Complete Guide on Yorkshire Terrier Bad breath

Complete Guide on Yorkshire Terrier Bad breath

Do you have a Yorkshire Terrier and he has started to smell pretty bad which is making you tense and worried?

Well, this reaction of yours is pretty natural. Every owner would get worried and start thinking about what’s wrong with his dog and his breathe?

If you are a Yorkie owner, you would be familiar with the fact that Yorkies look pretty clean and tidy. Their furry coat is neat and soft. But this doesn’t stop them from suffering from bad breath or Halitosis.

This is a common issue in dogs and this causes a strong odor to come out from your dog’s mouth. Sometimes, the odor is so strong and stinky that it is unbearable.

Some Yorkies will have a smell which is due to the dog food they eat but that smell won’t be too strong or noticeable. Also, Halitosis is not a normal thing to happen.

There are certain health issues that can cause this problem in your Yorkie and it is really important to first understand these medical issues and how to cure them properly. The best thing is that the problem of bad breathe can even be solved from home.

But first, let’s understand the health issues which can cause the problem of Halitosis or bad breath in your Yorkshire Terrier.

What are some of the Health Issues that can cause the problem of Bad breath in your Yorkie?

The first thing, you as an owner, should inspect that your Yorkie might be having any serious health problems that might have bad breath as a symptom.

These health problems also have other symptoms, so it should help you check if your Yorkie is suffering from one of those or not.

I have listed only the health problems which are more relevant to Yorkshire Terriers.

  • Digestive Problems: The stomach acid of a dog has a sour and foul smell. If your Yorkie’s stomach is upset, it can cause this acid to come back up up to the mouth of your dog. This further causes your dog to burp and the smell also mixes with the breath.
  • Kidney Problems: If the Kidney of your Yorkie dog is not functioning properly, the breath of your dog can smell like pungent ammonia. If your dog’s urine has changed or if he’s suffering from back pain from the last few days, there can be chances that he may be suffering from improper functioning of Kidney.
  • Breathing Problems: Health problems like asthma, cold, cough, sneeze, viral infection are some of the symptoms of your dog having respiratory problems. This can be a reason for bad breath in your dog as well.
  • Diabetes: In Diabetes, the ketone level in the blood increases quite a lot, which in turn causes the Yorkie’s breathe to smell like the rotten fruit. The chances of your Yorkie developing any periodontal disease increases a lot when he has diabetes. This decreases the flow of blood into the gums of your dog which causes a foul smell. Other symptoms of diabetes are excessive thirst, rapidly changing appetite, increased urination and weakness.
  • Periodontal Issues: Small breeds like Yorkies are very prone to Tooth decay. Failure in removing plaque from your dog’s teeth allows that plaque to turn into solid tartar. This grows under the gumline and cause tooth infection and can even travel into the lungs through respiratory tracts. This causes your dog to have a bad breath.

causes of bad breath in yorkies

Most Common Health problem in Yorkshire Terriers 

Liver problems are the most common health issues seen in Yorkies. Bad breath is one of the symptoms of that.

Yorkshire Terriers are 36 times more likely to suffer from liver shunts as compared to any other dog breed. Dogs are born with it. However, signs may show in them later in their life.

In a liver shunt, the flow of blood in and out of the liver is fully or partially blocked. The signs of a liver shunt can show when your Yorkie is around 9 months old or even more. One of the signs of a liver shunt is bad breath in your dog.

The breath in this case gets very foul which can be noticed once you come closer to your dog. Other signs are: Poor growth, depressed dog, strong odor from urine and strange behavior like hitting head on objects.

This can be checked by a blood test. If you see any symptoms like these, please go to a vet close to your location. Please do not ignore this.

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Other Natural Reasons for Bad breath in your Yorkie 

1. Bad breath due to Dog food

yorkie bad breath

It is pretty normal for your dog’s breath to smell like the dog food he just ate. But sometimes, the smell is like that of rotten dog food. If you smell your dog’s breath like that of rotten dog food, you need to take steps to tackle this.

There are two reasons for bad breath due to dog food. They are due to insufficient water intake and stale food.

If your dog doesn’t drink water after having his food, the food particles can stick to the gums and other corners of his mouth, which accumulate over time and then becomes the primary reason for your Yorkie’s bad breath.

Therefore, you should encourage your Yorkie to drink more and often and especially 15 minutes after he is done with his food.

If you are someone who likes to get dog food in bulk for your Yorkshire terrier, you should consider this again. The food when stored for a long time becomes old and stale. This food can also be a reason for your Yorkie’s bad breath.

You should either use a high-quality air-tight container or get dog food in smaller quantities.

2. Bad breath during the Teething phase 

Bad breath is pretty normal if your Yorkie is in the teething phase. During this phase, the milk teeth are falling out and are replaced by stronger ones. The smell of your Yorkie’s breath during this time would be like that of sour milk.

This smell is because of the fact that saliva mixes with a small amount of blood coming out due to the loosening and falling of the teeth.

But this smell will fade away once the teething phase is over. Usually, the phase ends around the 7-month mark. During the teething phase, you should brush your Yorkie’s teeth every day.

3. Consumption of Poop or Coprophagia

If your Yorkshire Terrier has eaten his or someone else’s poop, it is pretty natural that his breath will smell foul. It can be that you didn’t notice him eating it but he did.

If your Yorkie eats poop regularly, you should learn how to stop him from eating it.

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How to prevent your Yorkie from Smelling foul? 

There are many ways to ensure that your dog smells nice and fresh. Though, you may need to dedicate a little more time if you want that.

Since Yorkshire Terriers are also prone to tooth decay and other teeth related issues, it is best to implement these steps and prevent your dog from having oral issues in the future.

1. Brushing Teeth Daily 

how to prevent bad breath in your yorkie

This is the most basic and important prevention for bad breath from your Yorkie. This also prevents tooth decay and other teeth related problems, which your Yorkie is most prone to.

You would want to use a brush of appropriate size as per your dog’s mouth size and with quality bristles. Using a paste that is suitable for your Yorkie is important as well.

Never use Toothpaste and brush made for humans. This can prove to be very toxic.

Since dogs swallow the paste, make sure that your paste does not foam. The one I recommended above would be the best fit for your Yorkie.

2. Using Chew Toys 

Chewing soft toys will not help in cleaning the bad breath of your Yorkie, but it will help increase the saliva production which in turn can tackle the bad odor to some extent.

They also help you in dealing with the boredom in your dog. Here’s a list of Best Toys for Yorkshire Terrier. Choose the one that fits you.

3. Feed Natural Dental Treats 

Include at least one dental treats in the list of dog treats that you use. Dental treats help in removing plaque and strengthening teeth and jaw, which in turn helps in removing bad breath.

I personally use Greenie’s natural dental treats which are loved by thousands of dog owners and dogs love it’s taste as well. It is the best in removing plaque.

4. Use of Dog Mouth Wash

Just like there are mouth wash supplements used by humans to prevent any kind of bad breath from them, there are mouth wash supplements for pet dogs as well.

These are added to the dog’s water and it kills any kind of harmful bacteria in the water container or your Yorkie’s mouth.

I personally use Tropiclean’s No brush water addictive for my dog. This even helps in fighting any kind of periodontal disease and you just need 1 teaspoon for every 1 cup of water. Choose a flavorless one.


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