5 Tips for Keeping Your Yorkie Healthy and Happy

5 Tips for Keeping Your Yorkie Healthy and Happy


The Yorkshire terrier’s fun and bubbly personality perfectly fit young families with little children. Yorkies are a social breed and love being around people and other dogs. But this bubbly personality can put them in trouble, too, so owners need to know how to keep them healthy, safe, and happy.


Health and Wellness

The first thing you have to remember is to get your Yorkie insured. That will keep your worries at bay. Since Yorkies are often expected to suffer from hereditary and genetic conditions, their owners should prepare for vet fees. But with comprehensive pet insurance, that will not be a problem. Check Embrace pet insurance reviews to start.

Some of the most common genetic defects that you have to watch out for are retinal dysplasia, tracheal collapse, bladder stones, and distichiasis. If you don’t get your dog insured before the onset of these problems, you’ll have a more challenging time with the vet fees and medical procedures. 


Grooming and Appearance

Yorkies’ hair gets easily tangled because it is thin and long. A mat can begin to form when you don’t groom and brush the hair for days. While there is no cause for alarm since mats are not fatal, they can bring all sorts of problems such as hot spots, maggots, and ticks.

If you still don’t take care of your Yorkie at this point, you’re only going to face bigger problems since fleas and ticks carry many diseases. Routine grooming is essential to a Yorkie, so do it yourself or take them to a groomer. 



Yorkies’ small mouths can lead to many issues, too. They usually have trouble with crowded teeth, plaque, and tartar. That’s why this particular breed also needs routine dental cleanings.

While brushing their teeth and tongue and even massaging their gums are good everyday activities, Yorkies need professional dental cleanings regularly, too.


Body Harness

Yorkies are prone to collapsed tracheas. That is one of the breed’s common hereditary defects. Owners should not put harsh collars, chokes, and prongs on Yorkies because that might cause severe damage to their necks and tracheas. 

If you need to put a harness or leash on them, choose one that has a V-neck design because that will allow shoulder movement. It will also cradle the spine to allow them to move without issues. You can also choose a body leash so the pressure would be on their bodies and not their necks.


Exercise and Activity

Even as a small breed, Yorkies are active. They love to run around and play. Don’t imprison your Yorkie inside the house. Make time for them. Take them out to walk, run, and play.

That has many benefits, including regulating metabolism, stimulating the appetite, and lowering the chances of developing illnesses. 

Taking care of a breed like a Yorkie is a huge responsibility. Do not take it lightly. Getting pet insurance is just one step in taking care of them. There are many more you can do, like taking them for walks regularly and spending some money on their grooming.

Knowing about Yorkies’ history of medical conditions will also keep you abreast of what you need to do for this breed. 


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