorkie can be one of the reasons for your pup’s surged aggression levels. It can make your Yorkie wear its defensive jacket on the ground.

Yorkies are sensitive and, even a tinge of loud voice can scare them and make them feel unloved. As a result, they are more likely to create an aggressive attitude towards the owner and the family.


2. Your Yorkie is used to getting all his Needs Satisfied Quickly 

Yorkies tend to behave like human kids. If you are a dog parent and you are fulfilling his daily dibs, no matter how cost-ineffective or rare the thing is, you go all your way up to bring it to the kennel. 

As expected, it makes them used to these luxury things and a source of comfort. That is why it can also be one of the reasons for the unbearable aggressive attitude.


3. When Someone fiddles with a Yorkie’s personal belongings 

Yorkies are very clingy to their stuffed toys and other precious things that matter to them. They avoid tolerating anybody snooping around their toys, not even their parents touching their toys, and eventually, they end up barking, growling, and biting people around.


4. Any Bad Experience in the Past

Even in humans, what triggers fear is past horrific and negative experiences. These experiences keep on haunting and try to peek in moments of joy and love.

Therefore, if your Yorkie has had negative experiences with strangers or the people in the surrounding environment or if they carried any dreadful emotional stroke in the past, it is natural for them to talk on aggressive terms.

Your focus should be on finding ways to make your Yorkie feel more comfortable and confident around people. It is not a story of one day. Here’s a Complete Guide on How to take care of a Yorkie

It must have taken a lot of patience and courage for your baby to experience all of this. It needs you so, be right there for your kid.

This whole process may soak in a lot of time but, you definitely, not be giving up at ease and lose hope. You can look for things that often intrigue your Yorkie and make him feel light and be the super dog of the (paw)logy world.


5. Your Yorkie’s suffering from any Stress and Anxiety

You are well aware of the signs and symptoms of stress. We all go through this daily that often pushes us into a deal-not-done situation that we rue about later on. 

Yorkshire Terriers can become hyperactive and snappy when they feel stressed and experiencing a lot of stress. This stress could be because of the points we tagged in above or, it could be some other thing about which you should be aware and informed.

Common anxiety in Yorkshire Terriers is Separation Anxiety and This is How you get rid of it.

You must break in your busy schedule and look for ways to ease up your Yorkie’s pre-occupied mind by playing their favorite games or just hitting the park together. Another effective technique is engaging your Yorkie in Brain Training Games like Brain Training for Dogs. Here’s a detailed and Latest review of Brain Training for Dogs


6. Yorkie has Poor Socialization Skills

Our social skills easily outshine our resume. What do you think?

Like us, Yorkies might experience a lack of socialization skills which could be a turn-off in the interview round of the world.

It helps them to be more aware of their surroundings and behave accordingly. However, aggressive Yorkies should learn the proper way of doing it with other hounds.

 For example, when a dog starts to growl, your Yorkie should know that playtime is over. These are a few things that can give your Yorkie a chance to outperform in the competition and be at the top of it.

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What Age do Yorkies Calm Down?

when does a yorkie calm down


Like a permanent marker, some things are fixed and can’t be erased from the rulebook of life that things start to wear down with time. It is just the good times that grow strong in due time.

Yorkies are hyper-active during their first two years of life gradually, they start losing their zealous appearance. Each dog is different.

Yorkies tend to mature at around the age of 2 and will begin to calm down around this time. Till they Turn 3 Years Old, They tend to Get Calmer and even more Mature. 


My Yorkie Bites me a Lot! What to Do? 

Yorkshire Terrier puppies are too sweet to swap with any other dog breed. They are full of energy and zeal and always ready-set-go! But, sometimes, they can show the aggressive side and may bite people around.

It could be because of the lack of necessary boundaries which will support a Yorkie to behave in a people-friendly way. 

What is there to note down, to address the biting before it becomes a grim issue. 

The best time to address a biting issue is in the first six months of their lives before the biting becomes a habit and while they are in their social skills classes. 

Try not to sweat about their spoiled schedule. Lunch break and class time can go hand in hand. It can be time-consuming but, it would be like a rock in a wishing well! You can train your Yorkie not to bite using his Favourite treats as a positive reinforcement method. 

Biting should not be entertained at any cost as it may cause severe concerns for the dog-parents and the Yorkie in the later phases of the growing life.

Love them, but don’t let them!

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What are the Ways to Calm down a Yorkie?

Hello there! You are also wondering why your Yorkie has turned this aggressive and, you have just asked google assistant to help you out. 

Hey Yorkie parent, we got a knock-knock at our web door from google and, we are here at your rescue.

These are a few things you can try to Calm down you Yorkie and get them back in shape. Already in shape?

 Correct. Excuse us.

We are talking about the jolly-molly emotional shape.

#1. Provide your Yorkie with Ample and Proper Exercise

at what age will a yorkie calm down

You must not forget that Yorkies are one of these highly energetic breeds, and they live in this phase in their initial years. 

But, because of their tiny body stature, they need not perform strenuous physical activities. Usually, a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood is more than enough.

Exercise can be one of those redirecting efforts that will make your Yorkie brainy and witty with their daily paw-do-lists. Make sure that their workout goes beyond physical stimulation. 

I would recommend you to check out Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer which would Get your Yorkie Fully Trained in just a Month by providing him with ample exercises and Training techniques. Here’s my Complete review of the program.


#2. Put in Some Efforts to Play with your Yorkie

Exercise is a great deal of monitoring aggression in Yorkies. But Yorkie’s parents should also focus on sparing plenty of playtimes to their Yorkies without any delay.

Yorkies are attention seekers. To be pragmatic, you can play this bet and win over them. A short session of around 10 minutes will be enough for them in a day.


#3. Provide a Quiet and Stable Environment

Like in a cricket match, the ground is prepared first so that it would be easy to avoid any game malfunctioning and pitch bouncers.

Similarly, you must examine the playground before your Yorkie says- “mommy! I’ll be right bow-back!” It will make them feel comfortable and groundedly blissful.

Dogs learn quickly. They imitate their parents and rely on them to walk the road, bring the letters from the letterbox and treat people around.


#4. Talk to your Yorkie in a Lower Tone

It is natural to put your voice in a loud tone when you are disappointed with your Yorkie and feel tired of all the chaotic situations happening around you. 

But the core of the conversation is we are humans and, we have the beautiful ability to ‘think’ so, before you get cold on your pet, you should know that they are innocent and, it’s just their anxiety talking.


#5. Make your Yorkie play with his Toys 

Your Yorkie puppy must have a good selection of quality toys with which they can play, cuddle and beat their nose to print their names on it.

It will allow your pup to self-manage their playtime and can work to burn off energy when you are busy picking up work calls or home calls.

Buy them toys that are not fragile and easily breakable. They will turn your head upside down and won’t leave you until you fix the toy or repurchase another set of toys. Look for toys that will work their minds, give puzzle work, or toys that consume time. 


#6. Learn to become the Pack Leader of your Yorkie

Yorkies love to be boss and, you need to ensure they always know, it’s you in charge. They should learn the fact: ‘You are the Mommy, and he is a teenager’ And, you won’t support any rebellious act that harms others.

Training a Yorkie is easy because they love dares. But, sometimes they can act tricky and moody so, the next time, you can try to play on their gullible zones and make them easy-peasy!

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Final Thoughts

Life is not easy. We all go through a rollercoaster ride of multiple emotions daily. Dogs too! 

A super aggressive Yorkie may not be easy to handle but remember, it’s just a phase they are living in, a set of proper training and exercises and tricks would do wonders for them. 

All they want is love and affection from you, so, before they finish their evening meal, kiss them and make them feel (aww)mazing!

I hope this article solved your query and if you have anything to share with us, take a lift to the comments section.


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