How to Treat Diarrhea in Yorkies? What should you do?

How to Treat Diarrhea in Yorkies? What should you do?

Owning a pet gives you a million reasons to feel happy and remain optimistic when times get soaring low. Nurturing a pet becomes more lively when you have an easy-classy breed like Yorkshire Terriers.

Being a Yorkie parent, you tend to exercise all of those efforts possible to keep your furry friend happy, active, healthy, and safe from all odds around.

Although, in some cases, your Yorkie can suffer from many discomforts, physically, mentally, or socially, that can slow down his pace of living. It can be stress, infections, diseases, or social bullies. 

We all get sick at some point or the other. Similarly, dogs can also get an upset stomach, an allergy, or severe symptoms of Diarrhea which is not a matter of panic. Your Yorkie will be in his zealous form back with proper medication, attention, and care. 

Is your Yorkshire Terrier suffering from Diarrhea? Then you have got to the right place.

In this article, I’ll talk about the reasons that cause your Yorkie to go through medical inconsistencies like diarrhea and when you should rush to the veterinary clinic.

Also, I’ll share a detailed guide to treating Diarrhea in Yorkshire Terriers. Remember you are not the only one and everything will be fine. 


Can Yorkshire Terriers Suffer from Diarrhea?

The first few questions that might pop up in your mind are “Can Yorkies have Diarrhea?” If yes, to “What extent does Diarrhea harm your Yorkie?”

The answer is simple – Yes, Yorkies can also have Diarrhea. Any dog or living being may experience symptoms of diarrhea.

It is a medical condition when the intestine becomes weak and therefore unable to digest the food, and as a result, it releases watery stools more than usual.

It is nothing of utmost importance when your Yorkie gets necessary vet treatments and care in and out of the clinic. However, it can become serious when unknowingly you waive down the signals that your Yorkie needs medical care.

But, how would you know that your Yorkie needs to be treated for Diarrhea as a medical priority? 

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How to Know that your Yorkie is suffering from Diarrhea?


how to treat diarrhea in yorkies


Maybe due to work, family engagements, or emergency calls, you passed on the symptoms and signs your dog has been trying to give.

These canines can express a series of emotions through their innocent eyes. But unlike humans, they can’t express themselves via words.

However, here are a few things you can observe to check if your Yorkie is experiencing symptoms of diarrhea.

  • Your Yorkie is moping.
  • Lack of appetite.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Persistent watery stools.
  • He looks weak.
  • He lacks interest in his favorite activities.

If you notice these symptoms in your Yorkie, there is a high probability that your Yorkie could be suffering from Diarrhea. Once you are sure, you move on to learn How to Treat Diarrhea in Yorkies. 

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What Causes Diarrhea in Yorkshire Terriers?

Diarrhea is common in Yorkies. It is not only indigestion, but many factors contribute to watery stools or imbalanced bowel movements in Yorkshire Terriers.

Here are some of the reasons that cause diarrhea in Yorkies.


1. Anxiety and Stress

It is not only physical factors that disturb body functions, but mental factors are also responsible for it. Your Yorkie can feel anxious and experience moments of stress which can harm his well-being to a large extent.

It might be because of the big dog bullies around him or Separation anxiety in Yorkies. Sometimes a change in location in the initial phases of adoption can also be mentally tiresome for your Yorkie.

It will cause him to eat or drink less and experience food-related diseases like diarrhea.


2. Viral Infections

Yorkie puppies are more prone to viral infections. They can easily catch a cold, fever, and air-borne allergies.

The immune system of adult Yorkies is already in good shape and with total vaccination. However, puppy or newborn Yorkies during their growth stage have a weak immune system.

As a result, they can easily attract virus-borne infections. It makes their body weak and inactive, therefore, experience a loss of appetite.


3. A Change in Diet

treat diarrhea in Yorkie puppies


In the first few phases of adoption, Yorkies have to encounter a quick transition in food and their diet, which may cause uneasiness and watery stools.

There are also certain ingredients in your dog food that affects your Yorkie’s tummy and his digestive health. A change in diet can bring in severe consequences like diarrhea for your Yorkshire Terrier.

Professionals advise giving your Yorkie less oily Yorkie foods with a sufficient amount of all proteins, vitamins, fats, and carbs. When it comes to dog foods for Yorkies, I have suggested the following: 


4. Parasites

Pollution not only brings suffocation issues, skin problems, or heart problems but also intestinal problems. When your Yorkie plays outside, he brings along a lot of invisible parasites that are hard to identify in the first place.

These parasites can enter your Yorkie’s body and digestive tracts via water, ground, or air. Whipworms, Tapeworms, Roundworms, Coccidia, and Giardia are common parasites that stick to your Yorkie’s body and slowly enter inside to disrupt his digestive system.

It causes discomfort to your Yorkie resulting in him skipping his games and meals and joining the restroom for persistent stool relief. 


5. Eating Accidents

No matter how closely you train your Yorkie not to pick up strange things outside, sniff, or lick, he will do the same out of his dog instincts.

Your Yorkie can accidentally lick or eat waste foods that would eventually hamper his well-being. There is no what if in this situation, but you can be alert and on guard when your Yorkie is with you outdoors.

You can keep a hawk-eye on him and observe his actions if he sniffs garbage or trash near the big bush. If he does, pull up the recall card and let him understand that the place is not safe for him and he needs to return to his human mommy.

Here’s an ultimate guide for you if your Yorkie sniffs or tries to eat his own poop.


3 Homemade Remedies to Treat Diarrhea in Yorkies

Your Yorkie feels lethargic and inactive due to imbalanced digestion and watery stools. To rescue your Yorkie from this medical emergency, you are figuring out some quick ways to give your Yorkie’s little tummy relief. 

You come across a lot of options. And you start wondering about which one to pick? Which one will be the most fruitful option to treat your Yorkie’s diarrhea with simple and easy homemade steps? 

Relax! I have listed below the three best homemade options that are readily available in your kitchen that can Treat the Diarrhea in your Yorkshire Terrier and provide much-needed relief to his or her stomach. 


1. Elm Bark

Elm Bark has high inflammatory properties that help tighten the digestive tracts and remove the bacterial blockages that cause loose stools in your Yorkie.

Elm Bark soothes the stomach and intestinal lining and eliminates irritation. Make sure you bring elm bark which has highly rich mucus in it. Add the slippery elm bark depending upon the weight of your Yorkie, i.e., One teaspoon/20 lbs of weight. 


2. Yogurt

Another way to relax your Yorkie’s disturbed tummy is to feed him good bacteria. Yogurt is a good source of good bacteria, and it brings along a lot of health benefits.

Yogurt contains probiotics known for their skills to improve the digestive functioning of the body and curb the build-up of harmful bacteria.

Add a tablespoon of yogurt to your Yorkie’s meal or feed him separately. Repeat this the whole day during every mealtime and see the results, you won’t be disappointed.


3. Pumpkin 

Pumpkin is a rich source of fiber. Fibers are effective in treating diarrhea by transitioning stools from loose to solids.

If you have a Yorkie experiencing an upset stomach since morning, all you need is a canned pumpkin or homemade air-dried pumpkin to treat his watery stools issue.

You can mix half a tablespoon of pumpkin powder to your Yorkie’s meal, or you can add it in a bowl of water and freeze it in the cube trays to make it look like a treat, and he will be excited to taste it.


4 Ways to Treat Diarrhea in Yorkies 

Apart from the homemade remedies, Several other factors equally hold a crucial place when treating your Yorkie’s diarrhea and bringing him back to his best shape.

To make your efforts successful, you also need to take care of your Yorkie’s water content, day-diet plans, or medicines necessary for his speedy recovery.


1. Bland Diet

When your Yorkie is under the weather and feels lethargic, his body voluntarily rejects any food or liquid intake that eventually exacerbating his health.

It is advisable not to give regular dog food to your Yorkie when he is feeling sick and experiencing frequent bathroom calls. Switch his food for a few days with boiled protein and carbs like white rice, boiled potato, or boiled chicken.

These foods will taste bland but would provide sufficient time to your Yorkie’s digestive system to recoup and rebuild its digestive capabilities.


2. Hydration

hydrate yorkie to treat diarrhea


When your Yorkie is experiencing an upset stomach with frequent loose stools, his body also loses the water content necessary for the smooth functioning of the body.

Improper hydration makes him feel weak, inactive, and lazy. The lost water content needs to bring back by providing lots of water to your Yorkie. To save your Yorkie from dehydration, keep offering him water every half an hour.

Also, make sure you clean the bowl after every use and pour safe drinking water into it. Maybe your Yorkie will refuse to drink water.

In this case, you can add small chunks of boiled chicken or boiled meat to lure him. It is necessary to make your Yorkie take in as much as liquids possible.


3. Fasting

The simplest way to treat diarrhea in Yorkies is fasting. When your Yorkie is losing his stomach and developing unnecessary health problems like watery stools, weakness, or pain, your Yorkie would likely refuse to eat, so in that case, don’t force and let his stomach take a break for 12-24 hours.

However, don’t skip hydrating your Yorkie. Even if he avoids his meals, he must ingest lots of water because he is already losing the maximum water percentage from his body.


4. Medications

The last thing in the essential is to offer medicines to your Yorkie. Medicines are an easy and quick way to fix any medical discomfort.

In a busy life schedule, we manage to depend on things that give a fast solution. Imodium is one medicated option to treat your Yorkie’s diarrhea. It works by slowing down the movement of the gut. It decreases the number of bowel movements and makes the stool less watery.

However, medicines can also serve side effects that might be hazardous. Therefore, I strongly recommend consulting a vet and offer medicines to your furry friend.


When Should you not Give Imodium to your Yorkie?

There are multiple situations when you should avoid giving Imodium to your baby Yorkie. Here is the thing!

  • If your Yorkie falls under the infant, young, and older category, Imodium is a big ‘NO’ for your Yorkie.
  • If your Yorkie already survives an underlying medical issue like Hyperthyroidism, Kidney stones, liver problems, or Addison’s disease. Consuming a drug like Imodium may exacerbate if your Yorkie is disease-exposed. 
  • If your pup is suffering from abdominal pain and is continuously vomiting
  • If your Yorkie has consumed a toxic material outside or caught an infection


When is it the time to Contact a Vet?

Diarrhea can be acute or chronic. Acute diarrhea is curable, but chronic diarrhea can get worse. In chronic diarrhea, you can wait for two days before booking an appointment at your nearest vet clinic.

If your Yorkie is suffering from diarrhea and is experiencing watery stools for more than two days, and showing signs like unusual drooling, lack of appetite, signs of dehydration, weakness, blood in stool, or vomiting, immediately dial your vet’s number and reserve a seat for your Yorkie.



Your Yorkie is precious to you, and you can’t bear any disbalance in his health. It might be hard to see your Yorkie undergoing body and mental stress.

But, with proper care and attention, your Yorkie will experience a speedy recovery. And in no time, you will see him swirling all the way around in and out with a warm and cheerful attitude.

Hold your patience tightly and shower your Yorkie with your love.

Would you like to share your experience? If yes, feel free to pin down your thoughts below in the comments section. I would love to give it a read. 


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