Why is your Pregnant Yorkie Shaking?

Why is your Pregnant Yorkie Shaking?

Labor Contractions cause pain and stress in a Female Yorkie which results in her Shaking. It is pretty normal when her due delivery date is pretty near. 


Do you remember when you welcomed a puppy Yorkie to your home? You have just become a dog parent, and all you are worried about is taking proper care of your baby girl with no signs of compromise.

From her first housebreaking lesson to her first spaying session, you went beyond your way to make her feel comfortable. Your Yorkie is a big girl now, and you are celebrating your Yorkie’s baby shower.

As a responsible guardian, you take all the necessary precautions to make your Yorkie feel relaxed during her pregnancy time.

But then, you notice that your Yorkie is shaking, and you wonder if it has anything to do with the cold or it is more of a pregnancy complication. You start to get worried and wonder Why is your Pregnant Yorkie shaking? 


What Causes Shaking in Pregnant Yorkies?

If you are a new Yorkie parent and your Yorkie is pregnant and close to delivering her pups, and you notice an unusual body movement or shaking in your Yorkie, don’t worry. It is not a serious matter of concern. Shaking in pregnant Yorkies is pretty normal.

Shaking in Yorkies during Pregnancy is a medical condition that occurs when your Yorkie is near her due date and is experiencing the pre-stage signs of labor.

Labor contractions can cause your Yorkie to feel sick. It can cause her pain, stress, and distress resulting in body ache and shaking. You can give her a blanket or a cushion to keep her belly warm.

However, if the pain and shaking exacerbate, you should call a vet and immediately rush to the nearest clinic.


What does Whelping mean?

Whelping is very much similar to Giving Birth. It means giving birth to little pups.

It is a medical term when a female dog gives birth to her babies. Whelping is a medical term used for female dogs on the edge of the labor process.

Yorkies hold their labor time for an approximate time of 63 days. It may extend to the 68th day. If you have booked your Yorkie to a vet clinic for a professional delivery, you need not worry about her easy delivery process.

However, if you have planned to perform a home-care delivery, you need to take proper care of your Yorkie and be like a guardian doctor to your furry friend. Generally, a canine knows how to clean up the water sac after giving birth and separate the umbilical cord of dog instincts.

However, if your dog doesn’t, then you will have to take the lead and help your Yorkie. You can tie a thread between the placenta and the umbilical cord for a safe cut.

You can bring a towel and pat dry the puppies, and then provide the first milk to those puppies within 24 hours. 

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Things to Keep in Handy for Pre-Delivery Care

Like humans, canines and Yorkies also need extra care, attention, and essential supplies for your new Yorkie-mom-to-be. It makes your Yorkie feel safe and connected to you when you show such readiness for your Yorkie during her labor period.

However, there are a few things you should keep with your conscience when taking your Yorkie out to a clinic for her delivery. Here is a list.

  • Aspiration bulb
  • Locking hemostats
  • Stain-less surgical blunt scissors 
  • Antiseptic Cream
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Digital thermometer
  • Absorbent disposable pads
  • Disposable exam gloves
  • Whelping Boxes like dog pens
  • Whelping Bags 
  • First-aid kit

These are all the items you must keep to pass off any emergency call and avoid mishaps due to a lack of immediate resources. You can also keep your vet’s number on speed dial if you are tricked by labor complications while traveling by the shortcut road toward the vet clinic.

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How to Take Care of a Shaky Pregnant Yorkie?


How to Take Care of a Shaky Pregnant Yorkie


Shaking is a common symptom in pregnant Yorkies. It occurs as a pre-sign that your Yorkie’s due date is near, and soon she will give birth to beautiful puppies.

However, it can also be a symptom of extreme pain and distress in a pregnant Yorkie. To be a risk-averse parent, you can try some of these petty yet healthy tricks that may ease up your Yorkie’s pain and minimize pregnancy complications.


1. Exercise

Exercise is beneficial to your pregnant canine’s health and body flexibility. It helps in reducing contractions and easy puppy push.

It strengthens the muscles and ligaments for an active lifestyle. It wipes out the stress and abdominal pain that causes shakiness in Yorkies.

However, your Yorkie should not do body-exhausting exercises after six weeks of pregnancy time. You can take your Yorkie to the nearby park for 15-20 minutes of walk.


2. Diet



When your Yorkie is pregnant, you nourish not only one life but two lives together. In this nutrition stage, a balanced healthy diet keeps up with the nutritional requirements of your Yorkie’s body.

Your dog will require twice the supply of calories, vitamins, and minerals, usually more than before. You can get Instinct Be Natural Dog Food which I consider to be the best for pregnant Yorkies. 

It is a high-class formula with no added preservatives and by-products. The ingredients are grass-fed lamb, rich fats, vitamins, and minerals.

The Instinct Be Natural grain-free dog food has fresh veggies, fruits, and omegas for the brain development of your Yorkie and her puppies.



3. Vet Check

Apart from exercise, diet, a regular vet check-up is also necessary to check if the puppies are healthy or not. X-rays help to figure out the size of the pups.

A timely ultrasound or blood test is crucial to observe the heart functioning and growth of your Yorkie’s baby pups. Also, keep your Yorkie away from vaccination during her pregnancy period.



Pregnancy is a big day for your canine too. It is the period when she becomes a mother, a caring figure to her newborns.

Pregnancy is painful and brings several complications that may disturb your Yorkie’s physical and mental sanity. The only thing your baby girl expects from you is your support, care, and love.

Bring down the work curtains for a while and spend some time with your brave girl and her newborn pups. That’s all!

Would you like to share your Yorkie’s pregnancy story with me? If yes, feel free to pin down your thoughts below in the comments section.


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