How to Properly Take Care of your Yorkie’s Hair?

How to Properly Take Care of your Yorkie’s Hair?

Yorkshire Terriers have beautiful and Silky hair and if you properly follow the tips to manage your Yorkie’s hair and coat, your dog will have very strong, shiny, and healthy hair. 

They fall among the unique species of dogs and possess many unique traits. Out of all their unique characteristics, one is the coats they possess. Their coats are different and range from soft and silky coats to wavy and curly ones. 

If you own a Yorkie, then you must be already aware of the fact that taking care of their coats is quite a challenging job. Just like human hair, their coats continuously grow, and they become easily matted if they are not taken care of. 

Yorkshire Terriers are one of those few dog breeds whose hair resembles that of humans and their coats change colors as they get older.

Well, if you own a Yorkie or looking forward to getting one, and pondering over their coats and hair, then do not worry!! 

I am Daniela Carrera, a certified dog trainer and I help dog owners resolve any of the problems they have with their dogs.

This article will guide you through everything about the distinctive quality of Yorkshire Terrier’s coats and How you can Properly take care of your Yorkie’s hair and Coat

Here’s a video on Yorkshire Terrier Hair and Coat.

How to Care for your Yorkie’s Hair Growth? 

1. Provide Proper diet and Nutrition to your Yorkie 

If you want your Yorkie’s hair to look beautiful and healthy, proper nutrition and diet is the single most important factor for it. He should get the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from his diet in order for his hair to look smooth and silky.

If you want healthy Yorkie hair, there are certain nutrients that need the most attention. These nutrients are:

  1. Zinc: Zinc is present in good amounts in chicken, meat, spinach, and broccoli. It is really good for your bone and joint health.
  2. Omega 3 Fatty acids: These fatty acids strengthens your Yorkie’s immune system and helps him in maintaining his shiny coat and reducing irritation in the skin. Fish oil is a decent source of Omega 3 acid.
  3. Biotin: Your Yorkie’s skin and hair will benefit a lot from Biotin, or Vitamin B7 (as it’s commonly known). This vitamin is even taken by human beings to prevent hair loss. Biotin is used for producing and regulating hormones in Yorkies which in turn helps in managing a Yorkie’s hair and overall well-being. A deficiency in Biotin or Vitamin B7 could be really dangerous for your dog. Foods like bananas, soybean, whole cereals, and eggs contain a good amount of Biotin. You could also use Biotin supplements if your Yorkie doesn’t like these food items.
  4. Vitamin E: Vitamin E protects your Yorkie’s skin cells from oxidant damage. Not only it’s beneficial for the dog’s hair and coat, but it’s also amazing for Yorkie’s liver, nerve cells, and heart health.

If you make sure that your Yorkie gets all these Vitamins and minerals, his or her overall well-being and Life expectancy will increase tremendously as well.

2. Ensure Regular and Proper Grooming  

ensure regular yorkie grooming

Regular Grooming is really essential to regularly remove dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria, allergens, and other harmful germs. Not only that, but it also ensures that your Yorkie’s skin secretes the essential oils for his skin and hair follicles.

Grooming is a considerably large topic and that’s why I should dive in a little deep so you get to what specifically should you do when it comes to Yorkie Grooming.

  1. Bathe only once in every 15-20 days: If you bathe your Yorkie more than this, there’s a chance that his natural oils could wash away. What if you don’t bathe your Yorkie for months? Well, then these same natural hair oils could accumulate on his skin and clog hair pores and follicles. Therefore, you should stick to this average when bathing your Yorkie unless your dog is suffering from any disease or from any skin problem.
  2. Never use Low-quality grooming products: In order to keep the production costs low, there are many pet brands that use the same ingredients that are used in grooming products for humans. This is really harmful to your Yorkie’s skin, hair, and coat as their skin is way more sensitive than ours. I did my deep research and went through all the dog shampoo’s ingredients and lab tests. And based on what kind of chemicals they use in their shampoos, I came up with The Best Shampoos for your Yorkie. Please don’t experiment when it comes to a dog’s skin and hair and stick with the natural and best grooming products.
  3. Use a Natural Conditioner which repels dirt and bacteria: A Conditioner is really helpful in protecting your dog’s coat from germs, bacteria, and harmful UV rays from the sun. It keeps your Yorkie’s skin and hair smooth and shiny. Alongside, it locks the moisture and uses it to glow your Yorkie’s hair along with a soothing smell. I personally use The Stuff which repels dirt and bacteria from my Yorkie’s hair and keeps him smelling amazing. If you are someone who prefers smell over the repellent feature, use Nootie Daily Spritz.
  4. Brush your Yorkie regularly: Grooming doesn’t only mean bathe but also regular brushing. Brushing ensures that dead hair and skin cells are removed from the body which, if not removed, can cause tangles and irritation on your dog’s coat.  When it comes to types of brushes, You would need a pin brush, a bristle brush, and a detangling comb to groom a Yorkie.
  5. Use the perfect brush and combs for your Yorkie: There are all kinds of brushes for dogs in the market and each one of them suits each of the dog breeds. Every breed has a different kind of hair and coat. Therefore, it gets important that you do not use the brushes and combs made for dog breeds that have a coat made up of fur. A bristle brush is used for puppies and adult Yorkies with short coats, while a pin brush is used for Yorkies with medium and long coats. I recommend using Halova Double-sided Pet Brush and a safe Dematting Comb as I personally use them and they are great.

Make sure that you make a proper grooming routine for your Yorkie and brush him at least once a week.

3. Keep your Yorkie’s Skin Healthy 

Healthy skin contributes a lot to healthy hair for a dog. If you follow a proper diet and nutrition and bathe your Yorkie regularly, it will ensure that his skin remains healthy and glowing.

I have seen that once a Yorkie catches any skin allergy, his coat and hair tend to suffer from it and it gets dirty and unhealthy. I will advise you to keep your dog away from dirty and unhygienic places to prevent him from catching any Skin allergies.

My Yorkie caught a skin allergy by my small mistake. We both planned an adventurous trip up the hills and I forgot to check the weather forecast. While returning, it rained heavily and we both had to wait in an area with lots of plants and flowers. There was a considerable amount of dirt and allergic pollens around in that area.

When we returned home, I checked his hair and it was full of mess. I could see pollens, dirt, and various other germs and bacteria catching hold of his glowing hair and skin.

Just like in my case, there are some foods that can cause skin allergies to your Yorkie as well. There are many food manufacturers which add fillers and low-quality ingredients to a dog’s food which can cause problems.

If you doubt that any food allergy is affecting your Yorkie’s skin and hair, you should consult a Veterinary and consult what foods your Yorkie can eat at home.

4. Put in Effort in your Yorkie’s Exercise and Training 

Yorkie exercising and training

Doctors always tell us to be active and exercise regularly. This holds true not just for us but also for our pet dogs. Yorkshire Terriers are small dog breeds and hence they don’t need a lot of exercises to maintain their health and shape.

You can take your Yorkie for a walk twice a day and that would do just fine. I would personally advise you to also include some kind of physical and mental stimulation games like go and seek, tug of war, puzzle games, and Brain Training for dogs.

These games and exercise also cause an impact on your Yorkie’s immunity and well-being and this has a direct impact on his coat and hair as well.

Alongside, put in some effort into your Yorkie’s training so that he doesn’t suffer from any of the behavioral problems when he grows up. Here are some of the training techniques and links that could help you train your Yorkshire Terrier:

5. Ensure Sound sleep for your Yorkie 

If your Yorkie sleeps calmly and properly, that contributes to his healthy hair, skin, and coat. A lot of the time Yorkies act aggressive and suffer problems in sleeping properly.

You can reserve an isolated place for your Yorkshire Terrier to sleep. That place should be free from any kind of noise like car horns etc.

I would recommend you to get a comfortable sofa and pet bed for your male or female Yorkie so that he or she can relax and sleep comfortably. I personally use Fuzzy Deluxe plush bed and Furhaven pet sofa.

Types of Yorkie Coats 

Types of Yorkie Coats with Pictures

Yorkies can be seen possessing different kinds of coats. Some of them can be seen as having smooth and silky coats, while others with wavy and woolly ones. 

Here is a list of the types of coats Yorkies have according to their growth and age:

The Puppy Yorkie Coat: 

All the Yorkies are born with these coats, and these are usually thick, soft, and dark looking. These help in keeping the puppy warm during cold weather.

The feature that makes a puppy coat unique is the fact that it’s dark in color with prominent black and tan markings on it. A puppy coat won’t last more than 24 months.

The coats of the Yorkie puppy are darker in color, but as the puppy grows older, the dark color starts to away, giving way to new adult coats. This coat is thicker and softer, as its softness keeps them safe from external environmental factors like wind and cold weather. 

The Silky Yorkie Coat:

Yorkies have two types of adult coats, the first one of which is the silky one. The silky coats are long, smooth, shiny, and glossy. The silky coats are desired by many, and Yorkies with these coats are often seen participating in dog competitions and shows. 

You would need some skills and practice to groom a Yorkie that possesses a Silky Coat. Long hair in your Silky coat touches the ground evenly with the head hair tied with a bow. A Yorkie really looks like a Star in this coat 😉

The Wavy Yorkie Coat:

The wavy coat is the second type of adult coat. These are also known as woolly or curly coats. Unlike the silky ones, these are dense, wavy, and look woolly. These do not grow long like the silky ones and shed more as compared to the silky coats. 

Generally, these types of coats do not grow more than a few inches and are more prone to tangles. Therefore, you need to be regular with his grooming and brushing.

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How to Groom your Yorkie?

yorkie grooming tips

An essential part of a Yorkie’s routine is grooming. Regular grooming includes many benefits like clean and shiny coats, healthy skin, and reduced risk of disease and infection. Since Yorkies possess different types of coats, their grooming requires different methods and approaches. 

Tips to groom silky coats: Yorkies with silky coats have shiny, long, and straight hair. The grooming of a Yorkie usually involves dividing the hair into strips and then brushing the same. Brushing each strip separately ensures that the hair is brushed correctly. 

The brushing should preferably be done with the dog lying on the side of its body. This will ensure that brushing on each side is done correctly, and every strip is clean. 

Tips to groom wavy coats: As compared to the silky coats, the wavy coats give a dense and woolly look. These are likely to become dirty quicker and attract debris.

To brush these coats, one needs to have a small brush of good quality and then brush towards the growing hair gently. To remove the excess dirt or hidden debris, one must prefer using a long pinned comb or brush. 

Tips for brushing smoothly:

  • Avoid brushing a Yorkie’s coat when they are dry.
  • Avoid ripping through the hair and treat the knots gently.
  • Gently pick the strips and comb or brush the hair softly. 

Tips to Bathe A Yorkie

It is advisable to bathe them after six weeks to keep a Yorkie look and feel fresh, attractive, and pleasing. It would be best if you keep in mind that the skin of Yorkies is sensitive and dry, so you should use a soft moisturizing shampoo along with the conditioner. 

For more information on How to Bathe your Yorkie, visit this page.

Yorkie Hairstyle 

Types of Yorkie Hairstyles

Styling a Yorkie is very easy because their coats consist of hair and not fur. There are many hairstyles available to style a Yorkie up. However, among all the hairstyles, there are a few which are very common and widespread, and they are as follows: 

The teddy bear hairstyle: This is the most popular hairstyle among Yorkies, and this is done by trimming the hair of a Yorkie to a shorter length. Yorkies with this hairstyle look like a puppy and throw off a cute and adorable look. 

The shave-down coat hairstyle: It is another popular hairstyle among the Yorkies, and the dogs with this hairstyle only have half an inch of hair on their body. The hair of the legs, tail, and head is left a little longer. This hairstyle is best suited to Yorkies during hot and humid weather conditions. 

The show hairstyle: This hairstyle is only limited only to the Yorkies who possess silky coats, and in this one, the hair is not at all cut. A Yorkie with this hairstyle requires regular brushing and grooming to keep the hair shiny and smooth. This hairstyle is mainly for the Yorkies who participate in dog shows and competitions. 

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Yorkie Hair and Coat 

Does A Yorkie Shed Coats?

Yes, Yorkies do Shed, though, you will not see a Yorkies shedding its coats regularly. Their shedding style is different than any other dog breed.

Yorkies tend to shed very limited hair and at a nominal pace as well. This makes it easy for their owners to clean the house.

A unique thing about their coat is that, unlike other dog breeds, their coats are not furry. Instead, they resemble human hair and might lose them in a few strands like humans.

Here’s a detailed post on Yorkshire Terrier Shedding.

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Do Yorkies Have Fur Or Hair on their Coat?

Yorkie’s coat consists of hair, instead of fur. Yorkshire Terriers have a single coat, instead of a double coat. This makes them more prone to cold weather and shivering.

Though both the ‘hair’ and ‘fur’ grow from the same hair pores on a Dog’s skin, when it comes to Yorkshire Terrier, there’s a difference.

While other dog breeds, that have a double coat, shed their double coat heavily when the seasons change, Yorkies have a simple single overcoat which they don’t shed heavily. These breeds with a double coat on their body consist of fur, which protects them from the intense cold weather and wind.

This single coat of a Yorkie consists of strands of hair, which are evenly grown around the body and shed really less.

What’s the Picture Comparison of Different Yorkie Coats? 

Here’s a pictorial comparison between a puppy coat and an adult Silky coat in Yorkshire Terriers. Have a look.

comparison between puppy coat and silky coat in Yorkies

Cotton Coat v/s Silky Coat: What’s the Difference? 

When a Yorkie grows up to about 24 months old, his puppy coat starts to fade and get replaced by adult coats. There are two kinds of adult coats that Yorkshire Terriers possess. One is Cotton Coat and the other is Silky Coat.

Cotton Coat: Cotton-type coats are shorter and thicker and do not grow up to floor-length as Silky coat hair does. The hair in this kind of coat is wavy and curly and it curls back towards the coat making it denser and thicker.

Cotton coats are more prone to tangles and mats and therefore need regular and proper grooming. I personally like to keep a short haircut to my Yorkie, who also possesses a Cotton Coat.

Silky Coat: Most of the Yorkies have Silky coats. The hair on this coat is silky and glossy in nature. They have the capability to grow very long and are mostly touching the ground level.

Moreover, the Silky coat is long and straight. If you have seen any dog shows with Yorkies in them, you will see that Yorkies in those shows will always possess a Silky coat as that’s the breed standard according to AKC.

A Yorkie with a Silky coat, after taking a bath or getting wet in the rain will look like a drowned rat. For owners, the challenge is to provide your Yorkie’s skin with proper moisture as the hair on the Silky coat does not provide much protection.

What Vitamins are needed for Nourished Yorkie Hair? 

You should include Vitamin A and Vitamin E in your Yorkshire Terrier’s diet. Vitamin E protects your Yorkie’s skin cells from oxidant damage. Not only it’s beneficial for the dog’s hair and coat, but it’s also amazing for Yorkie’s liver, nerve cells, and heart health.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli, almonds, nuts, and sunflower seeds are rich sources of Vitamin E. Fish oil, Eggs, cheese and milk are sources of Vitamin A for your Yorkie.

How does a Yorkie’s Hair color change with their age? 

When your Yorkie is a young puppy, most probably he or she would have a beautiful black and tan coat. As the Yorkie gets older, his coat color changes to grey and tan or black and gold. This dusky grey color is similar to the blue color.

This change in color is due to the change from puppy coat to adult coat, as I discussed above. If you want to know what else changes when a Yorkie grows, check out this post.

Wrapping it Up 

Yorkies are very desirable because of their coats, but before you get yourself one, make sure that you are ready to take care of them by keeping them well-groomed. 

Follow the tips properly that I have shared in this post on How to Properly take care of your Yorkie’s Hair. Most of your problems regarding a Yorkie’s hair will be solved if you follow these tips and products.

We love hearing from you, so if you already have a Yorkie at home and have some tips to share, feel free to write in the comment box below. 

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