Why do Yorkshire Terriers Lick so much?

Why do Yorkshire Terriers Lick so much?

There’s a saying that when you live with a pet, you are already living your life to the fullest. And when your pet is a dog, it can fill your days with cheer and excitement and nights with love and affection.

One such cute little piece of pearl from heaven is a Yorkshire Terrier. If you’re like me who owns a Yorkie, you might be full of stink right now.

When you are home after a long day, a kiss from your dog can make it up to you. Psychiatrists have proved this lately to be a stress reliever.

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Licking your owner’s face for a dog is like a sign of affection and love. But what if this happens pretty often? Do you get irritated at times by excessive licking?

Some of the Yorkies out there are habitual of licking one another for a wide variety of reasons.

Why do they lick excessively?

What to do when they lick you continuously?

Let’s dive right into the topic and find out what are all the reasons behind these stinky kisses.

6 Major Reasons for Yorkshire Terrier Licking so much

Reason 1: Licking is an Inherent Tendency

reasons of excessive yorkie licking

When a dog is born, it tends to lick the mother to show love and affection whereas the mother licks the puppy to improve blood circulation, to clean them and make their basic life processes easier.

The puppies also suck or lick their mother to inform them they are hungry. As these puppies grow up and stop sucking milk from the mother’s breasts, they lick her mouth to express the feeling of affection.

This proves that licking is an inherent tendency in Yorkies and many other dogs, i.e. licking is a natural way to express feelings.

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Reason 2: Express Love & Affection

As discussed, licking their mother is a natural expression for Yorkies or any other dog in the world. But that’s not the reason why they lick humans. The most basic reason why a dog licks their is to express the feeling of love and affection.

Don’t confuse it every Yorkie out there. Only if you own one, it will lick you as you two share a special bond that nobody else does. Except for some rare cases where they are ought to lick everyone, they will lick you too when you play with one.

Just like humans release dopamine when happy, the dogs tend to release the Endorphin Hormone in the body when they are happy and cheered up. This makes them feel calm, composed and relaxed.

Reason 3: To Seek Attention

This has been scientifically proven that Yorkies are attention seekers. If you pretend like you don’t care about what they do, they won’t let that happen. They are like spoiled babies who can do everything to get their parents interest and attention in whatever they do.

At first, the owners like the way Yorkies lick them. They might reward the dog too. This makes them think that the more they lick, they will get rewarded with a bone or something else.

This makes them habitual of licking every time they see you. Now that you know why you get a stinky kiss full of affection after reaching home from work, this is one of the major reasons why.

Reason 4: An approach to Communicate!

As discussed in the first point, dogs try to communicate through licking one another. When a male dog licks the mouth of a female dog, this shows that they are attracted and are ready to mate.

If a dog licks the ears of another dog regardless of the gender, this means that it wants to play with the other dog.

This same is the case with human beings. If your Yorkies suddenly jumps at you and starts licking, this means he is probably hungry or thirsty.

Or maybe he wants the long-awaited walk that he has been looking forward to since this morning. In case you are his cuddle partner, then this is the best time cuddle with your cute little Yorkie.

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Reason 5: To show they are Obedient!

how to stop excessive yorkie licking behaviour

Animals prefer to live in a pack when out there in the wild. In the majority of these animals, licking stands for expressing the feeling of obedience and respect to the leader of the pack.

That’s exactly what your dog wants to express. You are his master at home and he will obey and respect you, no matter what.

We, humans, tend to express everything we feel. A few great people have said that the dogs behave just like we do. This is not completely true. they just imitate how we feel.

For instance, if the owner is happy then the dog will be happy too. They will play along and go for a nice walk. Similarly, if the owner is sad, so will be the dog. the dog will just sit down near the owner nod to everything he tells it.

By licking the owner, a dog expresses how he feels, if it’s sad, it will lick you. If it’s happy, it will still lick you. The only difference will in the way it licks you.

When you get connected with your Yorkie a lot, you spend the whole day with him, you will ultimately know how it feels about you and the current situation, i.e. if he’s happy or sad.

Not just that, when a Yorkie is offered his favourite food, he will lick your face after eating. This shows that they felt really good after having what they love the most.

At this, you should just hug or cuddle with them to express your feelings.

Reason 6: Explore the World!

When you take your dog to a new place, the first thing they do is smell the corners and/or side, then move forward and lick them one by one. This helps them to identify the new place, it’s smell and taste.

They don’t have strong senses like humans but they do have something extra that we humans lack. This way, the sense of smell and taste helps them to understand the place effectively.

I remember an incident when my Yorkie checked out my toilet bowl to make sure if it’s safe or whatever. He then came running to me and licked me.

I know this is embarrassing but make sure you take care of this thing, lol! They must explore the world but not the way my Yorkie did.

Now that we have discussed enough reasons why our Yorkies might lick us excessively, how about we know the possible ways by which you can solve excessive licking behaviour.

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How to Solve Excessive Licking Behaviour 

Excessive licking might make one unhappy at times. This can be controlled in a few ways. Some of the most effective ways that I tried with my Yorkie are mentioned below:

  1. Try to keep your dog busy as much as possible.
  2. Buy the dog a few toys that it might play with.
  3. Take your Yorkie for a walk as many times as possible, every day.
  4. Teach him some commands or tricks that he would love to repeat in the future.
  5. Try not to react rudely to the lovely kisses of him. This might make him want to lick you, even more, to cheer you up.
  6. Try reacting negatively once in a while to make him feel and you don’t find his kisses pleasant anymore. This might result in less licking in a week or two by changing his state of mind.

Here’s a Video which discusses further on the reasons a dog lick excessively and how you can solve this behaviour of your pet dog:

Follow the 6 steps mentioned above, as well as in the video, and you will definitely see an improvement in your Yorkshire Terrier’s Excessive licking behaviour.

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We all know this very well that dogs, once attached, are the most loyal, faithful and wise pets that one could have. They even try to hide their wounds. My Yorkie used to hide behind the Papaya Tree in my garden to lick his wounds and comfort himself until healed.

We can read and understand their behaviour at the easement. But they don’t want us to see them suffering. This is one of the cutest habits of dogs. They know this very well that seeing them suffering will make us suffer too.

Not just this, when your dog licks you, that’s the best feeling in the world. I don’t know any better way to express love, affection and desire to somebody than kissing. Majority of the Yorkie owners out there enjoy this and won’t let the dog go, ever.

Do you have a Yorkie who licks a lot?

Do you want to share some of the pictures of your cute little four-legged friend?

Comment down below to express your thoughts about the thoughts of your Yorkie 🙂

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