Why Do Yorkies Stink? & How to Stop It?

You bathed your Yorkie with his favorite bottle of shampoo and conditioner, did his hairdo, and brushed his coat with the best brush possible, and you realize that there is still a strong smell coming from your Yorkie, which makes you puzzled and you start to wonder, what did you really miss during his shower session?

Relax, you did your best, and you are not responsible for this odor. There could be plenty of reasons why your Yorkie is having a foul smell and stinks even after a warm shower.

Medical conditions, Skin-related conditions, or improper hygiene control can be the reasons for this stuffy smell of your Yorkie. In this article, I will discuss Why do some Yorkshire Terriers Stink and How to stop this Stinking Smell from your Yorkie?


Why do Yorkies Stink?


why do yorkies stink


The sour smell of your Yorkie isn’t something that happened in a day. It might be a prolonged disease or any other underlying issue your Yorkie has been suffering, and you were not able to recognize it due to some reasons.

The foul odor could be because of poor diet, an unsafe environment, or dental issues that are curable, and you can prevent it by implementing a few tips that I will share by the end of this article. 

So, here are the 6 Main Reasons Why Yorkshire Terriers Stink.


1. Dental Problems

Dental problem is one of the most disturbing causes in Yorkies which gets them to stink. The smell comes out of their mouth like a bad breath.

This pungent smell isn’t because of something acidic that your Yorkie has chewed but because of the building up of tartar and plaque on their teeth which happens when bits of food get stuck on the edges or the corner of the teeth.

Another reason could be your Yorkie suffering from gingival hyperplasia. It is a condition when gums overswell and increase in size.

Bacterial growth and plaque formation around the gum line are the culprits of such a condition. It can eat up your Yorkie’s teeth and rot gums when you overlook it or unintentionally unfold it.

Before it gets too late, use the best Toothbrushes for Yorkshire Terriers and brush your Yorkie regularly. You can visit your nearest vet clinic if the smell persists. 


2. Flatulence (Dog Farts)

Flatulence is known as dog farts. Canine Farts are normal like humans.

But if it is persistent and your Yorkie can’t stop spilling the room with a foul smell, be on alert mode. It could be a digestive problem, or maybe your Yorkie is intolerant to a particular ingredient you unknowingly put in his meal he ate half an hour ago.

A simple change in diet plan can resolve most of his excessive farting issues. If your Yorkie has a sensitive stomach, here are the 5 Best Foods for Yorkies with Sensitive Stomach


3. Food Allergies

During summers, it is nothing new to entertain unwanted allergies. Similarly, Yorkies can develop a new set of allergies, and some of them can get your puppy to stink.

It opens up the oil glands and releases oil in excess that mixes with bacteria and germs present in the atmosphere and on the fur resulting in a foul and unbearable smell.

Also, some dogs foods available in the market are high in carbohydrates and over-processed protein that can act as allergens to your Yorkie. Here are the 12 Best Dog Foods for Yorkies


4. Anal Sacs

If your Yorkie stinks and it is hard to get rid of it even after a shower, it could be because of the disturbed anal sacs.

Yorkies have two tiny oval-shaped sacs on either side of the anus. These glands produce a fluid that is stinky and mushy in smell.

Its topmost purpose is to give a different smell to every canine. But sometimes, these glands can get affected by bacteria and germs, and the odor can get unbearable. Before it gets worse, learn how to properly Groom your Yorkshire Terrier at Home


5. Ear Ailments

Your Yorkie might be undergoing hormonal turbulence that is causing him to stink. Ear infections due to open exposure to bacteria and germs may turn smelly for your little canine.

The hearing organ of any living being can fight away the invaders and keep the area safe, but when it comes in contact with the aliens, it will release a foul smell that can embarrass you and your Yorkie both.

Here’s my detailed guide on How to Clean Yorkie’s Ears Step-by-Step.


6. Improper Diet

Is your Yorkie eating healthy? This question should be at your fingertips while counting the reasons that cause your Yorkie to stink.

The market is full of products but which one to choose for your little friend is always a matter of doubt. I would suggest that Yorkie parents spend on products that are not mixed with low-quality ingredients, artificial fillers, and by-products that are harmful to their pup’s skin, fur, hair, and overall health.

Yorkie is a very sensitive dog breed and can easily catch ailments if left idle. To save your Yorkie from smelly moments you can look for dog foods that are 100% organic and are customizable so that you can easily customize them according to your dog’s body requirements and under your vet’s guidance. I would suggest getting the best dog food brands for Yorkies.


Why is Grooming Important for Yorkies?

Grooming your Yorkie’s coat is an important step in making sure that he is clean and healthy. Yorkie’s fur is delicate and their fur is exposed to the outside environment and pollution which creates a space for dirt to settle down and eventually it leads to a foul smell, difficult to ignore.

Fur tangles or mats could also be a reason for the stinky smell. The simple solution to help eliminate this smell up to an extent is to take care of your Yorkie’s coat. Here’s how to take proper care of your Yorkie’s hair.

Wash his fur with organic shampoos and conditioners and regularly brush his coat. Brushing regularly helps evenly spread the essential body oils all over the fur and underneath your Yorkie’s skin.


How to Prevent your Yorkie from Stinking?


how to prevent yorkie from stinking


Stinking isn’t a big deal as when the weather changes, body smell also changes. It is because of the sweat and bacteria present on the upper layer of the body that mix up to create a pungent smell.

However, you can not ignore this stinking smell when it comes to your Yorkie, as it will make him suffer from pain and discomforts, and he will also have to face embarrassment in front of your guests and his furry friends.

So, how can you save your Yorkie from this stinking smell?  

Here are Five Tips to prevent your Yorkie from Stinking. 


1. A Regular Bath

Bathing is not only for summers but for every season. It helps keep the body clean and wipe out the dirt and germs that are hard to see with naked eyes.

When you bathe your Yorkie, make sure you use anti-fungal or organic shampoos and conditioners that help clean all the harmful bacteria surviving on the skin of your Yorkie and keep the fur neat and clean with no room for sweating. Get to know how often you should bathe your Yorkie


2. Dry your Yorkie properly

After your Yorkie is done with his shower, dry him with a towel thoroughly and reach out to the armpits, ear folds, and all other places that are less exposed to light. The remains of water over these areas combine with sweat and breed germs.

Resultantly, It creates a foul smell that is hard to bear. 


3. Proper Grooming

Grooming is also necessary when it comes to keeping your Yorkie smell-free. It requires efforts to properly brush and moisturize your Yorkie’s skin with organic products.

To nullify the mushy odor coming out of your Yorkie, you will have to brush your Yorkie’s hair regularly with essential oils and gel conditioners that will help remove the odor within weeks.


4. Dental Routine

Bad breath can also be a reason for the pungent smell that your Yorkie is radiating. To keep the gums intact, you can manage a dental care routine for your Yorkie.

You can book appointments weekly at your nearest vet clinic for teeth cleaning. The best option you can catch is to brush your Yorkie’s teeth regularly with dog-friendly toothpaste.

It eliminates gum swelling and tartar formation responsible for bad breath.


5. A Change in Diet

Your Yorkie might be intolerant to some food products or ingredients mixed in the dog food formula, causing him to stink so bad. It could be because of the high content of carbohydrates or proteins that are not up to the mark of your Yorkie’s body requirements in the form of nutrition.

Some of these ingredients can even cause allergies and irritation to your Yorkie’s skin and exacerbate the wound into a foul smell. You can make some changes in his diet plan, keeping in mind the ingredients that your Yorkie is refraining not to having.

Or, you can dial in your vet’s number to get a piece of professional advice and formulate a systematic and customized diet chart according to your Yorkie’s body type and requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Why do my Yorkie’s eyes stink?

Yorkie’s eyes stinking can be because of tear stains. Tear stains are dark brown or reddish marks that appear beneath a dog’s eyes.

These marks indicate the collection of yeast underneath the eyes, which causes irritation and redness of the eyes. These stains can cause harm to your Yorkie’s eyes, resulting in pain, and in severe cases, it can even cause loss of vision or death. 


Q: Why my Yorkie has a fishy smell?

Your Yorkie’s fishy smell can be because of the disturbed anal sacs or glands. These glands are responsible for giving a unique odor to each dog.

However, if these glands are left idle, they can build harsh implications for your Yorkie, like the foul smell. Take your Yorkie to a vet and get your Yorkie’s anal sacs expressed clinically.


Q: How frequently does my Yorkie need a bath?

It depends upon your Yorkie’s appearance. If she has short hair, then she need not bathe frequently. However, if she has long and voluminous hair, she will need extra care and extra bathing sessions at least once every 2-4 weeks.


Q: Why does my Yorkie smell like corn chips?

Smelling like corn chips isn’t because your Yorkie has eaten your favorite corn chips from your secret place where you keep those packets.

This kind of smell is a result of pseudomonas or proteus. It is a condition when yeast and harmful bacteria settle down on your Yorkie’s skin and fur, causing your furry friend to spread a foul smell all around the house.


Q: Why does my Yorkie smell my butt?

This is because of the apocrine glands Yorkies possess. These glands urge them to sniff each other’s butt to know the age or sex of the person in front of them.

It also helps them to know about the sexual availability of their mating partners when they are undergoing the process of heat.



I know how much you love being neat and clean with your favorite perfume on with your favorite dress. Since your Yorkie is a part of your family and you want her to look and smell good too, you can try the tips to take care of your Yorkie and his body odor.

It will take time and patience to get rid of the foul smell. But, with proper attention, you can solve the smell riddle within weeks.

Would you like to share the smell-o-story of your Yorkie with me? The comment box is open. Feel free to pour in your thoughts.

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