Why does your Yorkie Snort like a Pig?

Why does your Yorkie Snort like a Pig?

Is your Yorkie snorting like a pig? Well, there’s nothing to be frustrated about, and bang your head thinking about why is he doing so?

Yeah, at times, this sight can actually look very cute, and you would love to watch your dog making that unnatural sound, but that’s not always though!

When you see that your Yorkie is making abnormal sounds, which may look cute to you initially, you would still need to think at least twice in order to ensure that your pup isn’t having any health complications. Are you surprised to see that your dog isn’t barking, rather it is making pig sounds?

Even though this matter is a big concern, let me tell you that the major reason for your Yorkie to grunt and oink is none due to reverse sneezing. This happens mostly because the throat muscles tend to spasm and the soft palate starts getting irritated.

Indeed, this is a serious concern for you, and you should count it ASAP. You never know if this snorting is an indication of some sort of health problem, it can be, isn’t it?

What is Snorting in Yorkies?

You can find your Yorkie making loud sounds while breathing and this could be due to several reasons. Vets tend to explain this in the way that when the air passes through the nostrils, and then moves ahead to the pharynx and then the vocal cords, and finally the trachea, it does not eject any sound.

However, if you see that any of these regions are altered, you can witness some sort of unexpected sounds from your Yorkie. This change point can either be situated in the nasal cavities or maybe at the transition from the nose to that of the pharynx.

It can even be in the vocal cords, or maybe, in the trachea. All these issues may lead your Yorkie to start making sounds just like that of a pig.

Just as the air flows through the tissue while the pup is either inhaling or exhaling or maybe, while your dog is taking a drink, you may probably expect it to make such a strange sound all of a sudden out of nowhere.

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Is snorting more common in the Yorkies?

To answer this question, it’s a “yes!” It has been found out that snorting is more common in small dogs.

This is because small dogs generally tend to have shorter breathing paths, which would eventually depict that these animals will face more problems while inhaling the air. Since the size of the dog is quite small, there could be a clogged space in the breathing system.

The Root cause behind your Yorkie’s Snorting

why do Yorkies snort like a pig

Some of the dogs experience reverse snorting, particularly the ones who can be categorized into the brachycephalic breeds with flat faces and short noses.

They include chow chows, English bull mastiffs, and pugs. These breeds tend to experience this oinking sound thereby becoming more prone to making that unusual sound.

They generally come with smaller throats and nose-like structures which is quite common amongst the Yorkies and Beagles.

Also, if you see your dog reverse sneeze too frequently, it could be due to some sort of infection, allergies, nasal mites, or maybe due to a collapsed trachea.

A collapsed trachea is when you see a kind of obstruction in the throat of your dog, thereby causing trouble for it to breathe in or out. As a result, the airway gets blocked alongside different other symptoms such as labored breathing or maybe a lack of activeness.

Reverse sneezing is a common phenomenon among short dogs throughout their whole lives, but that could be temporary as well. However, that may not last long among the Yorkies.

It may also be due to the fact that your dog is struggling hard to get rid of something from its body which it isn’t able to endure any further. Although this is scary, things will be sorted out soon.

In case, it gets difficult for your Yorkie, you can simply start massaging your dog’s throat while blowing in its face slowly and steadily. You can even go ahead and keep holding its nostrils for a couple of seconds.

Consequently, this will help your dog to get rid of whatever is stuck in its passageway, thereby enabling it to combat the reverse sneezing episode. In case you aren’t able to fight it, that’s more likely due to the fact that you would require to call up a vet at the earliest.

On the other hand, if this is getting repeated over and over again, better prefer to consult the veterinarian professional so that it can figure out if the trachea is collapsed.

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Is reverse sneezing anyway related to your Yorkie’s snorting?

Yes, the Yorkies tend to reverse sneeze and that’s when they tend to emit piglet-like sounds. Such a situation happens when the dog witnesses a narrowing of the trachea resulting in a rapid inhalation of air.

Then, a dog tends to produce a very funny kind of sound which leads to snorting. The Yorkie may even suffer from this kind of problem when it is in some sort of stressful situation. It can even suffer from such a complication as it might have inhaled some kind of allergens.

Well, if you are seeing your pup do this, it can be because it has been too happy. Yeah, that’s normal as well.

Yorkies often start snorting like a pig out of excitement and if that’s the case, there is nothing to worry about! One of the other reasons is that your dog has seen you after quite a good span of time, or maybe, you have taken it for a walk and you find it making such sounds after it has returned back.

That’s quite spontaneous, so you will not need to bother much! You need to bang your head only when you have identified that your dog has been suffering, and this phenomenon is very much frequent. It’s a real concern then!

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Health issues can be a cause for your Yorkie to snort!

reasons for Yorkie snorting like a pig

Your Yorkie might be snorting because of certain health issues. In case your dog has got an organ that is one among its breathing areas, and that has been affected by any sort of local or systemic inflammation, piggy sounds are natural and common.

Also, you can choose to take it to a vet and get things detected in case your Yorkie has swallowed some snacks, or toys which had eventually got stuck in its breathing passage.

Some of the common breathing complications include tumors, mucosal edema, paralysis of the breathing organs, or dysfunction of the same.

Consulting a professional is certainly the best part of the process, wherein you must go to a vet at the earliest without any delay just as you hear your dog snort like a pig.

This is obvious since a vet would be the right person to help you with the reason behind such a noise, and would thus, guide you about ways to proceed with the same.

Remember the fact that your dog’s health needs to be your primary concern always, and it is when you keep your pup happy that it will automatically remain fit and healthy. A good mind will always put the rest of the things into place.

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Other considerations related to your Yorkie’s snorting

You ought to notice when and how frequently your Yorkie is oinking or grunting. It can be either because your dog is just too excited, or maybe, it has smelt some strong perfume or scent.

It may also be due to the fact that your dog has got some sort of allergies. The best way to deal with this is to make your pup wear a harness, and thus, keep it away from perfumes or any sort of strong scents.

The professionals usually suggest taking antihistamines, or some sort of medications may also help!

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Tips to prevent your Yorkie from Snorting

You cannot always prevent your Yorkie to snort like a pig. However, you can still take some precautionary measures to reduce the snorting effect of your pup. If you are still confused about how to deal with the issue, here are a few ways that may assist you:

  • Use a collar instead of a harness while you are taking your pup out for a walk. As a result, your dog will feel a lesser amount of pressure on its neck.
  • On hot days, prefer to get an AC room for your Yorkie which has got a controlled temperature.
  • Try to help your Yorkie maintain a healthy weight in order to avoid any kind of breathing issues.
  • If you are thinking about taking your Yorkie out for a stroll, keep all kinds of allergens away from your pup, particularly the pollens.

Treatment for your Yorkie’s snorting problem

Once you have had got a fair idea of the reason behind your Yorkie’s snorting, it is high time that you should follow what your vet is saying! You can prefer to go for antibiotics or resort your pup to surgery based on the severity of the trouble.

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